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HUMAN RIGHTS violation by a group of Poles in London

31-01-2016 01:15

I have become a victim of psychological and physical torture while living in London. My persecution is being done by an organised, technologically advanced group of people, claiming to be Polish Special Services

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ANTIFA: BEN DOVER NAZIS @misscheeky666 @JLRFB @ant1fane @szsalt @slatfascists

29-01-2016 14:41

Diddy, Diddy, Diddy, Diddy.... Come to be spanked!

It must be the time of year. Shane Calvert also known as Duddyman, is "on-heat" and getting extremely kinky, and longs for a good old spanking, which is why he is going to Dover. Vastly outnumbered and outgunned, Calvert is heading down to the White Cliffs of Dover so the nation's antifascists so the nation's antifascists can deliver a stern humiliation he will never live down. The NEI, Sea and all of the other far right groups invited to attend by the National Front, are not too clever, but none can match the sheer masochistic streak of Calvert and Shaun Jones of the NWI, who will be sitting targets for roving antifascists once again. One might be forgiven for thinking they enjoy pain and humiliation by the bucketload. Judging by Duddyman's demeanour, his online flirting manoeuvres with dominant antifascists suggest he gets he gets a thrill from being repeatedly put down by people of a superior intellect. You don't need to be Sigmund Freud to understand the complex psychosexual interplay going on between Calvert and his detractors on an almost daily basis, Calvert's demeanour screaming out to be soundly disciplined by the might of ANTIFA.

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NWI CANCEL VALENTINES @misscheeky666 @SZsalt #ANTIFA @siegfails @JLRFB @ant1fane

28-01-2016 11:16

BREAKING NEWS: - The killjoy "patriots" at the neo-nazi NWI have killed-off one of Britain's most popular seasonal celebrations. Whilst lefties get accused each and every year by the Daily Mail of ending Christmas, lonely fascist rightwingers have well truly cancelled another traditional Christian celebration - St Valentine's Day, out of sheer spite, because so many of them are lonely, sad and unable to hold down relationships. Their Speed Dating event on February the 13th 2016 has thus been shelved through lack of interest, even though Duddyman had promised to be everyone's Eva Braun.

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28-01-2016 11:09

In 2015, people were legally executed in a total of 19 countries. It is important to note that many worldwide executions are not reported by government authorities and therefore, not reported by the media.

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#PEGIDA WHITE SUPREMACIST @edlnews #ANTIFA @hopenothate @siegfails @JLRFB #UKIP‏

27-01-2016 10:13


Neo-Nazi group Pegida have tried to sanitise their extreme racism, however a simple search for old tweets comes up with all the proof you need to show that Tommy Robinson's inner circle of friends include hardcore white supremacists who loathe black people. Stephen Yaxley Lennon's Australian cheerleader "Ozz Sue" AKA Team Tommy", who repeatedly champions Tommy's Pegida UK and his Birmingham demo, is exposed by her own past tweets as a sickening white supremacist who regularly posts KKK-style anti-black captions online. Tommy Robinson is more than happy to use this white power nut to promote his Islamophobic organisation on Twitter. Black Brummies - you know the score.

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NAZI HATE GROOMERS @ant1fane #ANTIFA @edlnews @misscheeky666 @JLRFB @siegfails

24-01-2016 20:09

Nazis Encouring Kids To Salute In Newcastle
National Action arrived in Newcastle unchallenged in Newcastle on Saturday, and unveiled a banner with the horrific words "Hitler was dead", encouraging young onlookers to give the Hitler salute back to them, helping nurture twelve year old boys in the city into hardcore neo-Nazism whilst the police walked by, not giving a damn. Targeted by German Nazis Pegida last year, and numerous EDL visits from the NEI, SDL and the National Front, Newcastle with its low number of ethnic minority citizens is now becoming a regular far right hotspot, and if action is not taken to encourage readily mobilisable ANTIFA units at the ready, things will get worse not better.

A street musician who dared to challenge them was beaten up, as passers-by failed to give a damn, which is a shocking indicator of public apathy to violent open neo-Nazism. So many people in Newcastle and the surrounding areas need to be educated about hate, to encourage a new generation of anti-fascist activists ready to take on nazis in their own communities at short notice.

