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International Sakine Day against Stoning - no more stonings!

Free Iran | 26.07.2010 17:37 | Gender | Repression | Social Struggles | World

This is a campaign to bring an end to stoning. Stoning is a barbaric act that belongs in Medieval times, not the 21st Century. Sakine's case represents all that is bad with a Sharia based system of law, that lets the state decide who one is allowed to have sexual relations with whom. On the 24 July 2010, thousands of campaigners from all over the world came together to say: Not to Stonings, no to Executions in Iran, no to State interference in private lives of citizens.

International Sakine Mohammadi Ashtiani Day: World Citizens against Stoning was a huge success. On the day, thousands of people took part in actions in over 30 cities worldwide, including in Australia, Brazil, North America, Europe, Georgia and the Phillipines.

For coverage of activists rallies and events in the UK, around Europe and Americas see:

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