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Beat the Boreholes continues!!

27-07-2010 12:46

The community campaign against Shell's work in the estuary is going strong with regular actions happening. Last week locals viewed the borehole-drilling rigs during a walk on the strands of the estuary at low tide. Shell moved the rigs yesterday but were slowed down by kayaker action.

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The Sherrod Affair and Etta Rosales

27-07-2010 03:47

CALIFORNIA, United States—By now, Shirley Sherrod’s fascinating story is well known.

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International Call-Out for Oakland Support and Solidarity

26-07-2010 22:08

Greetings from California, Comrades!

As many have heard, a relentless anti-police movement has grown from the tragedy of Oscar Grant's murder on January 1, 2009 by former officer Johannes Mehserle.* Recently, Mehserle was convicted of the deplorable charge of involuntary manslaughter, a weak charge which carries a sentence of probation to four years in prison.

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International Sakine Day against Stoning - no more stonings!

26-07-2010 17:37

This is a campaign to bring an end to stoning. Stoning is a barbaric act that belongs in Medieval times, not the 21st Century. Sakine's case represents all that is bad with a Sharia based system of law, that lets the state decide who one is allowed to have sexual relations with whom. On the 24 July 2010, thousands of campaigners from all over the world came together to say: Not to Stonings, no to Executions in Iran, no to State interference in private lives of citizens.

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The internet springs a leak. Inspiring news and a short message from G Joe

26-07-2010 14:25

"White House National Security Advisor James Jones issued a statement calling the leaks "irresponsible," saying they not only put the lives of Americans and their partners at risk, but also threaten national security."

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Fri 30th July: 100 days of Gulf of Mexico oil spill

26-07-2010 14:22

Along with BP, Transocean, the world’s largest offshore drilling contractor, is also responsible for the Gulf of Mexico disaster.
Transocean also built the wellheads for the Shell Corrib gas project in Mayo, Ireland where the community campaign is now in it's 10th year of struggle

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UKBA detention capacity @ 26th July 2010

26-07-2010 07:12

Harmondsworth IRC, managed by GEO Group UK, is now back to full capacity after being partially made uninhabitable by frustrated detainees in November 2006.

(Formally known as 'Wackenhut Corrections Corporation'. GEO Group has been accused of gross civil rights violations relating to adequate access to food and medical care, especially at its USA Northwest Detention Center, including unlawful interrogations and coercing inmates to sign paperwork they would otherwise not be inclined to. Source 'Wikipedia'. GEO's worldwide operations include the management/ownership of 63 prisons/Immigration Removal Centres and residential treatment facilities with a capacity of 61,500 beds)

As of today there are a total of 3,436 bed spaces, in Immigration Removal Centres (IRCs) and Short Term Holding Facilities (STHFs).

A sizable number of prison bed spaces are occupied by persons off the end of criminal sentences (have reached their release date) and continue to be detained as immigration offenders, awaiting deportation or transfer to a detention centre. UKBA no longer release the numbers of those held in prison as immigration offenders.

Eight IRCs and 4 STHFs are owned/managed or managed by private corporations, three IRCs managed by the Prison Service.

Campsfield House IRC GEO Group Bed spaces: 216 male detainees

Harmondsworth IRC GEO Group Bed spaces 615 male detainees

Yarl's Wood IRC Serco Bed spaces 405 Female detainees

Colnbrook IRC Serco Bed spaces 383 male detainees ( STHC 40 beds male/female)

Brook House IRC G4S Bed spaces 426 male detainees

Oakington IRC G4S Bed spaces 408 male detainees

Dungavel House G4S Bed spaces 190 Mixed, male, female

Tinsley House G4S Bed spaces 146 Male Detainees

Dover IRC HM Prison Service Bed spaces 316 male detainees

Haslar IRC HM Prison Service Bed spaces 160 male detainees

Lindholme IRC HM Prison Service Bed spaces 112 male detainees

Manchester STHF G4S Bed spaces 32

Queens Buildings (Heathrow) STHF G4S Bed spaces 15

Harwich STHF Abbey Security Ltd Bed spaces 12

Dover Harbour STHF Dover Harbour Board Bed spaces 20

Addresses/phone/fax/visiting times for all the above can be found here:

(Editors note, data has been taken from UKBA/Private management web sites)

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Cambridge Uni Security Injures Animal Activists

25-07-2010 16:02

Stall in Town
Elderly female campaigner sustains injuries and is taken to hospital.

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UG#509 - Gift Economy (1) - Reconceiving The Market

25-07-2010 08:58

The show this week looks at the gift economy. We look at a range of reasons to challenge the cynical, capitalist view of the human as 'red in tooth and claw', listening to evidence from speakers including Alfie Kohn, Genevieve Vaughan & Jeremy Rifkin.

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Speaker of Parliament in denial on eight week long protest

24-07-2010 23:10

Protest outside John Mickel's electorate office
John Mickel, Speaker of Queensland Parliament continues to ignore constituents, who have been demonstrating outside his electorate office every week day for the past eight weeks.

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Venezuela Breaks Relations with Colombia: There is no evidence.

24-07-2010 17:19

“There is no evidence, not a single piece of proof, of where those photographs were taken”, said Chaderton, adding that the “evidence” presented by Colombia was “confusing, imprecise and non-convincing.

Last year Colombia opened its territory to seven US military bases in an agreement that the US Air Force claimed was necessary in order to conduct “full spectrum military operations” throughout South America to “combat the constant threat of anti-American governments in the region.”

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Democracy Village.

23-07-2010 20:59

Queen and King of Democracy Village..Seeking a new place to pitch up after being
Historic occopation.

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Call for Contributions: Anarchist Reflections on Migration, Population and Clima

23-07-2010 20:34

A callout for contributions for articles that examine anarchist reflections on migration, population and climate change. Interested in articles that are open and accessible from all parts of the anarchist and activist spectrum.

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Tatchell dedicates his honorary doctorate to Mansoor Osanloo

23-07-2010 09:18

The prominent Iranian labour activist Mansour Osanloo has been serving time in Prison under poor health conditions for a long time

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Stop the English Defence Leaguein Blackpool next week!

23-07-2010 06:21

The English Defence League are an Islamophobic and racist organisation with links to UKIP, the BNP, Blood and Honour, Combat 18 and the National Front. The EDL have marched on Mosques, pulled off women's hijabs, placed a pigs head on the walls of Dudley Central Mosque and have rioted in Luton, Stoke, Dudely, Bolton...and they intend to go to Blackpool next week and ruin people's holidays. The EDL have made children cry.

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Stop Islamophobic English Defence League hate rally in London 31st July.

23-07-2010 01:24

The English Nationalist Alliance and English Defence League are planning a hate rally in London on the 31st July 2 -5pm. They will be marching from Tothill Street [SW1] - Downing Street - Waterloo Place and plan to hand in an anti Islam letter to the governement.

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Campaign for Jailed Labour Activists in Iran

22-07-2010 14:38

Human rights activists have begun a campaign to raise awareness about the situation of Mansour Ossanlou, and, by extension, all political prisoners in Iran.
Join our campaign at Iran Solidarity.

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Rallies and events for International Sakine Mohammadi Ashtiani Day

22-07-2010 14:26

International Sakine Mohammadi Ashtiani Day
Below are rallies and events organised for International Sakine Mohammadi Ashtiani Day: World Citizens against Stoning - 24 July 2010.
Day asking for end to Stonings, Executions and Tortures in Iran.

Socialists and Anarchists - PLEASE JOIN US !