GROSS EDL HYPOCRISY: - Cue the Nazi-saluting hypocrisy of the EDL, and their direct role in GROOMING hardcore neo-nazis onto the streets, a worrying truth which they in denial of. NA and EDL = kettles and pots!

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ROVING #ANTIFA vs #PEGIDA @bikeyjezmo @slatukip @misscheeky666 @jlrfb @ant1fane

24-01-2016 11:17

If the boys in blue facilitate the free movement of violent fascists from Birmingham Airport to the NEC, antifascists seeking to Block Pegida may find themselves sidelined in a pre-planned UAF-style kettle. This won't be the first time Plod has aided the safe passage of neo-nazis, and it won't be the last. However, if Tommy Tit thinks station blockers are the only means of antifascist defence, he's even thicker than he looks, with roving groups of other ANTIFA lying in wait throughout the route of his Goosestep of Hate to spring many nasty surprises. Whilst violent EDL thugs with far rights kippers in tow, march along singing obscene racist chants about Muslims, as they do, they will be watched, monitored, and located from street level. Few alternate routes mean Tommy Tit and PC Plod's cunning Baldrick-type plan to try and outsmart ANTIFA will fail with with autonomous units of militant ANTIFA lying in wait along the way. Dimwit nazis who think a few uniforms will clear the route of danger, will be mistaken at their peril. Eggs. flour packages, and rotten fruit fly a fair distance over walls, hedges and trees, given half a chance, messing up the Balfour jackets of the UKIP bourgeoisie in an instant, before the tinderbox kicks off big-time.

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ALERTA #ANTIFA: BRUM AGAINST NAZIS @bikeyjezmo @siegfails @pennyred @JLRFB #ukip

20-01-2016 13:41

Germanic Nazis Not Welcome In Brum
German Nazis last invaded Birmingham between 9 August 1940 and 23 April 1943 with 77 ferocious raids, 1852 tons of bombs dropped on the city including 5,219 high explosive bombs and 48 parachute mines, causing in 2,241 deaths and 3,010 injuries. Under the criminal leadership of Stephen Yaxley Lennon, Germanic Nazism will once again invade Birmingham on Saturday the sixth of February 2016, this time, not dropping bombs of death and destruction, but incendiary packages of pure, unadulterated hatred and fear straight into Birmingham's multicultural communities, under the banner of Pegida UK. Like London and Liverpool, brave Brummies resisted fascism before, and will again, as large swathes of local people joined by antifascists from all over the country link up to oppose the destructive return of national socialism to the city. Besides a large anti-racist demo in the city, militant ANTIFA are set to spring up along the route of Pegida's hate march between Birmingham Airport and the NEC when the invaders are least expecting it. Unity is the key, and just as Oswald Mosley's goosesteps were physically opposed in Liverpool, Manchester and the East End of London, so once again must Tommy "The Tit" Robinson's street incursion be sent packing.

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ENG DEM FUNDAMENTALISTS #ANTIFA @misscheeky666 @JLRFB @paulpdr1962 @siegfails

18-01-2016 12:20

The English Democrats have a thing for homophobic ex-boxers, going on at the moment, and aptly named candidate Paul Rimmer from Liverpool, who got thrown out of the party then let back in, umpteen times for his Christian fundamentalism, doesn't uphold his beloved "Christian work ethic", instead spending all of his free time shouting at President Obama across the Atlantic, prattling on with anti-black, ablist, anti-abortion and homophobic remarks, as if Mr President gives a shit about the views of some washed-up fat ex-boxing nazi. A supporter of female neo-Nazi Anne Marie Waters' Sharia Watch and Pegida, Rimmer should leave Liverpool, a city of tolerance out of shame for being such an intolerant dickhead.

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The reality of the UK's coal industry exposed

18-01-2016 11:09

UK's role in the global coal trade
A new report from the Coal Action Network exposes the untold human and environmental stories of the coal supply chain. Ditch Coal calls on the government to phase out coal faster than its suggested end of 2025. The extreme situations surrounding mines in Russia, Colombia, the USA and the UK which supply the UK's power stations show that coal energy is an extreme energy. 24% of electricity generated in 2015 came from coal.

