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October 13th Brighton: Squat the Lot!

SNOB(aha) | 29.09.2012 11:52 | Free Spaces | Repression | Social Struggles | South Coast

In two weeks time, on October 13th, Squatters from across the country will mobilise for a mass direct action to oppose the squatban, in Brighton, UK.


The Squatter's Network of Brighton (and Hove actually), SNOB(aha) is calling for a mass squatting action on October 13th, at 2pm in Victoria Gardens, central Brighton.

Whatever they say, squatting will stay! As long as there are vacant buildings and homelessness, squatting will occur. We reject the Tories' criminalization of the most vulnerable in our society. Join us and together we can resist their unjust laws!

We will resist the squatban by any means necessary!

Crash spaces will be provided. Email or ring the SNOB phone (07594 808891) to let us know if you'll need a space. Legal observers and arrestee are being sorted as well.

Posters and fliers are online at

See you on the streets!


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  1. Empty porerties owned by Brighton and Hove City Council. — Brighton Eye