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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Eight Day Strike For Liverpool Lives

31-08-2006 12:31

Despite a massive and hypocritical media campaign against the firefighters, Merseyside FBU members today began what is effectively an eight day strike in protest against £3.5 million of cuts.

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Filipinas in Lebanon treated like ’modern-day slaves’

31-08-2006 12:16


Filipina overseas workers in Lebanon are being treated like “modern-day slaves,” this was the main finding of Filipinos who had just arrived from Lebanon as part of an international civil society and parliamentary delegation.

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Kola Boof Fights to Transcend Bin Laden

31-08-2006 03:04

Novelist Kola Boof
Commander Deng Akol of the Sudanese People Liberation Army has announced that the SPLA's highest ranking woman, Kola Boof, will edit and contribute to a new poetry collection that will raise money to help victims of Darfur.

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Iestyn ap Rhobert fined £200

30-08-2006 17:54

Iestyn ap Rhobert and supporters
Iestyn ap Rhobert (27 from Llangadog) received a fine of £200 at Carmarthen Magistrates Court today, but he was not forced to pay compensation to the private company representing Debenhams.

Iestyn ap Rhobert had been accused of causing criminal damage for taking down a large, monolingual English sign which denoted the site of the new Debenhams development in Carmarthen.

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Garden Party for Palestine

30-08-2006 17:36

Fundraiser for Nottingham Jenin Friendship Group and to support work of Palestinian Solidarity Campaign.

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Boycott Western Union - Picket a branch near you!

30-08-2006 16:28

Western Union, a global money transfer agency, has delayed or blocked thousands of cash deliveries by American Muslims on suspicion of terrorist connections simply because senders or recipients have names like Mohammed or Ahmed, drawing rebuke from the community as a yet another form of identity harassment.

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Joven estadounidense denuncia pésimo estado de sanidad pública en Nueva York

30-08-2006 14:43

La Habana, 29 ago (RHC) El joven estadounidense Joaquín Morante denunció este lunes las malas condiciones del sistema de Salud Pública en la ciudad de Nueva York y los excesivos costos de la atención médica en Estados Unidos.

Morante, de 28 años y de origen latino, integra el sexto grupo de norteamericanos

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What Prevents Radicals from Acting Strategically?

30-08-2006 13:20

A look at the crippling tendency for dedicated activists to live in their own self-defined, encapsulated social scenes, cut off from the larger social groupings that could provide a base of political support.

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Carmel-Agrexco Blockade - Urgent help nedeed

30-08-2006 11:16

Britians first legal blockade zone was established at Carmel-Agrexco today.

Two cages with activists locked inside have blocked the two main entrances.

The Company doesn't want another legal case and are not willing to ask the police arrest people.

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call to support the resistance to the second round table on 'responsible' soy in

30-08-2006 09:11

Indigenous Peoples and Farmers groups in Paraguay reject the greenwash of the 'responsible' soy round table, with a week of actions and protest.

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30-08-2006 08:07


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AGREXCO (UK) Blockaded For Second Time

30-08-2006 06:18

Israeli Company Blockaded For the Second Time in Bid to Gain Ruling on Lawfulness of Trading with Settlements.


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Minutes of Manchester NO2ID Meeting, Wednesday 16th August 2006

29-08-2006 23:48

Manchester NO2ID Logo
This month, Manchester NO2ID had our first meeting at the wheelchair-accessible Friends Meeting House. It was very packed and busy, perhaps too busy since we didn't have much time for our usual chat and digression. At the next meeting, rather than first reviewing the previous meeting's minutes then recapping when we go through the agenda, I will simply place ongoing activities on the new agenda so we can get through it more quickly.

This isn't the exact order in which matters were discussed; I have re-ordered things a little to make it easier to follow. I have included some updates since the meeting, which was now a fortnight ago! Also, I have put links at the end of each section rather than at the very bottom. Dates for the diaries will follow shortly.

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Draconian scapegoat orders 'stacked against' Thomas

29-08-2006 20:37

A constitutional law expert
A constitutional law expert says the system is stacked against Melbourne man Jack Thomas.

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drax may be bad for your health

29-08-2006 15:01

interesting science news link especially for supporters of climate camp against drax.

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Australians: Defend the right to strike! Aug 29 solidarity with CFMEU 107

29-08-2006 04:08

facing fines of up to $28,600 each
August 29 is a national day of solidarity with the 107 construction workers on the Mandurah to Perth rail line who are facing fines of up to $28,600 each, simply for taking industrial action in defence of their union delegate. On 5 July 2006, the Howard Government launched an unprecedented attack on 107 individual Australian workers and their families.

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60 dead as attacks sweep Iraq

29-08-2006 02:00

A wave of bomb attacks and shootings swept Iraq from north to south Sunday, killing at least 60 people despite a massive security operation in the capital and appeals from Shiite Prime Minister Nuri Maliki for an end to sectarian fighting

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Australia: The torture of Jack Thomas

29-08-2006 00:48

desperation to stop the beatings
Given the High Commissioner’s role and the reference to “high places,” there is every indication that the Australian government sanctioned these abuses. What is indisputable is that, acting on its behalf, the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions sought to secure convictions that depended entirely upon the completely unreliable statements that Thomas made in his desperation to stop the beatings, avoid being sent to Guantánamo Bay and be allowed to go home.

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Jack Thomas served with control order

28-08-2006 21:28

Putting people under house arrest
‘Anyway who cares about civil liberties should be outraged at this decision. We hear about authoritarian governments putting people under house arrest in Burma – well, now it’s happening right here in Australia!’

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El Anexionismo....

28-08-2006 19:51

a raíz de conocerse la Proclama del compañero Fidel apareció, el siguiente proyecto: crear el Estado 51 de los Estados Unidos que se llamaría Havami (la mezcla de Havana y Miami)