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#PEGIDA NAZIS - GET A LIFE! @slatukip #ANTIFA @bikeyjezmo @misscheeky666 @JLRFB

15-01-2016 10:51

barber shop poster for boneheads
Not everybody in life acts rationally, however professional racists who spend hours travelling to reach faraway hate rallies have serious personality disorders. To spend your spare time helping people in need, is an admirable way to use up your precious time. To keep friends and family company parked sedately in front of the telly is an understandable part of life for many. Even to languish idly down the pub doing nothing, is okay. Travelling half way across the country just to chant racial abuse at non-white people, is anything but normal. The kind of person who indulges in such pointlessly extreme antisocial behaviour, requires psychiatric help to treat their compulsion. Whilst football hooligans nurtured on an "away day" mentality treated far-flung trips to fight opponents as a sporting endeavour, those committed full-time racists not looking for a fight have no excuse to waste their lives away in the pursuit of unhappiness.

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14-01-2016 12:07

A senior Buddhist faith organiser for the Keighley and Burnley areas, "Tyke Strivers" AKA Leo Robinson, is a vile anti-Muslim bigot (and avid fan of David Icke's divisive conspiracy theories), who is helping to campaign locally for Tommy Robinson's Pegida UK Organisation. Managing a local Buddhist meditation retreat where worshippers are unaware of his extremist political leanings, Leo Robinson's twitter account suggests he is planning street-level anti-Muslim campaigning locally in Keighley in the coming months to divisively to help turn community against community, in a town which a grooming gang were recently jailed. UK Buddhists are peace loving people and are on the whole anti-racists, thus Yorkshire's Buddhist communities must be made aware of the extreme hatred of the administrator of the Keighley and Burnley Kadampa Buddhist Centres ( a registered charity). For a United Kingdom faith leader to spread hate and intolerance on social media, and use his public accounts to support Pegida's march in Birmingham, is totally unacceptable. All worshippers locally must be made aware of this hate-preacher in their midst.

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TOMMY ROBINSON COWARD @IRBFUK #ANTIFA @siegfails @misscheeky666 @JLRFB @slatukip

11-01-2016 11:42

Tommy "Tit" Robinson like so many demifuhrers on the far right likes to think of himself as a tough guy, but when it comes to a one-to-one fist fight, the convicted wifebeater runs off crying like a baby whenever trouble heads his way. In other words, Tommy is soft as shite. Getting others to do the bidding and yet claiming the credit once the fighting's over, Stephen Yaxley Lennon is the archetypal coward, and always has been ever since his overplayed "hooligan" days. Being a supposed football hooligan has been used to his advantage as a professional moneymaker, cashing in on every commercial opportunity since day one. Even his pseudonym was borrowed without permission from a real football hooligan, the real Tommy Robinson six feet under and unable to express disgust at Lennon's unauthorised misappropriation of his name. As for Luton's firm "Men In Gear", Tommy registered the MIG tag as his own "intellectual property" for the fashion label he self-promoted on his "New Era" Twitter account, rubbing salt in the wounds of genuine hooligans, stealing credit for a street culture he opportunistically latched onto, just to make money.

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Spring Break Delegation to Bolivia, Food Sovereignty, and Indigenous Resistance!

10-01-2016 17:55

The Plurinational State of Bolivia is the first country in the hemisphere governed by a progressive indigenous leader. Learn about indigenous struggles for sovereignty over food, land, and water. Gain an understanding of the spiritual and philosophical foundations of Pachamama. And discover the traditional ecological knowledge of the country’s indigenous peoples. Meet with farmers, community leaders, government officials, and others. Experience the rich culture of the Andes and soak in the sights, sounds, people, and politics at this historic moment in Bolivia.

