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Video of Parklife DfT action

Real2Reel (R2R) / Blur / Parklife | 18.09.2005 00:23 | Ecology | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | London

6 minute video of August 16th action by Parklife - the save priory park campaign group...

6.6mb mpeg4

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Thursday 25th March 2004
tree occupation at the site of the proposed F5 road scheme

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Screenable versions of this video are available to download from or on the video CD 'Real2Reel Vol 3' released next month.

Real2Reel (R2R) / Blur / Parklife


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  1. Can't open this... — Southender
  2. download and install VLC player — open sauce playaa
  3. UPDATE - alternative source for this video — real2reel