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Millions to take to the streets- follow events at the UNREST IN FRANCE BLOG

18-03-2006 03:34

We've been covering events in France for the best part of a week:

Riots, occupations, its all been building up to today massive demonstrations that are set to take place across France.

68% of the population is now against Villepins labour liberalisation measures and he refuses to back down.

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All Day Extravaganza - Jericho Community Boatyard Benefit Saturday 18th March

17-03-2006 21:49

at the East Oxford Community Centre, 10am til 2am! Featuring:
The Bedouin Cafe... breakfast served 10am+ Family Atmosphere, Acoustic Music, Poetry, Stories, Face Painting, Food & Bar
THE G's, Ned & Jerry (The Egg), Cornelius from 9.30pm (upstairs) Baraka (psy-trance).. £5 adv/conc £8 door Under 12's FREE

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Paris clash between cops & demonstrators.

17-03-2006 21:36

You could be forgiven for thinking...
Many more youth groups than just the students attended the demo. Also present was the working class and Algerian young of Paris both of whom have an axe to grind with the authorities. The CRS riot police kept their distance from the demo letting the marchers complete their route un-harassed until the end. At this point they made confrontation inevitable by blocking all routes away from the finish with tooled up riot squad.

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Paris Student march

17-03-2006 21:26

The kids are allright.
It is impossible to give a number for the demo. There was no helicopter available to IMC UK. Tens of thousands marched against the CPE legislation possibly up to 100,000. The demo was loud and peaceful with few stewards and not a cop in sight. Several sound systems entertained the thousands over a route of several miles.

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University occupation, Paris.

17-03-2006 21:19

Preparations are made...
One mobilization from just one of the occupied Universities.

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GF6 verdict: what did the judge say?

17-03-2006 19:53

This is a summary of the verdict in Preston Crown court earlier today: Guilty of disruption and obstruction £3600 costs to be paid, and conditional discharge for 18 months.

See for background information.

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Freedom On Trial

17-03-2006 19:25

on Thursday, Milan from Justice Not Vengeance was on trial in Bow Street Magistrates Court for organising the two person remembrance ceremony at which Maya Evans was arrested in October 2005

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Cycle of Peace in 2006

17-03-2006 17:07

The Peace Cycle began as a completely new initiative in 2004, and the inaugural ride that year proved to be a great success, making national headlines in almost every country it passed through. Whilst numbers fluctuated across the whole route, some 25 cyclists from around the globe reached Jerusalem together, in solidarity with one another and with all those working for a just peace in Israel and Palestine.

The group of cyclists included people whose ages ranged from 12 to 60, whose faiths included Muslim, Jewish, Christian and none, and whose nationalities included British, Irish, Swiss, German, American, Australian, Italian, Swedish, Greek, Palestinian and Israeli –
what united them all was their belief in a just peace.

One cyclist, Rebecca Tyrer (who has stayed on to work in the West Bank) proudly quoted, “There were so many times when I thought I wouldn’t make it, but we did it! More to the point people are still talking about us and everything we still represent. I think one of the most powerful aspects of The Peace Cycle for me was our reception in Palestine.”

Another cyclist, Khurram Yaqoob recalls The Peace Cycle 2004 as being, “… a great journey of adventure, self-realisation and tears. Be prepared for a fantastic challenge as you pass through a variety of countries on your bike! I mean, you are actually using your own energy and a metal contraption to travel to the other side of the globe!”This feature length film, narrated by acclaimed actress Julie Christie, follows their amazing physical and emotional journey - a journey which is to be repeated by more cyclists in 2006!

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Report of Public Meeting in Support of British Residents detained in Guantanamo

17-03-2006 15:58

Report on the launch of the London Guantanamo Campaign & the National Coalition Against Guantanamo at the 1st Public Meeting in support of British residents detained in Guantanamo
venue: Gladstone Park Primary School, Sherrick Green Road
Dollis Hill, N.W. London - Thursday 16th March 2006

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FACC – March 2006

17-03-2006 15:54

Farnborough Airport Consultation Committee met on Thursday 16 March 2006 at BAE Systems Airport alongside Farnborough Airport.

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Seminar probe into Crossrail hole lies, 3.30 PM Sunday 19 March 2006

17-03-2006 15:24

The 'hybrid' Crossrail Bill [House of Commons, London] has been so discredited in the community in London's East End over the past months due to the uncontrolled lies told for it by the controlling clique on East London Borough of Tower Hamlets Council that a full scale examination of those lies as well as of the fundamental flaws of the Crossrail Bill is being undertaken at a Khoopdeelaar! Manifesto 2006 Seminar on Sunday.

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Pie Night at Clergy House Squat Bradford

17-03-2006 14:52

Vegan pie night benefit to raise cash for bradford and spanish squatters.

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Support Daniel McGowan [March update]

17-03-2006 13:49

Daniel McGowan
Update: Daniel has been out on bail since February 8th and is on house arrest. He is on electronic monitoring and is allowed outside of his apartment two hours a week to check in with his pre-trial officer. He is in New York City, eagerly working on his legal defense, employed part-time at and spending time with family and friends. He is extremely grateful of all the support he has received from the community.

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Food Not Bombs Event Against the War this Saturday 18th March in City Centre

17-03-2006 11:54

There will be a Food Not Bombs event on Saturday 18th in Birmingham city centre to show solidarity with the international demonstrations against the war taking place in most cities across the globe.

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17-03-2006 09:23

From Indymedia Paris

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French students movement

17-03-2006 02:04

On the 16th of march, 64 french universities, out of 84, were on strike.
This huge movement has started in january. Why ?

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Gagged 11 - Anarchist Newsletter of south east Wales

16-03-2006 21:25

GAGGED! #11 March 2006
Anarchist Newsletter of South-East Wales • Against Power & Profit • Anti-Copyright
Email to to subscribe online. If anyone wants copies contact & we'll work somthing out.

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Nuclear Complicity

16-03-2006 19:50

Is the UK Government in charge of Sellafield, or is the Nuclear Industry calling the shots in Downing Street?

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East Enders set up Whitechapel Community library - campaign news

16-03-2006 15:43

The Whitechapel Community Library has been set up by a group of independent voluntary organisations - not receiving any funding from any public source of any kind – to continue to facilitate public access to and use of the books and materials that used to be in the now-closed Tower Hamlets Council-controlled Whitechapel Library. The site is soon to be taken over by another body, not a library. The Tower Hamlets Council has been accused today of destroying the library resources in the area. A new community, alternative, library is being set up and will be opened to the community in the very near future