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UK Social Centres Gathering 28/29 November

16-11-2015 23:54

Kebele social centre is pleased to be hosting the next UK Social Centres Gathering on 28 & 29 November, which comes at the end of our NovemberFest. This event currently occurs twice a year, and is for all those involved in social centres (or aiming to set one up soon) around the UK.

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BIG BROTHER'S NAZI #EDL #ANTIFA @misscheeky666 @themockneyrebel @JLRFB @slatedl

16-11-2015 14:42

There is an unwritten rule for British fascists with fame credentials to hide their hate from the masses, but shamelessly, former Big Brother celebrity Josie Gibson has chosen to come out in support of Stephen Yaxley Lennon, betraying all the Asian and black voters who rang up and texted support for her, during the television talent show. And gaulingly, this brazen Islamophobe is happy to racialise the Paris attacks to 300,000 young UK followers for cheap publicity. This pathetic excuse of a celebrity is totally and utterly dispicable, knowing mainstream media voices like hers normalise neo-nazi hatred of minorities, ultimately resulting in discrimination, marginalisation and racial violence.

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15-11-2015 16:22

A Learning Disabled Man from Manchester Given 9 years Prison for a offence that is questionable.

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#EDL SHOWER A DAMP SQUIB @bradfordafn @2ferdi7 @misscheeky666 @slatedl @slatukip

14-11-2015 14:33

For all the hyperbole tweeted online, notorious neo-nazi rabble rousers such as @englishmaker and Liverpool's failed pub singer Les Seavor (@ublocks) pretending fascists would be descending upon Bradford in their thousands, only a splattering of eighty racist idiots according to the police and the media, could be arsed to show up and march, on the day. Dripping wet, noses running, trying their best to snarl and sneeze at the same time, the EDL's finest army of losers failed to capitalise on the Paris murders, soaked to the skin, sad and incredibly lonely, looking so pitiful, anti-facsist passers-by had to fight the temptation to drop pennies into their tacky merchandised hoodies.

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ALERTA ANTIFA: #EDL GINGER GOOSE #BRADFORD @misscheeky666 @2ferdi7 @slatedl

13-11-2015 23:26

The EDL are starting their march from the Ginger Goose pub, opposite Centenary Square, this has just been confirmed. 100% accurate info. What a shame they will be allowed to get drunk. #boycott

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For the real class solidarity with the “refugee” and “immigrant” proletarians!

13-11-2015 19:04

We received and publish:

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#ANTIFA CALL-OUT #BRADFORD THIS SAT @2ferdi7 @misscheeky666 @slatedl @JLRFB #edl

12-11-2015 19:37

EMERGENCY CALL-OUT IN BRADFORD THIS SATURDAY. ARRIVE MIDDAY OR EARLIER. This is your chance to take to the streets to defend Bradford from facsist invasion as the violent drunken racists of the EDL will be allocated a pub to get drunk and marcth through the streets of Bradford along Hall Ings, shouting racial abuse at passers-by. Stay at home another week, as Bradford's diverse community needs antifacsist volunteers to defend the city from organised race hate thugs, especially post-march, when the police subside, when they are at their most dangerous.

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Sydney: Solidarity Actions Against the North Wales Mega Prison

12-11-2015 11:03

In response to a call for a week of actions against the North Wales mega prison, some anarchists in Sydney made some small actions.

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COPS TO KETTLE #BRADFORD #ANTIFA @bradfordafn @JLRFB @misscheeky666 @slatedl

07-11-2015 18:59

A successful ANTIFA mobilisation requires careful thought, so nobody ends up mousetrapped into kettles arranged to trap antifash volunteers before they can disperse onto the streets. Let us remind ourselves what happened back in 2010 when a hackneyed "thin blue line" of uniforms blocked off Albion Street to stop anarchists and antifascists from making it to the streets and confronting fash scum before they could cause harm. Whilst the line of OB wasn't sufficient to stop everyone from entering and leaving the 1in12 club, it was a mere taste of how this year's mass ANTIFA call out WILL BE 100% DEFINATELY be subject to emergency kettling. Let's not kid ourselves - the council and police use twitter and facebook too.

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East Sussex Social Services

03-11-2015 17:30

Concerns over the safety of missing Elderly Abuse Victim from
East Sussex Social Services missing since 22 May
David “JOE” Neilson The member of the public who solved the murder of Katrina Taylor and top investigator in to major crimes in Sussex and

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EDL PLAN TROUBLE #ANTIFA #ukip @misscheeky666 @bradfordafn @JLRFB @slatfascists

02-11-2015 10:57

You've seen the local Newspaper, you have read about it on social media - The violent fascist scum of the EDL are returning to Bradford to try to cause trouble in Bradford on Saturday October the 14th 2015. Following their two fruitless previous visits, the drunken, coked-up racist thugs are looking to make it third-time lucky, promising on facebook to "destroy Bradford", a city which for its world-famous multiculturalism, is always the ultimate target of any nazi group. It is essential that their wet dreams of racial warfare are crushed by an overwhelming show of unity between all communities. Print out the poster below (click on it for a larger printable png version). Also attend the rousing all-day Anti-fascist fundraiser next week Bradford's 1in12 club.

