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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Fargate Speaker #12 out now

08-02-2010 12:12

In This Issue: More rises in bus fares, discontent in the fire service, continuing look at Sheffield’s radical history, film review and more ...

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84 + Women on Hunger Strike, behind the Wire @ Yarl's Wood IRC

08-02-2010 08:18

"Detention results from political decisions that represent a "hardening attitude towards irregular migrants and asylum seekers" (*PACE)

End the Detention of Foreign Nationals Now!

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EDL Bottles Out Of Bolton Nazi Brawl

08-02-2010 02:21

The excellent news for everybody who finds racism repulsive is that the neo-Nazi (in denial) cretins of the EDL have decided not to seik heil around Bolton after a customary visit to Wetherspoons. The street-fighters of the EDL had deliberately planned their riotous punch-up to coincide with a multi-faith gathering, hoping the gutter antics of their football hooligan masterrace would drive a wedge between Muslims and people of other religions setting community against community resulting in an increase in racial tension.

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Protest French Consulate UK Tues 9th Feb : re : Violent police raid in Calais

07-02-2010 19:54

No Borders are a group who help desperate migrants and have rented a space in Calais that was being used to provide homeless migrants with a warm dry space to stay, food, drink, basic medical supplies, clothing and bedding etc. The French Police and UK Border / Immigration Police have smashed their way into the building via the windows and arrested almost everybody and continue to chase migrants through Calais. The migrants are fleeing political persecution, torture, rape, political imprisonment, starvation etc.

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'Herbal Essences Test on Animals!' Boots Invasion, Cambridge

07-02-2010 14:53

Campaigners hold a walk-in protest at Boots over its sale of Herbal Essences who test on animals, Cambridge, UK.

A video of the action can be found here:

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Ask Britsh Monomark WC1 to Ditch the Nazi British Peoples Party / UDA BPP

06-02-2010 18:56

Many antifascist, anarchists, animal rights, environment defenders, gay rights, womens rights activists etc use British Monomark mailbox & secretarial services. We do not want to be sharing this service with nazis or bumping into them. The British Peoples Party / White Peoples Party say on their women's wing website to be "proud of the swastika" & hate non whites, gays, Irish Catholics & "foreigners".

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Report from Save Victoria Baths demo 7/2/10

06-02-2010 17:02

The Save Victoria Baths campaign had called a demo in protest at the council's plans to shut Victoria Leisure Centre on April 1st.

The protest formed up in the Market Square where Unison were also holding a protest against the council, specifically their planned budget cuts which will affect the service provided to older people and lead to job losses. The usual Trot groups were also out, flogging copies of their paper. These groups were all dwarfed by the impressive turnout. Numbers are always difficult to gague at demonstrations, but I would guess there were around 80 people in attendace. The Evening Post, however, reported "more than 100 campaigners."

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Save Bita Ghaedi from Deportation. Her own words...

05-02-2010 16:55

Bita Ghaedi, awaiting deportation.
“I grew up in a patriarchy. It was even hard to talk to my father...and my mum as there was not any rights for females.”

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Not convinced cps will do anything against criminal behaviour

05-02-2010 09:11

BBC has all morning been saying the Crown Prosecution Service will make an announcement about the six MPs and peers

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Athens: Major anti-fascist gathering on Saturday, 6.2

04-02-2010 18:16

#179 | Yet another youth in pre-trial detention for the “conspiracy of cells of fire” case; Athens gears up for anti-fascist gathering

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Save Bita Ghaedi from deportation and certain execution.

04-02-2010 17:00

Bita Ghaedi at Downing Street.
Bita Ghaedi is an Iranian woman who has been living in London since fleeing domestic violence in her native Iran. She has been on hunger strike for nearly two weeks and is terrified that the deportation to Iran will lead to her being returned to a country in turmoil as pro-democracy protests are now tearing at the very fabric of the Iranian clerical regime.

