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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Unveiling the Weapon of the Masses

16-02-2005 21:32

This is a must read and share for those who are willing to use the power of their intention in service to humanity.

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Leeds Social Centre starts this friday 18th!!!

16-02-2005 18:44

leeds social centre collective are finally geting the keys to the building @ 23-25 wharf street, near the corn exchnage

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Violent Eviction in Goiania, Brazil (at least 2 killed)

16-02-2005 18:19

A large military policy operation with 2,500 men has started this morning (February 16) for the eviction of the land occupation Sonho Real (Real Dream) in the city of Goiânia, Brazil. Two people got killed, over 800 people got arrested and several people are wounded (five were very seriously wounded). Among the arrested, two Indymedia volunteers, one from Goiânia and one from Indymedia New York.

Brasil Indymedia Collective 16 Feb 2005 14:06 GMT

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Stirling Army Recruitment Protest

16-02-2005 18:06

students protest in Stirling
Students studying at Stirling University, involved with the group People and Planet, today protested at the Army Recruitment Centre in Stirling.

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Bulletin nº18 of the Basque Observatory of Human Rights

16-02-2005 16:18

Dear Friends,

We are getting in touch again to let you know that our Bulletin Nº 18 is available at the usual address. Alternatively, you can access it directly by clicking on this link:

The bulletin can be found in pdf compressed format in order to make downloading swifter, or you can also find it in word format:

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Syngenta to let Mega-Genome Patent Lapse:

16-02-2005 14:02

etc group press release.

good news in my opinion.

i hope that all patents on life lapse or become held publicly or by private owners who undertake not to exert the rights. say no to slavery in all its forms

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Promoting Overcrowding

16-02-2005 12:46

Although as a registered social landlord the Notting Hill Housing Trust has 20'000 properties. It is promoting overcrowding be refusing to move 3 people who live in the confinement of a one bedroom flat to larger accomodation.

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London Calling - February issue

16-02-2005 08:28

Dodgy dealings from Hackney and Southark Council, strange policies at the hackney Empire, and the east end police need our help. The poor love's!
Its all in the February issue of London Calling, the newsletter of London Class War.

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anti war critical mass nottingham

16-02-2005 07:53

on Tuesday 15th Feb 05 there was an anti-war anti-g8 critical mass in nottingham.

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kyoto smiles? yea or nay?

16-02-2005 00:19

here is an interesting and well written article about kyoto and other related topics.. p.s. can i just object to personal carbon trading (in principle) before its back in the news... it doesn't seem to be any more workable than carbon trading was int d first place..although tis a good idea- capping the amount of cabon we may each use but...

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police hostility at anti-war demonstration in london

15-02-2005 20:48

I attended the ‘Stop the War’ protest in Parliament Square London on the 15 February 2005 and was shocked by the police’s hostile management of this event. I also got the chance to talk to a leader of left-wing politics for the last half-century Tony Benn.

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Livingstone exposed over Al-qaradawi

15-02-2005 16:39

Campaign group OutRage! lists its response to Ken's Dossier on fundamentalist muslim cleric al-Qaradawi

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Possibilities for protest using "small, clued-up & largely autonomous groups"

15-02-2005 15:06

NVDA workshop with the Seeds for Change training co-op in the run-up to George Bush's European tour. 11am – 5pm, London School of Economics, Clement House (NOT the Student Union as previously advertised), Room D202.

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Pensions rally 18th February

15-02-2005 13:43

Rally called by the Trade's Union as part of a national day of action on Pensions.

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hillsborough Disaster back in the headlines

15-02-2005 13:21

campaign Group refuses to accept Sun apology, but splits begin to show.

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Concious fashion - day two report

15-02-2005 12:57

The second day of conscious fashion week looked at the environmental impact of the clothing industry, be it from the use of chemicals in production, growing, and the waste inherent in the fashion industry.

Those who have attended other events at the rampART will know that the hall can change quite a bit but the make over for monday was quite a shock with the hall almost devided in half with a packing case cat walk, an industrial sewing machine as an info-table covered in leaflets from No Sweat and the like and a models changing room.

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Conscious fashion - report from sunday

15-02-2005 12:30

The first day of conscious fashion week was themed on the exploitation of labour with slave camps, sweat shops, child
labour, reclaiming labour and the economy of fashion.

Saddly it didn't go off quite to plan with no-shows from a patchwork head and the Friends Of Falun Gong who were going to be talking about labour camps in China. A couple of the films never materialised either but the show must go on, and it did...

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Sowing the Seeds of Dictatorship

15-02-2005 11:16

An excellent, well-researched overview of current intellectual property laws as they relate to agriculture in Scotland and India. Farmers in both countries are coming under attack from huge agricultural multinationals that are trying to make it illegal to follow the normal farming practice of saving seed for next year's crop.

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Brian's evivction from Parliament Square Comes ever Closer

15-02-2005 10:01


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Fatal police shooting draws fire from expert

15-02-2005 04:00

Gerald Chenery, a Nisga'a, was hit with a dozen bullets fired by two constables that had less than a year on the job.