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Call out for days of Propaganda and Action for Piotr Silajev!

Solidarity Group Barcelona | 05.11.2012 14:51 | Migration | Repression | Social Struggles | Liverpool | South Coast

From Barcelona we are making a call out for international days of propaganda and action to support our compañero Piotr Silajev on the days of 19th-21st of November.

On the 28th of October the trial for the deportation of Silajev started in Granada, Spain. The Audiencia Nacional – a special court that focuses on “organized crime” and “terrorism” - wants to deport Silajev to Russia even though he has a political asylum guaranteed by the Finnish state. In the case of deportation to Russia he could be facing a prison sentence between 7 and 13 years.

The reason for the possible deportation is Piotr's role in the campaign to save the ancient forests in the Khimky region outside Moscow from a construction of a highway that would cut thrue the area. The project was handed to the French company Vinci, which is known for its controversial projects and corruption. In 2010 a militant demonstration attacked the city hall in Khimky and after the Russian police announced a warrant for the arrest of Piotr he fleed the country.

The possible daprtation would violate not only the Spanish laws but also numerous international laws and the UN regulations on the rights of immigrants.
Solidarity is needed! We are calling for a multitude of tactics to raise awereness about the situation of our anarchist compañero!

The reports of the solidarity actions can be sent to: babushka (at)

More information about Piotr in spanish can be found in:

General information about the case in english:

No deportation for Piotr!

Solidarity group of Barcelona
5th of November 2012

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