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B&NES Council. Top Tory in Shock Resignation

Blunt Instrument Committee | 06.10.2012 11:11 | Repression | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | South Coast | World

District Auditors investigation into official / unofficial trips to China by senior council officers and elected members

ollowing the District Auditors investigation into official/unofficial trips to China at taxpayers expense by senior B&NES Council officers and elected members its no real surprise to hear that former council leader Cllr Malcolm Hanney, following hot on the heels of the Council's Chief Executive and only half way through his 3 year term of office, has suddenly announced his resignation with immediate effect.

Mr Hanney who was recently granted a coat of arms ( Arms, crest ,badge. Garter, King of Arms) for services rendered to her majesties rotten church and state must be regretting the unoffical time he spent lapping up the heady sights and sounds of 5 star Shanghai hospitality at B&NES taxpayers expense.

The reason given for such a sudden departure ie: to enable him to study for an 8 month masters degree in Kuala Lumpur, seems a little far fetched but then you just never know!

Blunt Instrument Committee


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