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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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General strike has spread all Kurdish cities in Iran

07-08-2005 12:57

The Iranian Government has unleashed unprecedented attack on Kurdish People
in different cities of Kurdistan , by murdering and committing of atrocities, massive
arrests. Now, an unannounced curfew is governing in all parts of the Iranian

Majority of Kurdish people in Kurdistan of Iran has joined the today 07/08/05 General strike.

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Free Download, Canadian Anarchist Folk Music

07-08-2005 02:15

I am anarchist folk singer Joey Only here in Vancouver British Columbia. I'm inviting you to my website to download my music for free. Mostly these are political stories about events here in Canada.

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LIVERPOOL - Polish workers solidarity picket with TESCO Temps Defence Committee

06-08-2005 23:07

Liverpool TESCO Picket
Polish TGWU members and former agency workers held solidarity picket in Liverpool city centre with sacked Polish workers in Dublin and the demands of the Ireland-based TESCO Temps Defence Committee. Separate picket-protests took place in Oxford, Glasgow, London Leeds and Nottingham. Full compilation report to come shortly.

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Bristle mag (Bristol) summer flyer

06-08-2005 22:01

Bristle magazine ( is the southwest’s longest running, independent, collectively produced, anarchist magazine. It’s origins date back to 1998 and are strongly linked to the establishment of the Kebele social centre, in Easton, Bristol.

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August 1: Parliament Square - video

06-08-2005 20:46

Police use Serious Organised Crime and Police Bill on peaceful protesters for the first time.

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Robin Cook Dies!

06-08-2005 19:43

Former Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook, who resigned in protest at the invasion of Iraq and wider ‘war on terror’ has died suddenly while hill walking in Scotland at the age of 59 years.

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prol-position newsletter #3 out now

06-08-2005 17:11

Prol-News from Call Centers, Transport Supply Chains and Work-Schemes, Picket-lines in Greece und Demonstrations in Australia...

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Khanali family - victory in the courts plus Section 9 and "voluntary return"

06-08-2005 10:59

5 August 2005

The court today ruled that NASS could not evict the Khanali family from
their house in Bury, Greater Manchester.

NASS (the home office agency) did not follow the correct procedures,
even within its own inhumane law, and that the human rights of the
family have been ignored, including the right to family life enshrined
within the Human Rights Convention.

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Balata drama group tour arrive at Edinburgh!

06-08-2005 10:04

This is a short report with 7 photos of the arrival of the Balata drama group from Palestine at Edinburgh airport on Friday 5th August.

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Al-Qaida's Terrorism Rooted In Anarchism

06-08-2005 09:02

"For although it founds its ideology on religious references and speaks a language overwhelmed by religious symbols, al-Qaida falls largely within the modern tradition of revolutionary anarchists..."
writes Soumayya Ghannoushi, a researcher in the history of ideas at the School of Oriental & African Studies, University of London, in an opinion piece for Aljazeera.

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Defend Eucharia and Timeyi Campaign - Saturday 13th August 2005

05-08-2005 20:44

The DETC is campaigning to save the life of Eucharia and her four-year-old son who are threatened with deportation to Nigeria, from where they fled after members of their family were killed. Eucharia's husband and six-year-old daughter disappeared and have not been seen or heard of since.

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Summer Simultaneous Policy newsletter published

05-08-2005 18:55

International Simultaneous Policy Organisation newsletter now available on-line at

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Folkestone to be home to Uk's Immigration & Nationality Service.

05-08-2005 15:41

The Home Office has announced that Folkestone (Tory leader Michael Howard's constituency) is to become the new home of the UK's Imm' & Nationality Service from 2007.
(Trains from London Charing Cross-Folkestone Central -1h40mins- for anyone wanting to demo here from 2007)

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Leeds solidarity pickets for Tesco workers

05-08-2005 13:24

Leeds solidarity picket
Nationwide pickets were held yesterday evening in support of Tesco workers in Dublin, who were laid off after complaining about unachievable production targets.

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al-Qaradawi endorses 'stoning' of outed gay Qatari Prince

05-08-2005 12:56

OutRage! News service release.
Fundamentalist muslim cleric (courted by Ken Livingstone) has told al-Jazeera that a Qatari Prince, outed as gay, should be stoned to death...

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Leeds Solidarity Picket of Tescos

05-08-2005 11:30

Solidarity Picket
A solidarity picket was held yesterday evening at Tesco on Roundhay Road, Leeds in support of Polish workers in Ireland who were laid off after complaining about wages and working conditions.

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London Solidarity Picket for sacked Tescos Workers

05-08-2005 10:20

The first London solidarity picket for the 2 Polish Tescos workers sacked last week in Dublin took place on Thursday evening. Around 20 people turned out to leaflet shoppers and staff at the Tesco’s store on Morning Lane in Hackney – the same store targeted by the Precarity Assembly for action on Mayday this year.

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Two Million Imprisoned = Too Many

05-08-2005 01:51

Civil rights march on Washington
On August 13, thousands of people are expected to march in D.C. against rising mass imprisonment in the U.S.

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Solidarity with Polish workers in Ireland, Hackney, London

05-08-2005 01:13

On this Thursday evening, around 20 activists held a solidarity protest to support the onging struggle of Polish packing workers, who were sacked from the Tesco packing factory in the Greenhill's suburb of Dublin, Ireland one week ago today.

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Food Not Bombs at Hiroshima - Never Again Free Festival this Saturday

04-08-2005 21:40

Food Not Bombs will be serving free vegan food at the Hiroshima - Never Again Free Festival at Millennium Point in Birmingham this Saturday 6th August. The festival is from 2pm until -7pm and free tasty vegan food will be served from 3pm onwards!