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#Pegida Birmingham Route @slatukip #ANTIFA @bikeyjezmo @misscheeky666 @siegfails

10-01-2016 10:21

Tommy "The Tit" Robinson has announced the route of Pegida UK's Birmingham goosestep, much to the consternation of their battleweary PegEDL footsoldiers. They will assemble at Birmingham International Airport train station at 2pm onwards, ready to march at 3pm on a splishy, splashy twenty minute monotonous trek along a rain-soaked main road a mile and a half to the NEC, where a boring little car park is awaiting their arrival with baited breath. Forget "muzrats". Let's hope the no-life, loner nazis bring with them their trainspotting cagoules or they will resemble drowned rats wreaking of stale beer and urine. Whilst most armies tend to march on their stomachs, EDLers and Pegidans march on their bladders. Unless the heavier drinkers who got inebriated at BIA's Airport Wetherspoons or Birmingham City Centre from midday are equipped with adult nappies, many will arrive dripping wet at the NEC car park come rain or shine, smelling the worst.

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Let’s Get One Million Tweets for Oscar!

06-01-2016 14:39

As Oscar López Rivera approaches his 73rd birthday on January 6, 2016 the National Puerto Rican Agenda and National Boricua Human Rights Network are launching a social media campaign (Twitter and Facebook) calling for his release.

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UG#727 - The Terrorism-Surveillance Complex (Diane Roark, Operation Gladio 4)

05-01-2016 12:06

This week,we begin with a talk from the most senior NSA whistleblower you're probably never heard of, Diane Roark, who doesn't mince her words about what the NSA are really spying on. As we hear, the deep state made reprisals against her but were unable to pin anything on her. We conclude the show with the final of our 4 part adaption of Allan Francovich's Operation Gladio.

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ALERTA #ANTIFA: NAZIS RETURN TO NEWCASTLE @ant1fane @dsahad @JLRFB @bikeyjezmo

04-01-2016 19:18

URGENT CALL OUT! The Daily Express have revealed that Pegida UK are to make a return to Newcastle later this month, January, under the fuhrership of Tommy "The Tit" Robinson. Birmingham is still happening on Saturday February the 5th 2016, however Newcastle will be the very first of Tommeh's Pegida goosesteps. Just as Pegida Birmingham coincides with the UAF conference, their march in Newcastle is expected to coincide with the national ANTIFA call-out in Dover. Tommy is shit scared that antifascists will get the better of him with a much larger turn-out, thus Tommy has decided to hold Pegida demos the same time as other events are happening.

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ANTIFA ALERT: CRUSH #PEGIDA NAZIS IN #BRUM @misscheeky666 @JLRFB @bikeyjezmo

04-01-2016 14:49

ANTIFA ALERT: - It's official - as announced yesterday by the Luton newspaper and at today's neo-Nazi press conference, German far right street thugs Pegida UK led by Tommy "The Tit" Robinson will be joined by UKIP's openly-racist UKIP candidate Anne Marie Waters and his old nazi best buddy Paul Weston. And despite her far right allegiances, which she does not bother hiding, Waters is still UKIP's 2016 Greater London Assembly candidate for UKIP. Unless Farage acts now, and expels her from the party asap, the whole of UKIP are now to be regarded as nothing more than a middle class BNP. Every meeting of UKIPers is now to be viewed as a fascist group meeting and picketed accordingly, in London especially, where they will next march after Birmingham, aware that racist attacks against Muslims have increased tenfold over the last few years, most notably on public transport.




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HOPKINS CALL A SET UP? @siegfails #ANTIFA @misscheeky666 @tellmamauk @ant1fane

04-01-2016 11:34

From Botox to bollocks - Desmond's OK Magazine Gets Political
Coming at a time when hatred and suspicion of Muslims worldwide is at all-time high, Katie Hopkins of all people has surprisingly received a call which "blows her away" by justifying her opinions in one fell swoop. A supposedly honest, supposedly devout Muslim caller rang up Katie's controversial LBC phone-in, and claimed that he had to keep his children away from mosques as they were teaching kids to be terrorists. Alarming yet easily dismissable by the (un-Murdochified) facts that the vast majority of British Muslims abhor terror, this controversial caller has been automatically believed by many sections of the media, without being verified as authentic. Few if any radio talk-show callers are verifiable, but few if any callers are believed to be genuine sources of true information. The caller might or might not have been real. He could have been a genuine person with worries on his mind albeit groundless ones. Some people are afraid of bogeymen in the night, and shield their kids from the dark. Whatever his status, the caller's anti-Islamic fears given credence, is yet another setback for those of us striving for peace, justice and equality.