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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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The Problem With...Hope

24-01-2008 16:38

I need to talk to you about hope. I need to warn you about having it, for merely by having hope you could become nothing more than a bundle of ineffectual good intentions. Hope could, in fact, be the single most dangerous thing to have in the environmental struggle we need to face up to.

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Greece: banks, car dealerships, and state owned vehicles attacked

24-01-2008 10:33

Conspiracy of Cells of Fire has claimed responsibility for a series of incendiary attacks against car dealerships, banks, and government vehicles. These attacks took place early Monday morning in the cities of Athens and Thessaloniki.
Communique sent to

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Press Release: Greater Manchester NHS Must "Break The Spine"

24-01-2008 00:14

Manchester NO2ID Logo
With yet more patient records going missing, local campaign group Manchester NO2ID is calling upon the NHS in Greater Manchester to abandon plans for more centralisation and computerisation of intimate medical details on the "NHS Spine" database.

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Concepcion Hunger Strike in solidarity with Patricia Troncoso; Mapuche Prisoner

23-01-2008 22:30


"If you die of dignity, we die of shame"*

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Mapuche's Urgent Communicate

23-01-2008 22:27


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Sending congratulations to Gaza

23-01-2008 21:19

Congratulations to the Gazans for a powerful non-violent direct action opening the Rafah border with Egypt this morning, and allowing 30,000 people to nip to the shops and buy some food, petrol and medicines.

Rafah is a divided town - the Palestinians on the Gazan side of the wall are desperate for food, fuel and medicines due to the increasingly severe seige imposed by Israel. This morning Gazans finally broke the siege and broke through to the Egyptian side of Rafah to buy supplies. No-one yet knows how long the border will remain open.

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Foie Gras demo 5pm tonight / police march today......

23-01-2008 15:18

There is a Foie Gras demo this evening at 5pm meet at Holborn tube. We will be demonstrtaing at a restaraunt.....we ahve placards. Bring anything noisy.
Re : today's police demo....maybe I missed something.....but where was everyone?
And to the bunch of cunts who did absolutely NOTHING when a {non cop} protester was grabbed by police, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Other than that incident which didn't result in arrest and getting an eansy weansy minor shove myself {I think it was a "man" thing...} it went off peacefully so far....looking foward to seeing the pics of the spoof police stall....well done to you!!

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Anti-sweatshop benefit gig with Rob Newman, London, 31 January

23-01-2008 13:42

Come and have a laugh while helping to raise money for anti-capitalist international workers' solidarity campaigning...

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Down with EU Constitution

23-01-2008 12:51

video about EU Project

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rampART social centre still hanging in there

23-01-2008 11:50

Seems many people seem to think rampART has closed. IT HAS NOT !

The legal process is still ticking along with a decision expected soon on whether we can have an appeal hearing. In the meantime it is not possible for the 'owner' to get a warrant of possesion so there is no immediate threat of eviction.

We'd like to remind people that the space is still available for events etc and that we have a backup space should eviction interfere with peoples plans. However, keeping two spaces open has been a major drain on everyone involved and the rampART itself is not getting the attention it deserves for the last few weeks.

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Thousands still displaced from homes flooded last summer

23-01-2008 10:11

Thousands of people in Britain are unable to return to their homes months after they were flooded last summer. Latest estimates suggest over 9,000 families are still living with friends or relatives or in temporary accommodation and that 2,000 of them spent Christmas in caravans.

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Meeting and Training Weekend - 26th/ 27th Jan, London

23-01-2008 08:37

Details of the next Feminist Activist Forum Meeting and training day taking place in London this weekend!

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Police demo in London.

23-01-2008 07:01

Sorry this has been copied but it is important information for those who want to ensure that the law is complied with by these demonstators.

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Murder of a young communist leader in Colombia by paramilitary

23-01-2008 02:41

BOGOTA, January 22nd, 2008 - The Colombian Association of University Students (ACEU), demonstrates
its indignation and disgust as opposed to the barbarian MURDER OF ALIRIO
QUIÑONEZ, agrarian youth leader and member of the Central Committee of Colombian Communist Youth.

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Zapatista eviction imminent

23-01-2008 00:50

Chiapanecan authorities announce plan to evict Zapatista camp at the Huitepec.

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Protests in Switzerland against the World Economic Forum

22-01-2008 17:28

The World Economic Forum (WEF) will begin tomorrow (January 23) in the Swiss ski village of Davos with an opening speech by the American secretary of state Condoleeza Rice. Several thousand politicians and capitalists from around the world will meet up in Davos, including the guests of honor Henry Kissenger and Tony Blair. The first protests against the WEF took place on Saturday in the Swiss cities Bern and St. Gallen.

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“Liar loans” drive hundreds of thousands into debt

22-01-2008 06:27

A recent report from the UK Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) has revealed that hundreds of thousands of people are being driven into debt, end up in court and face the loss of their homes because of irresponsible lending practices, bad advice and downright fraud. For people who have longed to buy their own home their dream has turned into a nightmare.

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Llibertat! – Saoirse! No.10

21-01-2008 22:38

E-news service of the Catalan Solidarity: Ireland Committee
January 2008 E-news service No.10

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FRFI report of TCAR Northern March Against Racism 19th Jan

21-01-2008 18:19

Setting off from the West End
Approximately 150 people took part in a militant anti-racist demonstration organised by Tyneside Community Action for Refugees (TCAR) from the West End of Newcastle to the City Centre on 19 January, demanding Freedom to Work, Freedom to Stay, and an end to the criminalisation of immigrants, the end of the NASS system and decent housing for all.