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Seasonal solidarity – London ABC letter writing and christmas card afternoon.

16-11-2012 13:48

London ABC xmas card ( Strangeways prison riot 1990)
London ABC letter writing and christmas card afternoon.

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Northern Ireland Hosting UK G8 Summit?

15-11-2012 14:25

I am not sure how current this news is amongst activists and rebels, although the article link is from today's Northern Irish BBC page. Just wanted to spread this around the movements to add to the picture of what might take place next year.

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Euromobilization of November 14

13-11-2012 22:27

Only the class struggle can defend proletarian interests against capitalism!

Confronted with the deterioration of living conditions, with generalized layoffs, unemployment and restrictions on basic services such as health, transport, social security, the working class is faced with the dilemma of accepting the miserable situation into which the bourgeoisie wants to plunge it or to really enter into struggle.

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“This land has already been allocated to those who actually work it and live on

13-11-2012 17:28

In recent days, support bases of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN ) from Comandante Abel and Unión Hidalgo communities were evicted from their land and dispossessed of their crops, by paramilitaries from the municipio of Sabanilla, openly protected by the State’s Public Security forces.

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UAF Make Themselves Look Stupid

13-11-2012 13:19

Do the UAF know something the rest of us don't?

Just posted on the UAF website is a leaflet asking people to tactically vote in this Thursday's PCC elections to stop the BNP candidate Simon Darby in Stoke.

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Varde Crest Nicholson Open Weekend The Captain - Family Help Appeal

13-11-2012 06:17

Knock Down Offer To Contract Crest Nicholson Penarth Heights
Wrong is wrong - right? Immoral is immoral. Negligence is negligence. Varde Crest Nicholson is wrong in the history and account of the Shalom Family in Wales, and although many years have passed, this saga isn't over yet. Penarth Heights in Cardiff Bay, a Crest Nicholson Flagship development, gets another visit asking for help. A NOTICE was delivered, reproduced here in full.

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British Heart Foundation May Be Withdrawing From Workfare

12-11-2012 18:14

British Heart Foundation May Be Withdrawing From Workfare As Demonstrations Continue

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A good finale for 2012, a reason for joy in dismal times

10-11-2012 15:46

Interventionistische Linke and Ums Ganze! Alliance on the General Strike in southern Europe , November 14 and 16, 2012

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Barnados under regular pressure in Oxford

09-11-2012 23:20

Campaigners have been picketing and leafletting at the Barnados store in Oxford fairly regularly, in protest at their collusion with the migration-control system, specifically detention of children.

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Leicester - Smash Workfare Saturday!

08-11-2012 17:31

Leicester action against workfare, from 9.30 am, this Saturday 10th November. Claimants, workers, waged, unwaged... all welcome to get involved.

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Greece, Athens: General strike 07.11.2012 - riots (photos)

08-11-2012 16:36

Greece, Athens: General strike 07.11.2012 - riots (photos)

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Crash! Financial Crisis event on 24th Novemeber

08-11-2012 15:44

Free Event 10.30 – 17.00 Saturday 24th November. Main Building, Aston University, Aston Triangle, Birmingham, B4 7ET

Get to grips with the basics of the financial crisis, and make links with other people from Birmingham and the West Midlands who want an economic system that puts people before profit.

If you want to understand how the global economy got into such a mess, and what to do about it this event is for you.

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MP's & Bardem support demo for jailed Western Sahara activists

08-11-2012 12:06

As demonstrators in London mark the 2nd anniversary of the Gdiem Izik protest camp in Western Sahara, MP's and Javier Bardem express their support

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CURO Housing renting its homes as holiday lets to wealthy tourists

07-11-2012 17:03

CURO Housing proposes to privatise 600 affordable homes in Bath and re-let them on the private market and for holiday lets

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Gambling addict on hunger strike to close betting shops

06-11-2012 15:00

Chingiz Kozhogulov is hunger striking outside parliament to raise awareness of the destructive nature of betting shops. He wants them closed!!!! Please support him!!

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november 5th #OpVendetta march on parliament - report & pics

06-11-2012 00:22

disturbing peace banner
up to a thousand people took part this evening in a rally and march and film re-enactment. after gathering at trafalgar square, several hundred people marched down whitehall, many wearing iconic 'anon' masks, and gathered at the gates of parliament, taking over the road and closing it to traffic for several hours this evening. as numbers dwindled towards midnight, it seemed unlikely that westminster would erupt in flames shortly after midnight as it did in the film 'v for vendetta'.

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Call out for days of Propaganda and Action for Piotr Silajev!

05-11-2012 14:51

From Barcelona we are making a call out for international days of propaganda and action to support our compañero Piotr Silajev on the days of 19th-21st of November.

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ex social worker exposes corruption

05-11-2012 11:00

We have a ex cps social worker on our daily radio show at 7pm london time.

please join the chat room and ask your questions

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Cambridge demo against 200 Tesco Drivers threatened with sack.

04-11-2012 20:27

Small but significant...
Yesterday morning (Saturday) a small but significant demonstration took place in front of the already controversial Mill Road Tesco in Cambridge, accompanied by the strains of Billy Bragg on a portable sound system.