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Occupied Dalston Theatre Wins in High Court But Eviction Proceedings Continue

quick news update | 01.03.2006 22:56 | Culture | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | London

I'm sure someone who knows more will update on this very soon, but just to say that today the High Court ruled that the application by Hackney Council for possession of the occupied theatre + buildings in Dalston should not have been made to the high court, and they refused to rule on it.

It's now to be refered to the county court for a judgement this coming Friday.

As far as I know Hackney Council were trying to pull a fast one by taking this to the high court - so as to get precidence to make any future eviction process in hackney a quicker affair - and also to make it an offence punishable by a 6 month prison sentance for not leaving an occupied building when ordered to do so. Please correct me if this is wrong, but it sounded like the council were being well out of order in this, and apparently the high court agreed.

Recent media coverage has seen the occupation and campaign to save the buildings in London's Time Out magazine.

Also there's been some coverage of the occupation and the "Breath of Fresh Air for Dalston" project, which has been developed by residents as an alternative to controversial plans proposed by Transport for London (TFL) and Hackney Council for the new Dalston Junction tube station:

Tonight there's a local campaign meeting going on so hopefully some more news will come out of that. And if people can get along to support those in court on friday that'd be great- but at the moment i don't know when or which court it's in. Assuming the county court grants in favour of the council an eviction could happen any time after that - i'm sure the occupiers would appreciate as much help as possible over the coming days...

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quick news update



02.03.2006 13:56

we will attend on friday 3 at 10.30 shoredich county court, 19 leonard street, ec2a 4al

this is a number you can call to talk with people innvolve in the occupation 07919998567

yep probably saturday we will need a big hand becouse it is an IPO and we will have 24 hours to leave the building.

come along



02.03.2006 14:29

court is shoreditch midday Friday 2 march

also people are going to be at the theatre Saturday morning from 9 if the case goes against the squatters



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