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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Seven Australian Indigenous nations seek unity

12-04-2005 10:25

Michael Anderson
Goodooga, Northern NSW, 12 April -- Aboriginal leaders and elders from seven nations in New South Wales are to meet on 22 April to form a union of Aboriginal Nations. Coming together in Moree, northern NSW, will be representatives of the Euahlay-I, the Anaiwon of the New England tablelands, the Goombangeil of the Nymboida river area, the Dthun-gaddi of the Macleay River, the eastern Gumilaroi, central Gumilaroi and western Gumilaroi and the Murrawarri of the North West of New South Wales. There will be a press conference at 12 noon on Friday, April 22 at the Moree Council Chambers. For further details on this meeting and the press conference contact Michael Anderson on 0061 (0) 7 46250808.

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12-04-2005 09:58

Indigenous Elders from geographic Australia are lodging a writ of mandamus at High Court Registry in Melbourne at 10.00am tomorrow morning on the Wednesday 13 April 2005

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12-04-2005 08:50

open your eyes to the truth.

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"Hit The Road Jack Straw" - Craig Murray's campaign song

12-04-2005 08:20

Craig Murray's campaign song, recorded and produced by The Rub, is now online.

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R.I.P. Andrea

11-04-2005 22:43

Andrea Dworkin, a wonderful and inspirational feminist, died on April 9th. (long article)

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What about the Racism That We Face? (Racism within and by union)

11-04-2005 22:05

This Article was written by a member of a Canadian union and Originally published at

Racism has an unquestionably destructive effect upon worker solidarity.
What strategies do unions have in place for combating racism within the union?

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MG Rover: A Modest Proposal

11-04-2005 21:54

MG Rover's collapse exposes the ugly face of
capitalism. Occupation to form a co-operative
is the only libertarian socialist solution

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Poll Tax riot 15th anniversary pix from that glorious day

11-04-2005 20:24

Sorry almose two weeks late with these, totally passed me by!
Enjoy them!
Comments welcome!

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ASBO Concern

11-04-2005 17:19

inaugural meeting of Asbo Concern
The inaugural launch of ASBO Concern took place at Friends Meeting House Euston on the evening of Thursday 7 April 2005.

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Queens Market

11-04-2005 17:16

mercado de fruitas y veduras en Tenerife
Queens Market, a jewel in the crown, one of the few surviving East End markets, can be found at Upton Park in East London. At least it can for now, as the local mayor in collusion with property developers St Modwens wishes to see it destroyed and replaced by an Asda superstore and a block of luxury flats.

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Caterpillar Kills: PSC Motorcade and Rally in Birmingham April 16th

11-04-2005 17:03

National/Regional PSC Caterpillar Kills

Action April 16th 2005

Motorcade and Rally

Show your opposition to house demolitions and casualties

Gather Hopwood Service Station M 42 at

Then Motorcade to Caterpillar Headquarters at Hockley Heath Solihull for a legal drive by.

Make your views known. Bring a letter of protest and a small symbolic object for Managing Director and Board of Caterpillar.

Then convoy to Birmingham, Victoria Square at and Rally for Palestine.

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Scientist calls 4 World DNA database

11-04-2005 15:37

Someone hasn't read his George Orwell ??

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Drumming up support for Legalise Cannabis Alliance

11-04-2005 13:41

We are in Canterbury on saturday to canvas voters

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LSF mayday planning meeting

11-04-2005 13:30

There will be a meeting to plan for the Liverpool Social Forum's Mayday Weekend this Thursday

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Walk for Trade Justice in Southampton

11-04-2005 13:27

Led by a local samba band, trade justice activists marched through the centre of Southampton on Saturday to call for Poverty to be made History.

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no2id Cambridge: It's the fun game that everyone can play!

11-04-2005 13:09

Peter Hain MP PC, Leader of the House of Commons and Lord Privy seal, was visiting Cambridge to address a Labour meeting at which Anne Campbell was to be re-adopted as the Parliamentary Candidate for Cambridge. Since both Anne and Peter Hain are enthusiastic supporters of ID cards -- and since most members of the constituency Labour Party are not -- this was an ideal opportunity to remind those present of the costs and dangers of the government's proposals -- proposals which may be dead for now, but are likely to reappear after the election.

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Royal Wedding – Gays demand marriage rights too

11-04-2005 09:02

Royal Wedding: Charles can marry twice, gays can't marry once.
Tatchell detained under Terrorism Act
Windsor public support same-sex marriage rights
Gay marriage ban is illegal under Human Rights Act

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G8 Meeting near the Lyceum

11-04-2005 08:26

More on the G8 in Sheffield in June. This article by the Yorkshire Post has some interesting info....

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Today in Palestine

11-04-2005 04:05

This is a summary of the news from Palestine.

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Global Week of Action events

10-04-2005 20:42

Two events are on in Oxford this week as part of the Global Week of Action (