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Unveiling the Weapon of the Masses

Nataraj | 16.02.2005 21:32 | Education | Repression | Social Struggles | London | World

This is a must read and share for those who are willing to use the power of their intention in service to humanity.

Unveiling the Weapon of the Masses

The time has come to rid us of the parasites that have been a plague upon humanity for centuries, and now again threaten the very existence of humanity. They have spent a very long time in the process of making people believe in their illusion of power, and in believing that people they were going to be victims if they did not follow their lead. With their keeping higher learning to those selected for the mystery schools and secret societies the elite have shaped the careers and made wealthy those that follow their agenda of controlling all aspects of life on this planet. They have had to live in the shadows and use very dark and violent means to get where they are now, and they have no intention of giving up their intention because of a few obstacles like the truth, or other rules that shackle the minds of the masses. But at present they are still trying to balance their intention against a backdrop of such words as liberation, freedom etc as long as that paradigm serves their purpose. When that illusion no longer fools the people the glove will come off and the iron fist will be used to crush opposition, for the greater good of course will be the position they will take. I am here to tell you that it need be that way!

What you have been insidiously manipulated into for indoctrination and subservience, formerly called the education system, has been their means off making people stupid and dependent on them. What people fail to realize because they would be uncontrollable if they knew it was that they truly do hold the power to control their own destinies. Not only that, they also have the power to eliminate useless parasites from themselves as a whole simply through using their God given power of intention.

This is where it gets very interesting. We are swimming in an ocean of consciousness; everything that you see around you emanates from pure consciousness. If we want to get rid of a devious being like George Bush all we have to do is hold the intention that consciousness should withdraw that aspect of itself as it is not serving the highest interests of humanity, in fact it is only serving very selfish interests. So I am going to propose an experiment to prove how powerful intention can be, and why the truth will always win in the end.

For those that want to participate this is the way it is going to be set up.

Starting today February 16, 2005 at every hour on the hour in your time zone for 5 minutes the person will hold the intention that Bush is not serving the interests of mankind, and that the universe or Consciousness should withdraw that aspect of itself from this level of being. Then let that intention go and let the universe handle the details of how it will occur. We continue will with this process until we have the desired results.

We can continue this process until we get someone who really does have the interests of the people at heart. If one is imbued with the power of truth and holds the interests of the people above all else we could as a people use our intention to protect them. Poor JFK had no such protection from the people and the parasites were able to take advantage his vulnerability.

So I invite you the people to take back the kingdom. Not through marches where they can identify you and later screw up your life, but quietly in the shadows like them, let us use the light of our being and the power of our intention, to rid ourselves of this negative manifestation called Bush. We do not have to participate every hour but those that are participating at the time use the hour mark as a point of focus, then let it go, forget it and let the universe deal with the details.

If you have questions email me and I will get back to you.

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