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An overview of Italy’s anti-fascist gyms and boxing clubs

01-11-2015 13:13

ANTIFA fight clubs in Italy and VIDEOS from around the world

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UG#722 - A Milieu of The European Deep State (NATO and The Bilderberg)

01-11-2015 10:48

This is the most intense look we've taken at the Bilderberg group since episode 528. In the 5 years since that show was produced, Bilderberg has been much more under the media spotlight. We begin with Charlie Skelton comparing the experience of reporting on the G7 with reporting on the Bilderberg. Next we hear a 2007 summary of the Bilderberg group by Daniel Estulin and some concluding thoughts by Tony Gosling.

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#EDL SCUFFLE WITH POLICE: #ANTIFA @slatedl @bradfordafn @misscheeky666 @slatukip

01-11-2015 09:10

Preparing for a violent visit to Bradford, the EDL's drunken North East division scuffle with the police, assaulting an offduty officer, preparing for facsist violence at their forthcoming Bradford demo. The NE EDL are helping organise their visit to Bradford, and ANTIFA need to keep a firm eye on the violent criminal presence of Ronald Wood and Alan Spence, as they showed up on Saturday afternoon in Newcastle itching for a fight. The police cannot be relied upon to be everywhere at once, and last time they failed to stop the fash from going on walkabout after their protest. No doubt they will escape the cordon once more when their despicable anti-refugee / anti-Muslim protest has ended.

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GAY EDLer JOINS THE NF @misscheeky666 @slatedl @JLRFB @antifashonline #ANTIFA

24-10-2015 23:32

Following the EDL's LGBT Division leader's miraculous conversion from gay to straight, and the unveiling of his latest new twitter account that does not mention his former sexuality once, Tommy is now a member of racist and homophobic #bluehand, and as such, volunteered as a steward for the vehemently homophobic National Front and their neo-nazi NWI / NEI buddies (as pictured). Notice the way he glances nervously around whilst he marches, teeming with self-consciousness. Nicknamed after a loyalist terrorist who murdered scores of Catholics, little Tommy English knows full well his will be in danger if his newfound National Front buddies ever discovered that he used to be gay.

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TOMMY ENGLISH JOINS BLUEHAND #antifa @slatedl @slatukip @JLRFB @misscheeky666

23-10-2015 22:14

Former EDL "LGBT leader", scrawny hoodierat Tommy English, who left the EDL after learning it was crammed full to the rafters with homophobes, has joined one of the most homophobic far right internet organisations on the planet, #bluehand. The whinger from Yorkshire who nicknamed himself after a notorious loyalist murderer, Tommy English, used to claim the EDL were tolerant towards gay and lesbian people. Now he is living in Manchester and hanging out with all manner of Bluehand white supremacists, Combat18, KKK and white power types, he has removed all trace of his homosexuality, presumably for his own personal safety. Those #bluehand types don't partiularly appreciate difference of any kind.

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#ANTIFA: #EDL COME CLEAN @slatukip @bradfordAFN @slatedl @misscheeky666 @JLRFB

23-10-2015 08:29

After years of Muslamic Ray Guns and "What's That Symbol" ranting, the feckless little "footsoldiers" of the EDL admit what we knew all along - they are seriously lacking in grey matter. There's dumb. There's dumber. Then there's EDL. Radicalised by Pam Geller and friends, and brainwashed with cheap, tasteless lager and adulterated coke, it is now openly acknowledged that nationalistic intellects turned to Jelly. Even Spiked Magazine (AKA "Living Marxism" now Libetarian Capitalism), who inanely insited nobody must laugh at the EDL, have now fallen stonily silent. EDLers have always been, and still are, the idiots of the Global Village, backwards, racist, misogenistic caveman opting out of the advancing multicultural civilisation which makes their ugly views irrelevant.

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The Fifth International

20-10-2015 14:58

It is time, comrades, to announce to the world the formation and existence of a new international.
The first international, the second, third and fourth Internationals have all run their course. Yet, there is now a fifth international, which is very important for people to learn about.

The fifth international is truly international. It is time for people to seriously start to support the League for the Fifth International.

We support Left Unity.

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Update - London Anarchist Bookfair - Stalls & Meetings - 24th October

20-10-2015 12:34

Bookfair programme cover
London Anarchist Bookfair on Saturday 24th October, 10am – 7pm
Central Saint Martin’s (University of the Arts London), Granary Building, 1 Granary Square, Kings Cross, London N1C 4AA

Welcome one and all to the 34th London Anarchist Bookfair, welcome to the full spectrum of anarchist thought & practice! Here's details of Stalls & Meetings.

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PAUL WARREN ENGLAND'S WIBBLE @slatedl @nottssolfed @JLRFB @misscheeky666 #ANTIFA

19-10-2015 17:17

Tonight, the Nottingham fascist march honcho "Paul Warren England" of EDL fame, (until recently, believed to be resident in Australia) is trolling the antifascist counter-protest page, trying to claim he is not racist, just as Matthew Pope of Pegida tried on in the past. He has stupidly challenged anti-racists to come up with anything near an insane racist rant he posted on Facebook. It didn't take long to expose his wibble. On an EDL page, he has posted a particularly paranoid rant about Muslims taking over Britain in 30 years time.