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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Warning & prompt for action against the Chagos Conservation Trust

02-02-2010 00:25

This is serious: environmental issues are being shamelessly manipulated by vested government and military (UK/US) interests to undermine the entire ethical position of the global environmental movement. See below for links:

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Photos of Mainshill camp after police destruction

01-02-2010 19:27

mainshill camp after eviction and destruction
Images made of the evicted and destroyed Mainshill protest camp in Scotland.

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Abbeydale Grange School’s closure agreed by Sheffield Council

01-02-2010 17:59

The following article is being circulated as part of an ongoing campaign by the Socialist Equality Party to oppose the Abbeydale Grange School closure.

Public Meeting: Stop Closure of Abbeydale Grange - Defend Public Education

Monday 8 February at 6.30pm

Meeting Room, Sharrow Old Junior School, South View Road, Sheffield S7 1DB

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Tamil's vote on Sri Lankan independance, but at their own risk.

01-02-2010 01:15

In an action designed to highlight the democratic rights denied to their contemporaries still in Sri Lanka, Tamils in the UK came together this weekend to vote on the issue of independance.

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KuDOs Cruelty Campaign Website Launched

31-01-2010 22:28

KuDOs Cruelty
KuDOs Cruelty Campaign site launched against: Kudos Pharmaceuticals Ltd 410 Cambridge Science Park, Milton Road, Cambridge, CB4 0PE.

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ALF/ELF Direct Action in 8 Countries

31-01-2010 12:58

14th-27th January

22 BIRDS FREED (Uruguay)

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Importance of including truth emergency in the progressive media reform movement

30-01-2010 21:22

Almost 1,000 scientific professionals in the fields of architecture, engineering, and physics have now concluded that the official explanation for the collapse of the World Trade Center (WTC) buildings is implausible according to laws of physics.

This conclusion should be a part of our political discourse given how much of the policy in the past eight years has been based on assumptions about 9/11.

In a free society, this type of inquiry would be a matter of civic principle, not national ridicule, which it what it has largely been when it has not been totally ignored by corporate media.

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Kentish Town and Camden UDA : A History Of Child Abuse and Snubbed By Soldiers

30-01-2010 13:29

UDA joke John Coyne was evicted from his pub by anti racists, Kentish Town residents, Camden National Union of Teachers etc when it was found that he was watching porn in his pub where only children and under age teenage drinkers were let in. Everyone else was barred from the former IRA pub, Gloucester Arms in Kentish Town. His chum Frank Portinari hid guns in a Kentish Town infants school.

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Mainshill Solidarity Camp evicted – not an end, but a beginning

30-01-2010 11:13

Yesterday was the fifth and final day of the eviction of the Mainshill Solidarity Camp – the last two arrests as the final occupiers were dragged out of the rapidly shrinking Wood. A total of 45 arrests were made over the course of the eviction with close to 70 people taking part and supporting the camp.

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Camden Fascist pub has been closed - absolute confirmation from police & council

30-01-2010 08:17

The Gloucester Arms has been at the centre of a row between anti racists and the landlord John Coyne who let ultra right wing racists the Jobbik Party hold meetings. The UDA supporter Coyne also let children into the pub and watched porn on the bar's TV. We have absolute confirmation that the brewery and police have evicted John Coyne.

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Sheffield Humanist Society meeting: Why Social Inequality Persists

29-01-2010 22:04

The next Sheffield Humanist Society meeting on 3rd February will be on "Why social inequality persists" with Prof. Danny Dorling as our speaker.

The meeting is at 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday 3rd February at the University Arms, 197 Brook Hill, Sheffield, S3 7HG.

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Camden fascist pub and conflicting reports from Camden Council about closure

29-01-2010 19:52

The Gloucester Arms in Camden has been the subject of demos due to landlord John Coyne's decsion to let hardcore neo nazis the Jobbik Party hold meetings in the pub. The pub is also at the centre of a feud between local tenants & the landlord Coyne, who lets children into the pub where he watches porn. A councillor for Kentish Town told us in an email that the brewery and police are evicting him however Camden Council say different.

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Clinton Rejects Russia’s Call for New Europe Security Treaties:Typical propagand

29-01-2010 17:07

"Clinton said that a “cornerstone” of European security is the “sovereignty and territorial integrity of all states.” She repeated U.S. calls on Russia to honor the terms of a cease-fire agreement that ended the August 2008 Russia-Georgia war and the administration’s refusal to recognize Russia’s claims of independence for the breakaway Georgian regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia." Neither Cliton or the current author bother to recall for us that it was Russia that was the victum of a surprise attack from Georgia, a US "partner." I wonder why?

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Food riots as Indian poor revolt

29-01-2010 16:04

FOOD riots broke out in one of India's poorest states yesterday, as prices soar and revolt deepens.

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Stop The Nazification of Camden, racist policing & racism at Camden Council

29-01-2010 11:28

Recently the Gloucester Arms has been subjected to protests by anti racists due the landlord John Coyne's decision to allow ultra right wing racists the Jobbik Party hold meetings in the pub. This was not a random decision. Coyne [who claims now to be an Irish nationalist] has boards outside the pub offering British troops 20% discount having bought a former IRA pub and banning all the customers. But...Camden police have banned reggae in Camden Town & threatened nightclubs....

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Fascist pub Gloucester Arms Camden - any news? Is nazi John Coyne still there?

28-01-2010 18:47

The Gloucester Arms was targeted by anarchists and anti racists for hosting the neo nazi Jobbik Party meetings in the pub and some sort of spat between the IRA and the UDA, rows with local council tenants, residents campaigns, mothers etc.
Does anyone have any latest news as to whether he has in fact been evicted or just warned by the police and council over noise, nonces and nazis in the pub?

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Selina Adda did not fly yesterday

28-01-2010 10:25

Selina and her children were collected from Yarl's Wood IRC at approximate 8 a.m. yesterday morning and taken to Heathrow airport. They were shocked to find that they were not taken into the airport but round the back in the vehicle and taken to near the plane.

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The Left and Racial Domination in France: An Interview with Sadri Khiari (MIR)

27-01-2010 17:41

This is an interview with one of the leaders of the Decolonial Movement in France known as Les Indigenes de la Republique. In this interview Sadri Khiari explains the situation of people of color in France and the anti-racist decolonial goals of their organization.

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Cambridge Anarchists look back on 2009

27-01-2010 16:38

Anarchy isn’t all about sitting in the pub talking bollox… sometimes anarchists do stuff as well. Here’s a few highlights of 2009:

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Footie fans in revolt

27-01-2010 14:31

Fans of Manchester United stepped up their campaign against the club’s corporate owners who have continued to borrow heavily against the premier league team, taking it to the verge of financial collapse.