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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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New Leeds ABC T-shirts

22-02-2012 11:48

Anarchist Black Cross T-shirt
Look good and support a good cause.

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Food is a right not a privilege – statement of solidarity

22-02-2012 00:08

The first arrest for sharing food in Orlando, Florida
Birmingham Food Not Bombs would like to issue a statement of solidarity to all groups and people around the world who have been arrested for sharing food with the hungry. There’s been a worrying trend recently in America of new laws being introduced to prevent free food being given out to the hungry which has resulted in many people being arrested and held for days in prison. There has been a call out for people around the world to consider sharing free meals in celebration of our right to food on Sunday 1st April. Food is a right not a privilege.

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Does Evgeny Lebedev support EVENING STANDARD suppressing the truth?

21-02-2012 23:05

Does Evgeny Lebedev support EVENING STANDARD suppressing the truth?

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Business as Usual

21-02-2012 18:49

Leicester Kettle 4.2.12
Appeasement of the EDL in Leicester 4th February 2012

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Bahrain: burning a police station after killing a protester video

21-02-2012 00:18

Video says it all really. If you're gonna do it, then do it with style!

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Anti-Prison Gathering 2012

20-02-2012 16:27

This year on the 28th and 29th of April there will be an Anti-Prison gathering
in Nottingham.

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Alkhawaja: “The hungerstrike allows me to shed light on human rights violations

20-02-2012 13:38

The Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights (BYSHR) has learnt that Human Rights Defender Mr.Abdulhadi Alkhawaja (51 years) is determined to continue in his hungerstrike until he secures his release. Family members have informed the BYSHR that although Mr. Alkhawaja was in high spirits, he looked thin and weak and had obvious problems concentrating.

Mr.Alkhawaja also confirmed that he had collapsed last Wednesday and was transferred to the Bahrain Defense Force Hospital after a sharp drop in his sugar and blood pressure. He was first transferred to the Jaw Prison clinic but when medics saw his condition they quickly called for an ambulance. He was semi unconscious when he was transported via an ambulance to the hospital where he suffered from muscle spasms. He received treatment but refused to end his hungerstrike.

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Special Sitting in Ireland for Rossport Campaigners

20-02-2012 00:11

Stop criminalising our community
On Monday February 20th the Belmullet courthouse in Co. Mayo, Ireland will be full of campaigners opposing the Corrib Gas Project. Nineteen people are facing 80 charges between them for civil disobedience, and this week has been set aside as a special sitting for the campaigners.

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Human Rights Films Festival - Oxford Brookes

19-02-2012 21:44

Full schedule
Welcome to the annual Oxford Brookes University Human Rights Film Festival.

This year is our 10th anniversary and to celebrate we are showing 10 films over 5 days. Each focusing on a different region: Africa, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

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European Liberals – 2 Shameful Videos, Just to Remember

19-02-2012 19:58



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Ongoing solidarity with the NO TAV arrestees (Italy)

19-02-2012 15:47

Update on NO TAV arrestees, solidarity initiatives and ways to support them - includes updated address list of people still in prison

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Organized Non-violent Civil Disobedience vs. Occupy Wall St.

19-02-2012 15:12

I'm all for organized non-violent civil disobedience but that is not what Occupy Wall St. has been doing.

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Indignation for Pinheirinho

19-02-2012 03:16

Pedro Rios handcuffed and on hunger strike
30 January 2012 (Brazil-Rio de Janeiro) Pedro Rios Leão´s Hunger strike

Translated from the original Portuguese by Kevin Lynch

— There is a brilliant commentary from Paulo Halm (brazilian movie maker) below. Because, if it was Yoani Sánchez handcuffed to a post in Havana and on hunger strike in front of the ´Palace of the Revolution´ asking from the world justice and democracy, Globo (and all of the mainstream press), in the face of any embargo, would send a correspondent to Cuba sending live feeds from the locale or going even further still without and loosing the realism, would make, let us see... a reality TV show! But no, my friends, Pedro is only a Brazilian asking for justice and democracy in the most democratic country in South America, the location of Rio +20, the Olympic Games as well as being the 5th largest economy in the world.

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Taking on Tarmageddon

18-02-2012 17:29

The busy bees at Oxford based Campbell Road Productions have finished editing the Taking on Tarmageddon film.

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PLM Statement on increased US military presence in the Philippines

18-02-2012 14:53

PLM Calls for an Independent Foreign Policy and a Non-Aligned ASEAN

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Greece: Steelwork strikers welcome neo-Nazis

18-02-2012 11:15

Taken from Contra Info:

Aspropyrgos, Attica: Neo-Nazis ‘support’ the Greek Steelworks strikers, and workers’ spokesmen and several other strikers welcome the scum warmly, instead of kicking their ass

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Victory at Connexions as Unison Campaign Secures Jobs and Services

17-02-2012 15:59

Over 100 staff at Connexions had good news this week after hearing that Birmingham City Council have backed down and withdrawn the threat of redundancies, stating that there will not be any more cuts to this vital service in the coming financial year. We hope that whoever is in power following the council elections in May will provide a continued commitment to Connexions.

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Activists occupy Barnardo's HQ demanding they quit the child detention business

17-02-2012 13:46

Tens of No Borders activists are currently occupying the headquarters of Britain's largest children charity, demanding that it “quits the child detention business”.

The latest protest at Barnardo's offices in Barkingside, Essex, started at 1pm in a bid to force the charity to stop providing its services at a new detention facility near Crawley, Sussex, to hold families facing forcible deportation.

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Balfour withdraws sign or be sacked contracts

17-02-2012 13:44

In a major breakthrough, Unite has announced that Balfour Beatty has withdrawn the self-declared BESNA contracts at the centre of a 7-month dispute which has brought chaos to industrial relations across the contruction industry.

Balfour Beatty Engineering Services was regarded by Unite as the ring-leader of a group of seven firms seeking to impose new contracts on thousands of sparks, plumbers and other engineers which they said would have substantially eroded skills of new workers and enforced cuts in pay and allowances of up to 35%.

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Tesco’s Secret Workfare Slaves

16-02-2012 17:05

Furious shoppers are threatening to boycott Tesco after their use of forced labour schemes came to light yesterday.