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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Urgent: Battered Women Deportation Hrngs Tues & Wed

26-01-2004 09:23

Please take the time to send a few emails, stick up for people who need support in their struggles. Please consider printing up the attached flier for your area.

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Parenting Versus Protesting? Kids at protests

26-01-2004 01:51

Is it irresponsible to take kids to political protests? Are some protests safe and others not? How do you tell the difference? I interviewed 12 activists, 10 of whom are parents, 7 of whom are street medics on this topic.

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Gideon Levy - Israeli Journalist

25-01-2004 18:10

From the mainstream Israeli Newspaper Ha'aretz

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Fighting Migrant Workers in South Korea

25-01-2004 16:00

During the nearly 10 weeks of our occupation of Myeongdong Cathedral’s compound downtown Seoul. Mahbub, a migrant activist, made fascinating portraits of some of our struggling comrades.

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Strikespotting UK 25.01.04

25-01-2004 14:32

Summary of strikes in the UK

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Inspiration at Budrus

24-01-2004 22:13

"This is part of the campaign to isolate Palestinian activists from the outside world and crush their resistance. However, we maintain that Jews who stand against injustice must have equal rights with Jews who support it." IWPS

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Help needed with Balata Refugee Camp installation tour

24-01-2004 18:28

Balata Refugee Camp is one of the most repressed and impoverished communities in the West Bank, Palestine. An installation composed of materials from the people of Balata will be coming on tour in the UK during March and April.

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Making history or just repeating it

24-01-2004 17:51

A plea for Marxists and other radicals to stop repeating the mistakes of history and for them to reject parliamentarianism. The alternative is community and workplace organisation and struggle.

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24-01-2004 15:02

Hundreds March in Israel to Plant Trees

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Benny Morris: The Song Remains the Same?

24-01-2004 06:02

With his book, 'The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem' - in which he claimed that early war crimes committed by Israel against Palestines led to the refugee problem of today - Israeli historian Benny Morris became a pariah in his own country, and a hero, as well as much-utilised reference point, for the Pro-Palestinian cause. (He is freqently cited by posters on Indymedia). He summed up his current views on the Israeli-Palestinian crisis in this recent article in Haaretz Magazine. It is definitely worth reading.

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23-01-2004 14:47

In the interests of peace, a Motion has just been
tabled in Parliament, which calls the
United States Government to account for breaching the
Geneva Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention.

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China Labour Action Express No. 40

23-01-2004 00:09

Desperate fears over loss of livelihood spur more protests by taxi-drivers in Dazhou, Sichuan Province: Update on detentions

Published by China Labour Bulletin P.O. Box 11362, General Post Office, Hong Kong Fax: (852) 2359 4324 Tel: (852) 2780 2187 Email: Website:

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Afghanistan: 500 Women March to Register

22-01-2004 15:28

A sea of burqas
A sea of blue and white burqas walked one and a half kilometres through the centre of Mazar-I-Sarif in northern Afghanistan today to register for the forthcoming elections.

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Basque Country: Arrested before committing a crime

22-01-2004 10:54

Preventive arrests, arrests with no legal basis
To date, 69 people have been arrested under this new concept

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Sara Fernandez, killed by the policy of dispersal.

22-01-2004 10:51

Izaskun Urkijo was injured in the same crash; she is still in hospital.
Basque prisoners’ relatives and friends have suffered 23 car accidents on their way to visits since last January 12.
This was the third death so far this year. On February 28 Argi Iturralde and Iñaki Balerdi, prisoner Iñaki Balerdi’s mother and father died on the road.
Thousands of people travel long distances over every weekend to visit Basque prisoners

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Recent court decisions on torture in Basque Country

22-01-2004 10:47

The court decrees that blows and insults are not torture and confirmed an absolution of a crime of torture because the injuries were caused during the arrest.

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Occupation watch speech to Iraqi workers in Occupied Basra and a lovely suprise!

22-01-2004 10:34

Hello everybody, I didnt send this out before because I didn't want to
seem like im blowing my own trumpet or anything but this is a speech I
wrote and delivered at a conference I joint organised with the Federation
on workers rights in occupied Iraq at the beginning of this month. I
thought I should sent out now because it has good info in it and some of
it has now become redundent!! Because....

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Mexican Labour Activist Attacked

21-01-2004 16:43

Martin Barrios, Coordinator of the Human and Labour Rights Commission of the Tehuacan Valley was attacked and brutally beaten by an unknown assailant. Info and call for action.

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Global Union Denounces Workers' Rights Violations in the US

21-01-2004 15:43

If you think you and your fellow workers have a tough time in Britain, spare a thought for the workers in the US. Many rights taken for granted in Europe have never been granted by law to workers there.