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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Posters for "Trading Freedom" screening

29-09-2003 23:14

Here are some posters for the upcoming screening of "Trading Freedom: the Secret Life of the FTAA", which will take place on Sunday 12 October at the Locomotive Pub, 44 Mill Road, in Cambridge.

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Helsinki Support Demo for Thessaloniki

29-09-2003 18:09

Support demo in Helsinki, Monday 29 September 2003

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Infiltrate, Subvert, Control: How the corporations spy on activists

29-09-2003 14:27

Detailed Information published in the Times Online about how many activist and charity groups (CAAT, WDM, Earth First, CND, the greens, FoE, etc) are infiltrated and spied upon.

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Sheffield No Sweat Event - Sat 4th October

29-09-2003 11:52

The Sheffield No Sweat day event is on Sat 4th October, Sheffield University
Students Union, Western Bank, Sheffield

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The WTO and Workers' Rights

28-09-2003 23:03

A Colombian trade unionist, a British trade unionist and a campaigner against sweatshops spoke in Oxford at a meeting organised by the Oxford for Trade Justice Coalition in the Town Hall on September 25 on the topic of the impact of WTO policies and workers’ rights. You may not be surprised by the conclusions that can be drawn from what was said, but there are some initiatives and Urgent Action appeals, so please read on...

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Huntsman Arrested After Protestors Attacked

28-09-2003 15:21

Huntsman arrested after protestors attacked.

27 September 2003

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Sri Lanka healthworkers treated like slaves

28-09-2003 05:41

The government of Sri Lanka has used troops to break a strike of health workers and
sacked all those involved in the strike.....but the health workers are hitting back
and there is an email address for protests and messages of support
at the end.....your union branch (or other organisation!) could send
a message

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Crowd release boy arrested for chalk offence

27-09-2003 22:10

At today's anti-occupation rally in London, a young boy was arrested by police for graffitiing a wall with chalk. Eventually they were shamed into releasing him.›

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Some pics from the End Occupation of Iraq London demo

27-09-2003 22:04

Aerial view looking towards Speakers Corner and Park Lane
Contrary to mainstream media reports there were huge numbers on this march. Maybe not millions as in February but probably 100,000.

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Modem friendly video clips of End Occupation of Iraq London demo

27-09-2003 20:50

Initial BBC reports claimed a few thousand protestors. Hopefully these clips will disprove that farcical figure. Trafalgar Square was absolutely packed and numbers were nearer 100,000.
First 2 clips are MPEG1 format and will play on any computer with nothing extra needed. 3'rd clip allows you to go on a virtual reality tour of the crowds in the square but you need Quicktime 6 installed.

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27-09-2003 11:57

International Workshop on Contemporary Anti-war Mobilisations in Corfu, Greece in November.

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Voice of the People - video interviews from Palestine Rally

27-09-2003 07:14


[UK, London, Saturday 17th May 2003]

On Saturday 17th May thousands of British people marked the 55th anniversary of the Nakba, - the expulsion of the Palestinians when their land was stolen to create Israel, by converging on Trafalgar Square in London for a rally demanding an end to zionist occupation and for freedom for Palestine. The huge crowds reflected the broad base of support for the Palestinian cause in British society. The rally was organised by the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign and supported by a host of pro-justice organisations.

Journalist John Pilger, actors Juliet Stevenson and Corin Redgrave, and Sophie Hurndall the sister of the British photographer shot in the head by the Israeli army, were among the distinguished speakers to address the rally. We have provided all of the speeches below (around 30 speeches in real audio format) for you to listen to or download.

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2,500 Coke workers in Colombia ordered to resign

26-09-2003 22:44

Juan Carlos
Coca-Cola's main bottler in Latin America, Coca-Cola FEMSA, recently announced plans to close nine bottling plants in Colombia, which could leave 2,500 workers without jobs. The managers halted production at those plants and are pressuring workers to resign from their contracts in exchange for a lump-sum payment-- "voluntary retirement." The workers have been told that if they don't "resign," they will be dismissed.

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Itoiz Dam - Artozki Resists - day 8 report (unpublished as publisher was down)

26-09-2003 18:07

The resistance in artozki continues, here is the report from day 8 of the struggle which we could not put up becuause the publish function was down.

for more infor see

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Itoiz Dam - Artozki Resistance, Day 11

26-09-2003 18:04

The resistance to the eviction of the village of Artozki has reached day 11. Here is a summary of the last few days and a call for action and support for the people who are holding out in the village and giving it life - including a thriving new arts space - despite constant police harrassment.

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Anti-Capitalist Block on Saturday's demo?

26-09-2003 16:12

Will there be an Anti-Capitalist Block on the Iraq Demo this Saturday?
Where is it going from and what time?

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1st Meeting of Anarchist Workers Network - Sept 27th!

26-09-2003 15:56

Sat 27.09.03 AWN inaugural organising Meeting @ 7pm (After the Iraq Demo) the Autonomy Club. Upstairs at Freedom Books, 84b Whitechapel High St. Go to Aldgate East tube, take the Whitechapel Art Gallery exit, turn right and it's down the alleyway on your right.

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Video trailer - The Fourth World War

26-09-2003 13:12

A war a battlefield.
A war without an enemy.
A war that is everywhere.
A thousand civil wars.
A war without end.

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Video trailer - Km0

26-09-2003 12:52

This is the trailer for the new vacation film "Kilometre 0", due to be released soon by that supreme producer of independent political films in North America, Big Noise Tactical Media. The footage is of Big Noise's recent trip to Cancun.

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Medea Benjamin on Cancun and Iraq

26-09-2003 11:34

An interesting speech by Medea Benjamin of U.S. NGO Global Exchange, on her recent trips to Cancun and Iraq, drawing connections between the World Trade Organization negotiations and the occupation of Iraq.