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Extradition: Judiciary Aborts British Civil Rights

08-10-2012 17:23

Human Rights campaigners demonstrating infront of the RCJ, London, 5th Oct 2012
On 5th October 2012, Human Rights campaigners gathered outside the Royal Courts of Justice in London, awaiting the final verdict, on the extensive legal battle challenging the extraditions of British Citizens to the U.S. A short film documenting the public solidarity stand can be viewed here -

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ViBGYOR International Film Festival 2013 : CALL for Entries

08-10-2012 06:55

ViBGYOR 2013
Welcome to the 8th Edition of ViBGYOR International Film Festival for Short & Documentary films, to be held in Thrissur, Kerala, India from February 7-12, 2013!

Submit your Films Now

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Groups from the PRI and PVEM Invade Zapatista communities and Stir Up Agrarian C

07-10-2012 08:35

** EZLN sympathizers have not gone through the process of titling their lands because they are in resistance

** Paramilitary attacks are added to displacements by political parties

** The Good Government Junta in Oventic has suffered attacks

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For a Future Without Work: Radical Workers' Bloc on South London feeder to TUC

06-10-2012 12:16

On Saturday 20th October, the Trades Union Congress has called for its second march against the cuts and 'for a future that works'. South London Solidarity Federation has announced that it will join the feeder march starting at Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park (opposite the Imperial War Museum), in support of direct action, self-organisation and solidarity towards a future without work, or at least without work for bosses who get rich off of our backs.

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B&NES Council. Top Tory in Shock Resignation

06-10-2012 11:11

District Auditors investigation into official / unofficial trips to China by senior council officers and elected members

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Würzburg->Berlin, 6-13th Oct: Protest March Call Out to All Refugees

05-10-2012 10:26

On 19th March refugees in Würzburg started a new era of protest against the inhumane laws threatening their lives. After a refugee killed himself, refugees started to leave the Lagers they are forced to live in, in order to establish action tents in many cities and take the protest to the streets and into the public. The general demands are: - Abolish all refugeecamps in germany! - Abolish the deportation laws! – Deportation is inhumane and deadly and serves only the political and economical interests of those in power. - Abolish the 'Residenzpflicht'!

The protest grew quickly; there were protestcamps in 9 cities in 4 states in total. Since the 8th September protesters started on two routes from Würzburg to Berlin to bring the protest to the central point of political responsibility for these racist and criminal laws and fight together...

From a declaration of the striking refugees: "We mobilize all over Germany to break the isolation, against deportation and Lagers, for the closure of all Heims and for the liberation from the bondage of Residenzpflicht in Germany. (…) Now it is time to stand up, we don’t want to witness the death of one of us any longer, because the inhuman treating of asylum seekers in Germany could drive anyone of us to death. (…) We quit the fixed borders and the cages built for us, because we believe that the concept of a life within Heims for asylum seekers is unfair. We exceed these borders, because we believe that this freedom is the least right of every human. And we will resist the deportation law of the government, because these laws only serve the financial and political interests of the government. It’s the right of each and every human to choose where he/she lives. Shoulder to shoulder and stronger than ever we’re doing everything in our power to reach this dream and with the support of other asylum seekers we will witness the fullfillment of our rights.“

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Venezuela: Anarchists and October 7, 2012

03-10-2012 18:47

* As the electoral ritual granting legitimacy to the occupant of the presidential seat approaches, we want to affirm to the country’s public opinion what the anarchists’ position has been regarding the electoral carnival as instrument for control and submission of the collective. What follows is the El Libertario #67 Editorial, where we clearly state our position.

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Update on US anarchist prisoner Amelia Nicol

03-10-2012 15:31

Anarchist prisoner Amelia Nicol had her sentencing hearing today, October 1st, in Denver County Court. She had been found guilty on August 21, 2012 of Criminal Trespass, Assault on an officer, and Resisting Arrest. All charges stemmed from a raid on an alleged squat in the Jefferson Park Neighborhood of Denver in October of 2011.

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From The Zapatistas: Never-Before-Seen Photos

03-10-2012 03:47

“Worldwide Echo in Support of the Zapatistas”

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ABC-Belarus - Pavel Syramolatau is free

02-10-2012 11:47

We’re glad to announce that after 620 days in prison Pavel Syramolatau was released from prison by president pardon on September 27th.

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Welcome The Tories To Birmingham

01-10-2012 12:00

On Sunday 7th October we’ll be welcoming the Tories to Birmingham for their annual conference, with a TUC organised demonstration marching through the town centre to a rally at St Marks Place:

Assemble: 11am, High Street
March from 11:30am to St Marks Open Space (postcode B1 2PJ)

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Scottish Coal rail terminal currently shut down - again!

01-10-2012 08:35

Two people are currently occupying the conveyor tower at Scottish Coal’s Ravenstruther Rail Terminal in South Lanarkshire to prevent coal from being loaded onto freight trains and being transported to Drax Coal Fired Power Station in Yorkshire. The action started at 5am this morning – a banner reading “Coal Kills” was unfurled on the conveyor tower. More updates to follow!

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1st Squatter Jailed under new Squatting Law

01-10-2012 04:08

Yeah, the first jailing under the new Section 144 of the Legal Aid Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act (LASPO) 2012. I know it's a week or two old now but didn't seem to be up on Indymedia despite it's significance. I put it up last week here but was taken down by IM mods presumably because it was cut/paste from The Guardian. But hey, as no-one else was taking about it and we should be it seemed fine. Ok, so here is a statement from Advisory Service for Squatters instead.

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October 13th Brighton: Squat the Lot!

29-09-2012 11:52

In two weeks time, on October 13th, Squatters from across the country will mobilise for a mass direct action to oppose the squatban, in Brighton, UK.

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Mexico: Responsibility claim for armed attack FAI

28-09-2012 08:16

Mexico: Responsibility claim for armed attack on a municipal police patrol car in the municipality of Valle de Chalco in EdoMex

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Picket the Bigots

27-09-2012 18:52

Picket the Bigots protest from 12.30 on Monday 8th October in Victoria Square outside the Campaign for Marriage rally in Birmingham Town Hall.

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Worldwide Echo In Support Of The Zapatistas

27-09-2012 17:45