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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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UG#523 - Ivan Illich & The Collapse of Power

10-11-2010 03:46

This week we take a look at that enigmatic modern prophet, Ivan Illich. His writings covered a wide range of areas, from health to technology to economics to church history and way beyond. Robert Hutchinson will give a quick biographical sketch and introduce some of his radical strands of thought, before we focus on a single major prophesy, the sudden collapse of social power, its revelation as a fiction. We link this to the confidence based backing of centralised currency and hear from Marshall Rosenberg, George Draffan and others on related fictions which people internalise as a response to hierarchy.

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Social war in France: In the heat of autumn (photo-roman)

10-11-2010 03:32

This french "roman-photo" has been made in the beginning of november, during the social struggle that goes on in France... It has been distributed in Grenoble and some other cities during demonstrations, and it is here translated from french to english.

Bonne lecture !

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The Molly Maguires film showing

09-11-2010 13:17

at the SUMAC Centre, Tuesday 16th November

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Royal Society Picket : Our Planet is not your experiment

08-11-2010 21:35

"On the Fence" Royal Society - photography Unimundal Collective
A picket of the Royal Society (London) happened today to oppose dangerous geoengineering experiments proposed by scientists and OECD governments. Geoengineering is the attempt to alter the Earth's climate using by altering basic elements of the earth (the sky , the oceans, other)

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Further Details on Northern March Against Racism, 20 November, Newcastle

08-11-2010 20:10

Poster/flier - Please feel free to print and distribute!
Saturday 20th November will see the Northern March Against Racism 2010 take to the streets of Newcastle. The march has been called by TCAR, and is being backed by a wide range of individuals and over a dozen organisations and trade union branches (see below for details). Join us on 20 November for a powerful show of resistance to all forms of racism.

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Heterosexual equality bid backed by OutRage!

08-11-2010 11:02

Heterosexual equality bid backed by OutRage!

Straight couple defy civil partnership ban

Exclusion of opposite-sex couples challenged

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Prisoner support list November 2010

08-11-2010 01:27

Bristol ABC's monthly updated list of UK and international political & radicalised prisoners who welcome support.

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Body-scan Alert - Not Suffering Indignities at Airports By Zahir Ebrahim

07-11-2010 23:27

Image Photo taken with backscatter X-ray
The UK and EU Airports shall not escape such draconian procedures either unless good peoples silently complying with state-tyrannies in Europe also stop doing so in significantly large numbers. Despite the real fear of being labeled as suffering from an “oppositional defiant disorder” as per the newly revised DSM IV psychiatric manual, and the concomitant threat of being legally confined to 'state-hospitality' centers for rehabilitation, or worse, being labeled “domestic terrorist” as per big-brother's newly enacted police-state laws to maintain domestic tranquility in the face of rising public discontent, the price to be paid now to challenge the grotesquely Orwellian Western society while it is still in its infancy, is minuscule compared to what our progeny will face! A new generation born into a mature system of big brother in the West won't know the difference – unless their parents' generation takes a cross-Atlantic stand now while the Orwellian world is still only being birth-panged into existence under the pretext of fighting the War on Terror.

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Moving Building Meeting London 11 Dec

07-11-2010 22:57

Liberation: Beyond Resistance
Building a People's Assemblies Movement
Saturday 11th December 1-5pm
Birkbeck College

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IDS’ Same Old Deal on Benefit Reform Will Punish The Sick

07-11-2010 19:44

Baldyman must have had to think extra hard about his new ‘radical’ proposals for people on Jobseekers Allowance, aka the dole. It seems that he thought all the way back to 1997 when new Labour launched the New Deal (1), which including mandatory 30 hour a week activity for the long term unemployed.

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KCC-private health at taxpayer expense

07-11-2010 14:12

Kent County Council bosses 'enjoy' private healthcare at the expense of taxpayers. Meanwhile social care for the elderly gets cuts
(Just how 'sick' can you get? Oh, now the jobless must be made serfs doing manual 'work' for free and taking jobs from street cleaners/gardeners/ etc etc...)

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Fake anti-war activism. The “humanitarian road” towards an all out nuclear war?

06-11-2010 19:04

Pentagon's Nuclear Posture Review Report, April 2010
While the danger of an all out war on Iran is a matter of concern, it is by no means a priority for the US, Canadian and European antiwar movements. In the US, there are very few antiwar events focussing on US-Israeli threats directed against Iran. Many in the antiwar movement, while condemning the US, continue to believe that Iran constitutes a threat and that the solution is "regime change". The funding of NGOs (which are constituent members of major antiwar collectives) by corporate tax exempt charities and foundations, has also contributed to weakening the stance of antiwar activism in relation to Iran.

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Protest at Vodafone in Cambridge

06-11-2010 18:47

Over 20 people occupied the Vodafone shop in the Grand Arcade in Cambridge, in protest at the tax avoidance that Vodafone have recently been allowed to get away with.

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Arrests at Cambridge Vodafone Shutdown

06-11-2010 18:15

Before the Action
Three activists were arrested today outside a Cambridge Vodafone store during a peaceful protest against Vodafone's £6bn tax exemption. The arrests were made at approximately 3.00pm this afternoon, as activists leafleting outside Vodafone's central store in the Grand Arcade shopping centre were harassed by security guards and police officers.

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Open Letter to UAF re: Northern March Against Racism 2010

05-11-2010 23:44

Dear TCAR members and supporters,

The following open letter is being sent this week by the organising group for the Northern March Against Racism, after much consideration. It is a response to an unacceptable act of sectarianism by a leading member of UAF (Unite Against Fascism) to undermine the Northern March Against Racism, which has been called by TCAR. Unfortunately, this is not the first time that leading members of UAF around the Socialist Worker Party have attempted to undermine the work of other anti-racist organisations in the North East. We are writing this open letter in the hope that this issue will be addressed by UAF and that similar situations can be avoided in the future.

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Anti-cuts action against vodafone - Brighton

05-11-2010 22:37

Demo against Vodafone's 6 billion tax dodge.

Clock Tower, Queens Road, Brighton

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Cambridge Students Against Fees Demo

05-11-2010 20:16

ARU & Cambridge University student unions organised a local march against fees & cuts, in preparation for the National NUS march on November 10. Some photos follow ...

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25,000 students march in Ireland

05-11-2010 17:00

Upwards of 25,000 students from across Ireland descended onto the streets of Dublin on Wednesday, 2,000 students broke off and occupied the Department of Finance, here are 2 interviews with students present.

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Beyond the Tipping Point? Film & discussion.

05-11-2010 13:48

Film screening & discussion

*Beyond the Tipping Point?*