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Anti City Academy protest camp defies eviction order.

15-07-2008 23:38

Today Teachers and their supporters were celebrating as the deadline to leave their protest camp expired without the threatened eviction. Officers of the council were present but announced that they would only ‘report back’ the situation. Bailiffs were seen casing the area earlier before the deadline.

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Smash School Privatisation: Wembley Tent City Issued Imminent Eviction - Resist!

15-07-2008 12:07

Just 30 minutes ago a Willesden County Court judge ordered Hank Roberts and all those with him to leave the Wembley Park Sports Ground immediately, take all tents and belongings and be removed by 6pm tonight, an impossible injunction if you've seen the photos, or face further prosecution and even jail. Resistance and support is needed now. SMASH SCHOOL PRIVATISATION!

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Italian officials convicted over G8 protest

15-07-2008 10:30

An Italian court has found 15 officials guilty of mistreating protesters following violent demonstrations at G8 meeting in the city of Genoa in 2001.
A judge handed down prison sentences ranging from five months to five years to the accused - who include police, prison officials and two doctors.
Another 30 defendants were cleared of charges, including assault.

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Is Gordon Brown aware just how negligent the Tower Hamlets Council clique is?

15-07-2008 09:59

Gordon Brown has placed, via Hazel Blears et al, significant value on the Blairing local Councils that are associated his regime. In fact Tower Hamlets Council is often used by Brown as a platform. But does he realise how devastatingly negligent that Council’s clique of 'leadership' is? And who will count the cost of its letdowns and negligence? Will Brown even be around in office to put a stop to the habit of putting cliques of corruption in positions of State-funded and state-endorsed of power over inner city populations like the ordinary community in the Borough of Tower Hamlets

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Open statement and invitation to the trade union movement from the Climate Camp

14-07-2008 17:50

An invitation to the trade union movement to engage in a dialogue with the Camp for Action.

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Collapse of town centre regeneration schemes

14-07-2008 14:41

The first casualty of the property crash and credit crunch has been the collapse of town centre regeneration schemes.

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Alton Food Festival 2008

14-07-2008 14:38

Alton Food Festival
Now an annual event, the third Alton Food Festival was held Saturday 12 July 2008, part of the Hampshire Food Festival, a month long county wide event held each summer.

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Can you photograph a bouncer who is being aggressive?

14-07-2008 11:27

A number of people had complained about the aggressive and threatening behaver of the security guards at EOCC employed during the Cowley Road Carnival this year.

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End this injustice - stop the removal of Anselme Noumbiwa!

14-07-2008 07:34

Anselme Noumbiwa, a Cameroon national, is currently detained in Colnbrook Immigration Removal Centre and due to be forcibly removed from the UK on Monday 14th July 2008 at 20:00hrs on Kenya Airways Flight KQ101 to Nairobi and onward to Douala, Cameroon.

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Wembley Tent City Occupation: Urgent Call To Action

13-07-2008 23:20

We need more people, numbers, for the day, a morning or afternoon or come and stay, squat the land. Smash school privatisation. Oppose education for profit.

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Wembley Tent City Occupation: Press release - 12/07/2008

13-07-2008 22:17

11-07-08: Tent City Occupation: Smash School Privatisation
The latest press release (12/07/2008) from the Wembely Anti-Academy Tent City Occupation - Smash School Privatisation/

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Action and Support: Wembley and Pimlico Anti-Academisation Need You

13-07-2008 21:27

11-07-08: Supporters Gather At Wembley Tent City
On Tuesday 15 July there will be two anti-academy school actions. From 7.30am teachers and residents will form picket lines at Pimlico School in a strike against the privatisation of Pimlico School by Tory funder John Nash. Then at 10.30am the Wembley teachers, local businesses and residents will protest outside Willesden County Court to oppose Brent Council's eviction order application of the Wembley Tent City which has squatted the land designated for the privatised Wembley Academy school of "child charity" Ark and its multimillioniare funder and Tony Blair cohort Arki Busson.

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Italian Courts allow Rastafarians to use Cannabis - but is this legal

13-07-2008 10:56

The Courts in Italy have singled out Rastafarians and allowed them to use cannabis without prosecution - but is this legal under Human Rights law and ought it not be universally applicable, argues the Legalise Cannabis Alliance

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Kilburn Total Oil Burma Protest 9th July 2008

12-07-2008 20:06

Three protesters braved the rain on Wednesday 9th July to protest at Totalitarian Oil at Kilburn Total station, 409 Kilburn High Rd, Kilburn, NW6 7QG. For many years French Total Oil has been funding the brutal Burmese junta's oppression of the Burmese people, with hundreds of millions of dollars a year from the Yadana gas pipeline. The Burmese don't benefit from the gas exported to Thailand, instead they have suffered from forced labour and the military camps around the pipeline. The junta spends 50% of Burma's budget on the army and uses foreign currency it earns to buy weapons.

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London anti-scientology protest 12.07.08

12-07-2008 20:03

UK, London. Anti-scientology demo at the scientology HQ. 2008
Images from the London anti-scientology protest, called 'Operation cult's closed' - apparently organised by the 'Anonymous' underground movement.
This protest took place at two locations across London on Sunday 12.07.08.

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End G8 Domination!

12-07-2008 14:31

End G8 Domination!
Joint Statement on the 34th G8 Summit in Toyako, Hokkaido, Japan

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Wallmapuen *European Presentation Tour*

12-07-2008 10:58

*Wallmapuwen invites you to this unique event in his European Tour.*

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Update- AR2008 Moved

11-07-2008 22:28


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Theses on the Basic Income Discussion

11-07-2008 11:14

Poverty can only be overcome globally. A change of perspective is necessary so social assistance is seen as positive and not as negative. Without a committment to human dignity and a human future, barbarism seems inevitable given the vast numbers of economic refugees. Radical redistribution, nationally and internationally, is the command of the hour. More articles are available at

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Around the Campaigns Friday 11 July 2008

11-07-2008 10:52

Another airline may be backing off carrying deportees