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Dutch animal liberationists imprisoned, new address

15-06-2009 16:51

In April ELP reported the jailing of a Dutch animal rights activist, Peter Janssen, who has been accused of involvement in a raid on a mink farm. A second person who was arrested at the same time as Peter was later released without charge. However since then ELP has learnt of a third arrest. The third person is Naomi van der Pol and she has been remanded into custody. Naomi has been in prison for a month and a half now without any support, so it is vital we send her lots of messages of support from all around the world.

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More Black Deaths in Custody as racist judges dogwhistle to racist police

15-06-2009 14:46

Attached is the scathing finding by the Coroner into the death of Mr Ward. It makes compelling reading.

But for those who don’t have time to read the 150 page report, the media coverage below, gets to the essence of what the Coroner found — the Department of Corrective Services, GSL/G4S and to two officers who drove the van transporting Mr Ward were all responsible for his death.

The Doing Time Show on 3CR at 5 pm Monday 15 June will discuss these findings and, of course, remember to watch Four Corners at 8:30 tomorrow night.

(1) DPP asked to consider charges over WA prison van death

David Weber reported this story on Saturday, June 13, 2009 08:03:00

The West Australian coroner will ask the Director of Public Prosecutions to consider laying charges over the death of a man who effectively baked to death in the back of a prison van. The Aboriginal man's family wants charges to be laid.

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Sikhs March in London against Caste Discrimination

15-06-2009 12:20

Several thousand Ravidassia Sikhs marched through London on Sunday in protest against the killing of Sant Ramanand by fundamentalist SIkhs in VIenna last month. Although this provoked riots in India, the protest in London was peaceful, and as well as condeming the attack called of an end to caste discrimination by Sikhs which underlies the attack.
Pictures Copyright (C) 2009 Peter Marshall

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This is a Coup - Recognize it!

15-06-2009 01:13

After the electoral fraud and widespread crack down of the opposition in Iran, Iranians abroad have been protesting outside Iranian embassies ever since. London winessed a demonstration of this kind every day since the election date. On Monday 15th of June Iranian students living and studying across the UK are expected to go to london to show their support for their fellow country men and women who are protesting on the streets in many Iranian cities. The below is a Statement of a group of Iranian stutents in the UK who are urging the British public to show their solidarity to the Iranian people by encouraging the British media to reflect the whole story in Iran, as well as encouraging the British govornment to pursue a legal and freere-election in Iran through diplomatic relations.

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I, Thomas Paine, Two Hundred Years Hence*

14-06-2009 14:05

Below is an essay which Thomas Paine wrote this past Monday, the 200th anniversary of his death. He generously approached me to inquire as to whether I would be willing to transcribe it for readers worldwide who might benefit from his posthumous words of wisdom.

To read the article with embedded links, visit the below webpage:

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Swan Housing, other "social landlords" slammed by George Galloway

13-06-2009 12:32

Social landlords Swan Housing, Old Ford Housing, One Housing and East End Homes have been named and shamed by MP George Galloway in an Early Day Motion filed in Commons on June 11th, 2009.

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Criminal Profile of Racist Judge

13-06-2009 09:14

Denying institutional discrimination and racism by Australian government and High Court Australia is akin to Holocaust Denial.

We have Justice Kirby (High Court Australia) branding the French High Court racist against Aborigines, and now we have our former Telstra boss calling Australia racist and backward hicks. In addition, we have international students being physically assaulted.

Its the racists right up the High Court Australia, dog whistling to the rednecks.

In preparation for the Queen's Birthday, we are in the process of preparing a case against our glorious Queen and her servant Chief Justice French and PM Kevin Rudd for violation of international laws and its own Consitution, and fraudulently and stealthly instituting White Australia Policy. They allow judicials and federal employees like Senior Member John Handley (AAT) and counsels Time de Uray, Joe Lenzcer, Paul Mentor continually to pervert justice and fabriating evidence.

judicial corruption, perverting justice, institutional racism, police corruption

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New House Searches, Continuing Repression Targeting ARA's in Austria

12-06-2009 19:20

A little over a year after the 23 house and office searches culmintating in the arrest and 3 ½ month imprisonment of 10 animal rights activists, the repression seems to have no end. Despite the fact that the special commission has already written their final reports on those suspected of being part of a „criminal organization“ according to §278a of the Austrian Penal Code (encompassing about 40 people!), the police conducted three house searches on Wednesday, June 10. But not quite as planned...

