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ANTIFA INTERNATIONAL | 27.01.2016 10:13 | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles | Birmingham | London


Neo-Nazi group Pegida have tried to sanitise their extreme racism, however a simple search for old tweets comes up with all the proof you need to show that Tommy Robinson's inner circle of friends include hardcore white supremacists who loathe black people. Stephen Yaxley Lennon's Australian cheerleader "Ozz Sue" AKA Team Tommy", who repeatedly champions Tommy's Pegida UK and his Birmingham demo, is exposed by her own past tweets as a sickening white supremacist who regularly posts KKK-style anti-black captions online. Tommy Robinson is more than happy to use this white power nut to promote his Islamophobic organisation on Twitter. Black Brummies - you know the score.

Anyone who says Pegida UK's inner-circle "Team Tommy" are not hardcore neo-Nazis and white supremacists, think again. "Oz Sue" of Team Tommy openly supports the Australian white power group "Anglo-Saxon United White Tribalists", and she tweets anti-black captions such as the one featured above that people of African descent are inferior compared to white people. She also laments not being able to use the racist word "wog" in public when referring to non-white people, and approves of racial abusing of Muslim musicians using the extremely offensive word "sand n*gger". This is a person who is helping promote Pegida's march in Birmingham to the press worldwide.

Tommy Robinson regards Sue of "Team Tommy" as one of his closest pals, and he has no trouble absolutely associating with her outspoken white supremacist views. This says a lot about Tommy Robinson supposedly not disliking black people. As many people as possible need to see this screenshot, which will prove significantly damaging to Pegida's hopes to gather a sizeable crowd in Brum. Do your thing, everybody - share these screenshot far and wide.

Everybody must that Tommy Robinson's close circle of friends include horrific white supremacists who think white people are intellectually superior than black people. Sue is one of Tommy's most regular interactors, and Tommy is close to her, ever since he visited her in Australia several years ago. Tommy's friendship with such a person, should raise doubts about Tommy's own credentials. He was after all a BNP activist and associate of anti-Semite Nick Griffin, before joining the EDL. Tommy has tried to brush his Nazi days under the carpet, but they are starting to come back to haunt him.

Tommy Robinson will block you if you join in conversations exposing best pal Sue as being a white supremacist on his timeline, as, like all fascists, he does not actually support the right to free speech he bangs on about. The only free speech fascist criminals like Stephen Lennon believe in, is the freedom to hate non-white minorities.

Tommy had better have his best ADIDAS running trainers on, when the might of UK ANTIFA heads his way.

ANTIFA NATIONAL CALL-OUT: - Don't forget, your big chance to Crush Pegida to smithereens is happening in one and a half weeks time. Come prepared for action whilst Tommy Tit's attempts his goosestep from Birmingham Airport Railway Station to the NEC Car Park. Build on Dover by making Tommy and his gang of pissed-up chumps wish they had never visited Birmingham, and will never ever again.