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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Veggies of Notts land in London

29-11-2012 15:45

Veggies to feed London!

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Starbucks Vice President awarded “Prize Mug” As Company Dodges Paying UK Tax

29-11-2012 12:15

Students at the University of Birmingham, along with members of the public, awarded a golden mug to Starbucks VP Marketing Ian Cranna yesterday ahead of a speech in Birmingham.

The mug was awarded for the company’s ‘mugging’ of the UK taxpayer. The VP Marketing was speaking at the University of Birmingham Business School as an engineering alumni – students wondered why someone from this particular company was invited to talk.

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“This is it then, this is the end.”- A view of the NUS Demo 21/11/12

29-11-2012 01:49

A a reflexive view from the streets during the NUS demo last week and some thoughts about the student movement as a whole.

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Week of Action against workfare 8th Dec – Charities stop exploiting ...

28-11-2012 19:04

...Charities stop exploiting the unemployed. Take action 8th December onwards

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Wake -Up Call To Stop Damaging Legislation

28-11-2012 14:13

The government is proposing to allow large scale mineral planning applications to by pass the normal, local democratic process. This press release give some background info on this and how anyone can participate in a consultation exercise on this proposal and say NO!

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Growth and Infrastructure Bill: Proposed 100 Hectare Threshold

28-11-2012 13:36

The Government is intending, by means of legislation which forms part of the Growth and Infrastructure Bill (Clause 21), to introduce a 100 hectare threshold on all future mining and quarrying planning applications in England. It has issued a consultation document ‘Nationally significant infrastructure planning: extending the regime to business and commercial projects: consultation’ [1] to assess reaction to their proposals. This Briefing Note outlines the impact that this proposal would have on current English opencast mine proposals.

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Union branch votes for one-state solution for Palestine

28-11-2012 12:21

Lambeth’s Local Government Branch of UNISON last week voted to endorse a one-state solution for Palestine based on equality and justice for all citizens, and supporting the right of return to millions of Palestinian refugees. A motion was tabled in response to Israel’s ongoing attacks and siege on Gaza.

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Curo Housing tenants owe staggering debts of £176million

27-11-2012 08:24

Curo Group considers selling off Somer Community Housing Trust assetts to cover spiralling debts. Tenants demand the housing stock be transferred back ASAP into the ownership and control of B&NES Council.

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Workfare’s Christmas Bonus For The Bosses – Demonstrate, 8th December

26-11-2012 20:53

Workfare and the British Heart Foundation Harborne Birmingham
As part of the Boycott Workfare national week of action starting on Saturday 8th December, Boycott Workfare West Midlands will be holding a demonstration outside shops in Birmingham City Centre that profit from the free labour supplied by the taxpayer.
Saturday 8th December, 2pm
at the new Poundland, S12 Martinaeu Place, 76-77 Corporation Street, Birmingham, B2 4UQ
Please join and invite your friends to the facebook event and spread the word.

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Direct Action Timeline between September 2011 - November 2012 from Greece

25-11-2012 16:45

Post by Traductorxs: Although in recent months some of the leaflets have been translated into Castilian (especially contrainfo), there were also many actions that were "forgotten". Therefore we have tried to compile the following chronology.

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Twenty-nine Years of Dignified Resistance: An Echo in the Heartbeat of the Peopl

25-11-2012 09:34

17th November 1983 to 17th November 2012
by the
Dorset Chiapas Solidarity Group

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UG#594 - Occupy 2.0 (Peer Produced Politics)

25-11-2012 08:56

This week we hear three different perspectives on the ongoing Occupy movement. Firstly, an open letter to the police by occupier Reverend Richard Lang. Then Noam Chomsky on how to broaden Occupy and on its relationship to the US Republicrat kabuki. Finally P2P theorist Michel Bauwens sets Occupy in the context of emerging peer production. We conclude with another reading from chapter 7 of David Graeber's Debt, The First 5000 Years.

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UG#593 - Let Your Life Be A Friction (To Stop The Machine)

25-11-2012 08:53

After a call to action to 'stop the machine', we hear a couple of voices of those whose lives have been a friction to slow it down. Angie Zelter tells of the plowshares destruction of nuclear weapons, and John Stewart on the prevention of airport expansion, while Gwen Schulman reports of how Canadian environmental NGOs are 'partnering' with big mining firms.

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A.C.A.B not A2B- a few (slightly late) thoughts on Oct 20th

22-11-2012 03:38

An article about the importance of black block and the failings of the T.U.C. see more and similar at

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News from France

20-11-2012 19:46

A new syndicalist organisation in France

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NUS National Demo - #demo2012 - Be Street Wise - Tips for Protestors

20-11-2012 09:05

With #demo2012, the NUS national demonstration taking place in London tomorrow, 21 Nov 2012, large numbers of young people will be taking to the capital's streets to protest against Liberal Democrat and Conservative lies, betrayals and attacks on education, and to protest against government corruption and against cuts and austerity. For significant numbers of younger people #demo2012 may be their first experience of a major protest, so here are some common-sense tips and strategies to help make the most of a hopefully cracking day out...

Take a hat and scarf... Film cop faces and ID numbers... Watch out on Westminster Bridge... Be street wise... look BEHIND you!

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Gaza Solidarity Demo in Cambridge.

19-11-2012 23:30

Indeed we are!
On midday of Saturday November 17th 2012 around a hundred people assembled in Cambridge Market Square to publically express their objections to events two thousand miles away in Gaza, namely the disproportionate airstrike and missile response by the Israeli military to a handfull of rockets being fired by Hamas at Tel Aviv, which in itself was a response to one of Hamas' leaders being assassinated by the Israeli military earlier that week.

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Celebrations of the anniversary of the founding of the Zapatistas

18-11-2012 16:13

In San Cristóbal they commemorate the birth of the EZLN: November 17, 1983

On this day the latest phase of the Campaign Worldwide Echo in support of the Zapatistas culminates.

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Rural Rebels and Useless Airports: La ZAD - Europe’s largest Postcapitalist lan

16-11-2012 21:26

Since the 16th of October the French state have attempted to evict Europe's largest postcapitalist land occupation - La ZAD - to build a new "green" airport. Farmers and activists have joined together to resist the project and the evictions have lit a fuse across France. KK immerses herself in this rural rebellion against economic growth and the climate catastrophe and discovers a utopia in resistance.(for version of text with image see -

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Public discussion in Bath - Anarchy vs Chaos: An Introduction to Anarchism

16-11-2012 17:47

Introduction to Anarchism event poster
A series of short presentations and group discussions, examining the relevance of anarchism in modern-day Britain.