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Activists sent details of child & threatening letters from government/MI5/DWP

04-02-2010 15:07

An activist with a child was sent strange letters from the Department of Work & Pensions detailing his child benefit & details of his parents pension. He was then telephoned with the warning "We know everything about you & if we want we can get your parents pension money interfered with at any time". The activist said the person phoning was a woman & that she had " an Australian or New Zealand accent. What's scary is that he did not any time given the DWP his mobile phone number.

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Danny Dorling: Why Social Inequality Persists

04-02-2010 00:08

Audio Danny Dorling
Attached is a recording of Prof. Danny Dorling speaking on "Why social inequality persists" at a Sheffield Humanist Society meeting held on 3rd February 2010.

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Solidarity to Alfredo & Christos - Greek Consulate visit in Berlin

03-02-2010 23:07

On the 3.2 some anarchists paid a short visit to the Greek consulate in Berlin, located at the Wittenberg square.

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Save Victoria Baths: Interview

02-02-2010 20:36

The Save Victoria Baths campaign have learnt that Nottingham City Council intend to close Victoria Leisure Centre on 31 March 2010, despite having no approved plans for development and no planning permission to demolish what is already there and in contravention of the wishes of local residents. On Saturday (6 February) the campaign are organising a march from Market Square to Sneinton Market to protest against the plans. In order to find out what's going on, I interviewed one of the campaigners.

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The Fateful Geological Prize Called Haiti: Now we know

02-02-2010 19:17

"A US military occupation of Haiti under the guise of earthquake disaster ‘relief’ would give Washington and private business interests tied to it a geopolitical prize of the first order. Prior to the January 12 quake, the US Embassy in Port-au-Prince was the fifth largest US embassy in the world, comparable to its embassies in such geopolitically strategic places as Berlin and Beijing.[17] With huge new oil finds off Cuba being exploited by Russian companies, with clear indications that Haiti contains similar vast untapped oil as well as gold, copper, uranium and iridium, with Hugo Chavez’ Venezuela as a neighbor to the south of Haiti, a return of Aristide or any popular leader committed to developing the resources for the people of Haiti, -- the poorest nation in the Americas -- would constitute a devastating blow to the world’s sole Superpower. The fact that in the aftermath of the earthquake, UN Haiti Special Envoy Bill Clinton joined forces with Aristide foe George W. Bush to create something called the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund ought to give everyone pause.

According to Marguerite Laurent ('Ezili Dantò') of the Haitian Lawyers’ Leadership Network, under the guise of emergency relief work, the US, France and Canada are engaged in a balkanization of the island for future mineral control. She reports rumors that Canada wants the North of Haiti where Canadian mining interests are already present. The US wants Port-au-Prince and the island of La Gonaive just offshore – an area identified in Aristide’s development book as having vast oil resources, and which is bitterly contested by France. She further states that China, with UN veto power over the de facto UN-occupied country, may have something to say against such a US-France-Canada carve up of the vast wealth of the nation."

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J18 London & N30 Seattle 1999 - 10 years on

02-02-2010 15:01

Booklet compiled by Bristol Anarchist Bookfair Collective - 3 articles looking at recollections and critiques of J18 and the anti-capitalist movement and the possibilties for future organising.

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Camden Bio Hazard Lab - your LAST CHANCE to speak out public forum in Camden

02-02-2010 14:46

There are plans to build a high level [3] virus containment facility and animal testing lab in Camden on a residential Camden council houses estate, Somers Town in Camden. The lab could contain deadly pathogens such as anthrax and if built will be alongside St Pancras International in Kings Cross behind the British Library. There will be a development forum and public meeting in Camden on February 10th in Camden. This is your LAST CHANCE to ask questions and speak out. Attend!

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Continuing Conflicts that Create Refugees, January 2010

02-02-2010 09:08

Two actual or potential conflict situations around the world deteriorated and two improved in January 2010, according to the new issue of CrisisWatch.