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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Occupied Dalston Theatre Wins in High Court But Eviction Proceedings Continue

01-03-2006 22:56

I'm sure someone who knows more will update on this very soon, but just to say that today the High Court ruled that the application by Hackney Council for possession of the occupied theatre + buildings in Dalston should not have been made to the high court, and they refused to rule on it.

It's now to be refered to the county court for a judgement this coming Friday.

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Nottinghamshire Police Vs Sneinton Youth, an extraordinary Football Match

01-03-2006 22:31

On Wednesday evening at the Greenway Centre, Trent Road, Sneinton, the police challenged the local youths to a football match. It was played with some enthusiasm ..... :-)

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George Galloway due to speak at Khoodeelaar No to Xrail demo tonight

01-03-2006 13:54

George Galloway MP is due to join constituents from his Bethnal Green and Bow seat tonight’s demonstration against Tower Hamlets Council’s role for the Crossrail hole Bill. The demo at 6pm at Mulberry Place Clove Crescent London E14 is the latest one organised by Khoodeelaar! The Brick Lane London E1 area against the Crossrail hole Bill

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Bulletin nº23 of the Basque Observatory of Human Rights

01-03-2006 12:15

Dear friends,

The latest Behatokia Bulletin, Nº 23, is available on our web page,, where, as well as downloading it in pdf format:, you can download each article in word format, if you find these easier to work with.

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Action Mesothelioma Day 2006 - Manchester

01-03-2006 11:27

Holding up photos of loved ones who died of the asbestos cancer mesothelioma
Over 200 people demonstrated outside Manchester Town Hall -many holding photographs of loved ones lost to asbestos cancer.

A meeting was then held in the Great Hall to remember victims of asbestos and to discuss mesothelioma- past, present and future...

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IAEA says NO evidence of Iranian n-weapons plan - US lost Iraq war

01-03-2006 08:31


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ASBO Squat : New Deal for Community [NDC] Magazine Item

01-03-2006 00:03

In their latest issue of the bi-monthly mag, 'Front Page', they've given the ASBO squat on Burns Street, a bit of write up.

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Council announces ridiculous move in anti-begging campaign

28-02-2006 22:57

Should this man be treated like a criminal?

Nottingham City Council has announced a new measure to reduce the 'problem of begging' on Nottinghams streets. A press release given out yesterday (Feb 27th) states: 'Nottingham City Council is urging members of the public to help them eliminate begging in the city by erecting signs in begging hotspots telling them to call the anti-social behaviour helpline if they see individuals begging'

The Council's 'respect for Nottingham' website states: The aim of the Respect for Nottingham strategy is to clean up the City’s streets, take an uncompromising stand against begging, street prostitution and drug dealing and demonstrate that Nottingham is not a soft touch for those bent on criminality and damaging the quality of life in the city. Interesting how they consider begging as 'criminal' and damaging the quality of life for others...

Links: Council's press release | Police escalates offensive crackdown culture poster drive | Respect for Nottingham

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Sumac Centre Nottingham - Posters for March - Download and Display

28-02-2006 22:00

Bar events and Centre diary for March, A4 PDFs to download

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2nd Renaissance -11

28-02-2006 21:14

The future of our children and the planet
Fortunately, the power and control of government and military elites is illusory in the 21st century. The world no longer works the way it did, and there is nothing to compel people to support failed, outdated systems any longer. This is an understanding that must be widely and quickly shared. The future of our children and the planet depends upon our changing our thinking about governments, and our support for them.

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ID Cards and Labour's "Enabling Act"

28-02-2006 19:32

Examination of the government's continued press ahead with it's universally discredited ID Cards Bill, particularly in light of the "Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill", which seeks to give ministers the power to amend acts of Parliament without calling a vote.

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Mindwalk 32: A Very Beautiful Thing

28-02-2006 18:45

A badass mix by Skidmark Bob featuring Jello Biafra launches this weeks program followed by Raymond Lafferty's Astro Mix. A few edits from TDS John Stewart and Dickie Richards pitches his latest DVD. More TDS and the "Didn't know New Orleans was under water Guy".

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28-02-2006 17:13

Tomorrow, 1 March, ALCOA arms manufacturers and aluminium giant are to announce at their ALCOA Global Center in New York if they are going to push for yet another aluminium smelter in pristine Iceland, against the will of the majority of Icelandic people.

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Notts IMC publishes print version

28-02-2006 15:10

Nottinghamshire Indymedia has published a printed version of showcasing recent articles and the website.

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Jowell's husband under investigation by UK Fraud Office

28-02-2006 09:32

Tessa Jowell's troubles are not just a freakish one-off. An "inside source" has revealed to Craig Murray that her husband has been monitored by the Serious Fraud Office for some time. One major inquiry was dropped shortly after Blair took power, and investigators still wonder exactly why...

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To the people of Dalston

28-02-2006 03:26

It' s time for us (the people who are occupying the theatre) to tell you why we are here. And why we decided to do our bit to resist the demolition of these houses, the theatre behind, and the gentrification of the wider Dalston area all around us that for years has been part of your lives.

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Helena Kennedy's remotes from Khoodeelaar! shows her stunt is empty

27-02-2006 21:08

The Crossrail Bill in the House of Commons, London contains in one piece every facet of the state and its authoritarian plan against the people. No elected holder of public office including the patronaged members of the UK House of Lords has spoken out against the Crossrail Bill in the way that Bethnal Green and Bow MOP George Galloway has done. Top understand why that is it is important examine the evidence of the role played by today's 'Red Baroness' Helena Keeny and her likes.

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Austria, Hitler and Howard’s Australia

27-02-2006 15:53

Pauline Hanson recently announced on news radio that her political views have been “vindicated”; she cited the overt racist attitudes of John Howard and Peter Costello as proof of her claim. Who could deny it? Hanson’s imprisonment on trumped-up charges was an act of political assassination instigated by Howard but executed by his then errand boy, Tony Abbott. Hanson’s trial and subsequent imprisonment effectively eliminated her and her party from the Australian political landscape; mainstream racist ideology was re-established in its rightful home, the white Australian conservative ultra-right Liberal Party of Howard! The world watches Australia take a giant leap backwards as Howard continues to divide the nation.

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27-02-2006 14:59

Throughout January tens of thousands of workers went on wildcat strikes in key industrial areas, smashing machinery, paralyzing exports and production lines at foreign-owned companies. Finally the government pacified their ire with a soothing forty per cent minimum wage increase.