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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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16-03-2005 01:21

we are everywhere...
A letter to G8-summit representatives, asking for them to go home.

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15-03-2005 17:49

Police arrested two activists protesting G8 policies on climate change on 15 March at a demonstration outside a G8 ministerial meeting in the City of London.

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Defend Gay Muslim:March 16.Ldn

15-03-2005 16:48

A demo to defend a gay muslim asylum seeker.

8 AM sharp- Great Eastern Hotel,Liverpool St,London.

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email "The Sun" a Gipsy Story

15-03-2005 16:32

I want everyone who reads this blog to fax The Sun their ‘gipsy story’. I want you to find a piece of testimony, or historical documentation, or a news report – whatever you can find – that will help The Sun understand how gypsies and travellers have been discriminated against and persecuted in the past

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15-03-2005 16:25

From the Financial Times

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Baqa'a - The Forgotten People of Palestine

15-03-2005 14:02

I am writing to inform you about a new initiative that is being launched, to build practical solidarity with the Baqa’a Refugee Camp, that is now home to over 120,000 Palestinian refugees and is located just 20 km north of the Jordanian capitol, Amman.

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Rachel Corrie anniversary memorial at Caterpillar, Solihull - 16th March 2005

15-03-2005 13:47


Local campaigners for Palestine intend to lay a wreath to commemorate a student activist at the offices of the company implicated in her death.

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15-03-2005 12:02

A new campaign for West Papua Freedom is launched this week in Oxford.

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International Anti-G8 Meeting Minutes: Tuebingen, Germany 26-27 Feb 2005

15-03-2005 11:15

International Anti-G8 Meeting Minutes: Tuebingen, Germany 26th-27th February 2005

The following are the minutes of a two day international meeting to co-ordinate radical resistance to the 2005 G8 Summit to be held in the UK. The meeting took place in Tuebingen, Germany and was hosted by the Tuebingen Infoladen. The meeting was organised by the Dissent! International Networking Group.

To contact the Dissent! International Networking Group for comments upon, or corrections to, these minutes, email:

For more information about Dissent! see: or email the above address.

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Marshall Aerospace workers on strike

15-03-2005 08:39

workers outside marshalls
Today 180 aircraft fitters are on strike at Marshall aerospace for a new grading structure. Pickets will be out all day.

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how 2 organise a protest- by the BBC!

15-03-2005 06:22

this article is from th BBC last year. probably worth a good chuckle. i lost the url but its re-posted in full..

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15-03-2005 06:17

this letter was published in the daily mail on the 14th march 2005

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Public Meeting: Cre8 in Lancaster

15-03-2005 01:57

100 people in a public meeting organised by a voluntary association of citizens in Lancaster's Town Hall about the G8 meeting in Scotland in July. People shared ideas in working groups about how to get practically involved in opposing the summit after a presentation about the G8 and global democracy.

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Shakedown ‘05 - Nottingham G8 :: The Pictures

14-03-2005 22:10

Shakedown ‘05 will brought together the diversity of Nottingham’s cultural life (live bands, DJs, visual artists, performance artists) at this very big one-off non-profit DIY all-night event that tries to bring together as large a variety of people, music and arts as possible.

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Evicted traveller site: Paines Lane

14-03-2005 21:15

Pictures of an evicted traveler site, Paines Lane.

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Pathfinder schemes – a path to corruption?

14-03-2005 16:06

Pathfinder schemes are operating in some of our most deprived areas. Nominally they are about urban regeneration, in reality pushing up property prices for the lucky few and providing 'development opportunities' for property developers.

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G8 Ministers Counter Summit -DISSENT!

14-03-2005 10:52

G8 Ministers Counter Summit -DISSENT!
tonight, from 6:00 pm, @ Ashbee Hall, part of Toynbee Hall, 28 Commercial Street, London E1 6LS.

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Monday 14 March 4-6pm mass protest in Parliament Square

14-03-2005 10:31

We will not give up our hard won rights!

Monday 14 March 4-6pm mass protest in Parliament Sq.
as Lords debate government banning protests

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Iranian asylum seekers protesting against military aggression in Iran

12-03-2005 10:21

In an act of protest against the threats of military intervention by the U.S and its allies in Iran, five Iranian asylum seekers will set off on foot from Birmingham on the 12th of March to join the national anti-war demonstration in London on the 19th of March. They will be walking through Coventry, Banbury, Oxford, High Wycombe and then on to London.