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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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21-09-2005 12:40

Australian Government request Indymedia "remove" links to website which shows Australian Government Welfare Department falsified documents & withheld evidence from Commonwealth Prosecutors citing breach of "Copyright" of name & logo, "We Are Not The Nazi Regime!!!"

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Talk in Brighton by Spanish anarchist ex-prisoner Laudelino Iglesias Martinez

21-09-2005 11:42

Recently released long term Spanish anarchist prisoner comes to the UK to discuss state repression and prisoner resistance to it.

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Corp Watch article on Liverpool housing 'renewal' plans

21-09-2005 00:03

The September issue of Corporate Watch features an article on the threatened housing demolitions in Liverpool:

"Over four hundred homes in Liverpool face demolition, as part of the government's plans to raise house prices in the North and Midlands of England. This is another project within the 'Pathfinder' housing market renewal scheme, and is also linked to the preparation for Liverpool's term as 'City of Culture 2008'. To the residents of Liverpool's Edge Lane West, however, the scheme looks very much more like part of a culture of total disrespect for local residents on the part of politicians and corporations.
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Anti-Pathfinder alliance website:

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Two responses to Chavez' supporters

21-09-2005 00:01

* Interventions in a debate on Venezuela and the government of Hugo Chavez. LASolidarity mailing list

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From the XVI SYWF to the VI WSF: Chavez's shindig in Venezuela

20-09-2005 23:57

* From El Libertario, # 44 September-October 2005, voice of the Comision de Relaciones Anarquistas, exposing the show of international mega-ceremonies the Chavez regime uses to try and acquire revolutionary legitimacy by means of petro-dollars and verbosity.

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Birmingham International Convention Centre Crest Nicholson Plc Protest

20-09-2005 22:53

Birmingham International Convention Centre Crest Nicholson Protest
Identified only as an appropriate forum for discussion, all at the recent National Housing Federation’s (NHF) Annual Conference and Social Housing Exhibition 14-16th September 2005, were invited, by just one lone protestor, to discuss Crest Nicholson Plc and ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’.

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Soldiers planting bombs - some Iraqi officials

20-09-2005 19:19

Soldiers planting bombs - some Iraqi officials

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Sat 1 Oct: Social and Environmental Effects of Dams in India

20-09-2005 15:23

Music, art and politics in London on 1st October - film, talks, music, stalls, food, chai from 11:30am -11:30pm at Institute of Education Union ( and a UCL lecture theatre.

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Trial Of Anarchists In Germany About To End

20-09-2005 15:10

The summing up speeches of the accusations have been held.

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OutRage!-Iran state flogging of gay men revealed

20-09-2005 11:22

Gay rights group OutRage has received reports and pictures of the beatings given to gay men in Iran.

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Audio - DSEi delegate dinner demo coverage

19-09-2005 23:37

1hr 30min recording of coverage from the DSEI delegate dinner demo outside the Dorchester hotel in London in Thursday 15th September

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Parliamentary Inquiry into Special Educational Needs - Deadline 3rd October

19-09-2005 22:48

The deadline for the Parliamentary Inquiry into Special Educational Needs is near – Monday 3rd October and has had no publicity to date. It is an ideal opportunity for anyone with an interest to have an input towards a report that will make an impact on policies that affect what is experienced, for the young person, the parent/carer, and the school.

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Communities in Struggle

19-09-2005 16:46

Last Thursday (15th) a night of film, music and poetry kicked off the tenth anniversary celebration of the dockers strike in Liverpool.

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Spodden Valley asbestos - more EU support pledged...

19-09-2005 09:57

Chris Davies MEP (right) and Paul Rowen MP (left) view destroyed woodland
The leader of the British Liberal Democrats in Europe, Chris Davies MEP has just visited the Spodden Valley of Rochdale where there is currently a controversial planning application for over 600 homes and a children’s nursery on the site of what was once the world’s largest asbestos textile factory.

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The Corporate Academy and the George Fox 6

18-09-2005 16:36

On Monday 26th September, the trial of the George Fox 6 commences at Lancaster Magistrates Court. Six student activists face charges in a three day arising out of an action that took place at Lancaster University in September 2004 where protestors had gone into the George Fox building at the university to hand out leaflets and talk to people at the "Corporate Venturing" Conference - a networking meeting for multinational corporations. Speakers at the conference were drawn from controversial arms manufacturer BAE Systems, Shell and other companies the six say have 'long histories of human rights abuses and environmental destruction'. Police attended and told the protestors they were doing nothing wrong, but some months later they received summonses through the post. The defendants are seeking support at the trial.

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Even more Dsei pics

18-09-2005 15:42

masons keep watch
More pictures from Tuesday and wednesday Dsei actions

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The UK has a definition of the word "terrorism ". Why, then, was it not adopted

18-09-2005 12:16

This is part of the Law Lords' judgement this week. It is fair use.
The thing speaks for itself.

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Video of Parklife DfT action

18-09-2005 00:23

6 minute video of August 16th action by Parklife - the save priory park campaign group...

6.6mb mpeg4

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Video: DSEi solidarity demo in Bristol 14.09.05

17-09-2005 17:50

Video Videostill: DSEi solidarity demo, Bristol
A short video (around 5 mins) of the DSEi solidarity demonstration in
Bristol, 14.09.05
Video is viewable in quicktime (.mov), realmedia (.rm) or as a web mpeg (.mpg)