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Workers' Fightback: Update 6

12-06-2009 16:36

Co-ordinating solidarity and exchanging information on independent, rank and file working class resistance to the profit system. The revolution will be social networked... We support... rank and file workers' struggles against the chaotic profit system! We believe... workers know how to run our workplaces far better than business people, the government, or trade union leaders! We aim for... workers' control over our own jobs and our own lives!

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assassination of Oaxacan social movement leader

12-06-2009 14:52

Taxi driver, Sergio Martínez Vásquez, member of the State Council of CODEP, which is part of the APPO social movement, was shot dead on June 7th in Oaxaca state by paramilitaries in the pay of state governor Ulises Ruiz.

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Anti-Shell fisherman speaks of attack & sinking of boat

11-06-2009 23:19

Attacks by both Shell security and mystery masked men on opponents of the oil company's damaging gas pipeline project have increased in recent weeks. Early Thursday morning, pipeline critic Pat O'Donnell's fishing boat was boarded by four armed masked men, who held the crew captive while sinking the vessel. This follows in the wake of outspoken farmer Willie Corduff being beaten up at night and protestors being thrown off ships by Shell security.

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Lydd airport- Roimney Marsh- decision July 9

11-06-2009 16:39

The long awaited planning debate and decision on Lydd airport's expansion plans by Tory led Shepway District Council, Folkestone, Kent is to take place on Thursday July 9th -7pm at the Council offcies.

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Rossport Solidarity Night at Belgrade Road Social Centre

11-06-2009 14:41

A benefit night with music, films, talks, discussions, and food&drink

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Benefit gig for Iraqi LGBT UK.

11-06-2009 07:30

Next Wednesday June the 17ththere will be a benefit gig at the Grosvenor in Stockwell. It is for the Iraqi LGBT UK group who are raising much needed cash to help shelter Iraqi LGBT activists from all kinds of bigoted repression including beating, torture and murder.

8pm till close. £4.00/£5.00 Wednesday June 17th
The Grosvenor
Sidney Road, Stockwell, London, SW9 OTP

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Speaker Of Qld Parliament Denies Bullied Schoolboy Electoral Representation

10-06-2009 19:53

Brisbane, Australia - Speaker of the House, John Mickel, has repeatedly stone walled and refused to raise the issue of severe school bullying, education discrimination and systemic judicial abuse and corruption on behalf of Brisbane woman Jennifer Nash and her teenage son in Parliament, in line with the principles of the Westminster system.

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A Working Class Education

10-06-2009 15:12

Born into it
The educational expectations of working class children as compared to those from middle class backgrounds have been thrown into sharp relief yet again with the publication of two new reports.

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Haiti: Students demonstrate for minimum wage increase

09-06-2009 22:44

Progressive students from the State University in Port-au-Prince began street demonstrations on 3rd June. The mobilisation has focused on President Preval's refusal to sanction the National Assembly (Parliament) vote to increase the daily minimum wage. They have been met with fierce repression from the riot police and UN soldiers.

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New farm land grab website

09-06-2009 16:59 banner
GRAIN has launched a new website that offers the most comprehensive information tool on the global land grab for outsourced food production: This new site is an improved version of the site initiated by GRAIN last year, which provides an open, up-to-date and easy to search library of over 800 articles, interviews and reports on farm land grabs around the world published since the outbreak of the food crisis in 2008.

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Sunderland working class bookfair Juen 13th 2009

09-06-2009 12:35

11-4pm Sat June 13th
Museum Vaults
33 Silksworth Row
Central Sunderland

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New Working class bookfair Oxford June 20th 2009

09-06-2009 12:32

Radical and different ideas and perspectives will be available in a new space for our movement to help think through and act in the current multiple crises.