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Würzburg->Berlin, 6-13th Oct: Protest March Call Out to All Refugees

no borders | 05.10.2012 10:26 | Anti-racism | Migration | Social Struggles | World

On 19th March refugees in Würzburg started a new era of protest against the inhumane laws threatening their lives. After a refugee killed himself, refugees started to leave the Lagers they are forced to live in, in order to establish action tents in many cities and take the protest to the streets and into the public. The general demands are: - Abolish all refugeecamps in germany! - Abolish the deportation laws! – Deportation is inhumane and deadly and serves only the political and economical interests of those in power. - Abolish the 'Residenzpflicht'!

The protest grew quickly; there were protestcamps in 9 cities in 4 states in total. Since the 8th September protesters started on two routes from Würzburg to Berlin to bring the protest to the central point of political responsibility for these racist and criminal laws and fight together...

From a declaration of the striking refugees: "We mobilize all over Germany to break the isolation, against deportation and Lagers, for the closure of all Heims and for the liberation from the bondage of Residenzpflicht in Germany. (…) Now it is time to stand up, we don’t want to witness the death of one of us any longer, because the inhuman treating of asylum seekers in Germany could drive anyone of us to death. (…) We quit the fixed borders and the cages built for us, because we believe that the concept of a life within Heims for asylum seekers is unfair. We exceed these borders, because we believe that this freedom is the least right of every human. And we will resist the deportation law of the government, because these laws only serve the financial and political interests of the government. It’s the right of each and every human to choose where he/she lives. Shoulder to shoulder and stronger than ever we’re doing everything in our power to reach this dream and with the support of other asylum seekers we will witness the fullfillment of our rights.“

We are the asylum seekers from different countries and it’s been over six months since we left our refugee camps to demonstrate for our rights. Now, we march to Berlin to change the cruel commands over asylum seekers’ life forever. We will stop the deportation, stop the 'Residenzpflicht' (obligatory limited residence) and close asylum camps in which we are forced to live in. We don’t ask for these as our requirements, these are indispensable for human beings. To achieve them; we will march to Berlin and won’t step back without reclaiming our rights.

Roommate! Your silence is our death.

With no doubt that German government has installed different commands to force us to forget about life and just try to survive in refugee camp under fear of deportation, just wait without any perspective. So, some of us can´t take it anymore and prefer death instead of life and end it by suicide.

It is the time, regardless of countries we are from, reasons we are here and languages we speak; we must join together in Berlin and protest shoulder to shoulder until possessing our rights. Changes in these laws are possible only by our effort as a movement made out of individuals, by the effort of refugees who are systematically oppressed. In refugee camps we have forgotten the life outside the walls so that we even forgot how days between mornings and nights passed before living there.

The asylum seeker protesters will arrive in Berlin and camp in the street. We declare that we prefer living in tents instead of refugee camps and we ask our roommates to join us between 6th and 13th October. A week period shall be enough to gather in Berlin and striking together side by side to claim our essential rights.

Meeting point: 6 to 13 October, Berlin
For more information please contact the following numbers:

English: 017679837911
Turkish: 017669381085
Kurdish: 015233706273
Arabic: 015213170953
Farsi: 017671080087
French: 017634934230
español: 015739094548

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