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Memorial for Carlos, antifascist killed by a nazi in Spain.

19-11-2007 00:03

Next Saturday 24th noon at Southbank, by the monument to the international brigades in Jubilee Gardens, we´ll gather to honour the memory of Carlos, an antifascist who was killed two weeks ago by a nazi in Madrid.

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We Are The History

18-11-2007 19:35

We are the history

Six years after the G8 Summit in Genoa the trails against protesters and members of the police forces are still continuing. the trials against the police and carabineri have been delayed to benefit from the new regulations of prescriptive periods. The procecutors Canepa and Canciani show strenght in the trials against the 25 activists. Never before in the context of street protest such high charges were asked for.

In Germany activists call for a protest on November 17th. Under the slogan "Against the surveillance state and arbitrariness" people demand that a few people should not get punished for a legitimate and collectiv protest by facing them with specially contructed charges.

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Protest against tourism in Burma at World Travel Market Exhibition

17-11-2007 23:31

Protest against tourism in Burma at World Travel Market Exhibition, ExCel London, November 14th. Burmese call for boycott of travel companies involved in tourism with Burma.

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Invitation to Expedition in the Napo-Ucayali Corridor: June/July 2008

17-11-2007 23:19

Contemporary developments in the global economy are very significant for the Amazon rain forest. While this might be said to be true for anywhere at any point in time there are nevertheless good reasons for paying special attention to what maybe the last battle for the survival of the largest rain forest in the world, the loss of which it should need no further justification to lament – and that is the basis upon which this invitation is written….

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Antifascist Concentration Sat. 24th November

17-11-2007 20:06

A memorial for Carlos, murdered spanish antifascist, and a protest against the banning of the antifascist demo that had been called for that day.
Meet at 12 by the International Brigades Monument @ Southbank
Jubilee Gardens, close to the London Eye.

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New Norwich Social Centre!

17-11-2007 15:14

The Where Will It Be Collective (WWIB) announce the opening of a social centre in a squatted building in Norwich city centre. Come and visit! Here's the press release:

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Total petrol station demo in Wrexham

17-11-2007 14:52

Wrexham Women for Peace and supporters held a demonstration at a local TOTAL petrol station in support of the people of Burma (Myanmar) this morning in advance of a national day of action against TOTAL next Saturday 24 November. Campaigners targeted the petrol station on the A483 Ruabon by-pass to draw attention to the links between French-owned TOTAL Oil and the Burmese military junta.

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unknown major Babeuf manuscript discovered in Moscou yesterday

17-11-2007 03:21

Moscou: unknown 1790-manuscript of the French Social Revolutionary Graccus Babeuf found in former Soviet collection

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Arrest warrant for Chris Eubank re: Peace Action

17-11-2007 01:32

A judge has issued a warrant for the arrest of ex-boxer Chris Eubank after he failed to turn up to court over an unlawful protest in Whitehall.

Eubank was charged after he tried to park his seven-tonne truck outside the gates to Downing Street in May in protest at UK policy in Iraq.

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Brighton Council's Use of the Housing Act (2006)To Drive Out Squatters

17-11-2007 01:07

BHCC use the new housing laws to attack the homeless

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Call For International Days Of Action For Squats & Autonomous Spaces - April 08

16-11-2007 23:43

On Friday the 11th and Saturday the 12th of April 2008, we call for two days of demonstration, direct action, public information, street-party, squatting... in defence of free spaces and for an anti-capitalist popular culture. Through these two days, we want to help create more visibility of autonomous spaces and squats as a european/global political movement. We want to develop interconnections and solidarity between squats and autonomous spaces. We want to keep linking our spaces with new people and new struggles, and support the creation of autonomous spaces in places where there has not been a history of this kind of action. We want to build, step by step, our ability to overcome the wave of repression falling on us.

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Sign the petition to No10 against custody deaths

16-11-2007 18:51

Make some noise at No10
Put your mouse where your mouth is!!

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Family of Paul Coker React to CPS decision not to Prosecute Police Officers

16-11-2007 18:46

Paul Coker (victim of the system)
Thursday, November 15, 2007
By the family of Paul Coker

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Why We Don't Celebrate Thanksgiving

16-11-2007 16:41

Kahentinetha Horn
Live interview with Kahentinetha Horn, a member of the Mohawk Nation, editor of Mohawk Nation News and long-time fighter for the rights of indigenous people this Sunday (11/18), 4pm US Eastern on

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Humanitarian Agreement in Colombia meeting

16-11-2007 14:51

Humanitarian Agreement in Colombia
The search for negotiated solutions to the conflict. A public meeting held by Colombia Solidarity Campaign London Branch

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Public meeting: Stand up for your freedom to protest! LSE, 2nd December

16-11-2007 11:43

Gordon Brown plans to extend the restrictions on demonstrations near parliament to cover the whole country, claiming that this will simplify the work of the police. The current law totally bans spontaneous protests, requiring advance police permission, which allows the police to impose arbitrary limits on numbers and effectively act as political censors. The consultation proposes extending these rules to any protest anywhere, in the name of 'harmonisation'. The freedom to protest was won through hard struggle and if we want to keep it we must take a stand to say enough is enough. Come to a public meeting to plan a public response: we propose early January.

Public meeting
LSE room H102, Connaught House
2-4pm, Sunday 2nd December

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15-11-2007 22:31



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Stop fueling the Burmese junta - boycott Total Oil and Chevron/Texaco

15-11-2007 19:25

Far from the headlines, the crisis in Burma continues--fuelled, in part, by international oil corporations like Total Oil and Chevron/Texaco. These corporations don't just fund the junta; they lobby on its behalf in capital cities around the world. These are the same companies many of us fuel up with. That means our pressure as consumers has the power to force change—and it's our responsibility to act.

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INSURGENTES against Venezuela´s constitutional reform

15-11-2007 15:58

* Various organizations and individuals within Venezuela, each with a history of social struggle and each bringing with them diverse proposals from the anti-authoritarian and critical left, have assembled in the space of INSURGENTES (INSURGENTS) to forge a position against the proposed constitutional “reform” offered by the republic’s President, Hugo Chavez Frias.

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Venezuela: Interview with an indigenous activist

15-11-2007 15:55

* As part of the 2.300 delegates in the second Zapatista and indigenous community’s international reunion, which took place last July in Mexico, members of the wayuu community delivered a truly important message: Venezuelan indigenous community’s situation is very different than the declared by the government people in Caracas. El Libertario talked about the experience with Jorge Montiel, member of the Maikiralasa’lii.