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documentary:a little bit of so much truth (Oaxaca rebellion)

13-02-2008 22:41

a little bit of so much truth
In the summer of 2006, a broad-based, non-violent, popular uprising exploded in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca. Some compared it to the Paris Commune, while others called it the first Latin American revolution of the 21st century.

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Athens: Police surveillance camera deactivated

13-02-2008 22:41

This is how we do it!

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Council propose to shut Victoria Baths, Sneinton

13-02-2008 21:25

Nottingham City Council have started a consultation process, with a view to shutting the Victoria Baths next to Sneinton Market. The council say: "Closure of the centre, which is situated near Sneinton Market, is being considered.

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Japanese G8 Info Tour comes to UK

13-02-2008 20:18

From 22nd to 28th February, Japanese activists are coming to UK to do an information tour about the anti G8 mobilisations this year in Japan.

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Women To Widdecombe: "Get Your Rosaries Off Our Ovaries"

13-02-2008 18:55

A group of about sixty protesters - three quarters of whom were female - showed up at the Liner Hotel in Liverpool City Centre last night, to show their anger at Ann Widdecombe's anti-abortion 'Passion For Life' tour.

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We Own The Streets - Campaign for Free Assembly meeting 16th February

13-02-2008 17:31

Campaign for Free Assembly public meeting
Saturday 16th February 2pm-4pm
London School of Economics room H103, Connaught House

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Iraq 5 years on... events at Housmans in March

13-02-2008 16:23

Extraordinary Renditions – with Lucy Edkins
In light of the sombre fifth anniversary of this most recent invasion of Iraq by the US and UK governments, Housmans is hosting a series of events reflecting on what has come to pass, and examining different facets of the fallout of the war and the continuing occupation.

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Make politicians, peers, the City and the media pay for £17bn Crossrail scam

13-02-2008 03:17

The Government and closet neocon and capitalist Ken Livingstone want taxpayers and fare payers to pay for Crossrail, the transport project that will benefit the City and Canary Wharf while leaving ordinary Londoners with the cost through general taxation and unnecessary harm arising from a project where the Government has appointed Bechtel and taxpaying thief Adrian Montague. Every politician, MEP, peer and local councillor who votes and supports Crossrail should be held personally financially liable to pay for anything in excess of what the Government claims it will cost. The House of Lords is now the next stage for this farcical Bill which is about to face a bit of a problem.

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Public Meeting: Iran, Imperialism and Solidarity

12-02-2008 22:45


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Hitting Total in the Pocket

12-02-2008 17:36

Over the last 2 months, activists tired of the lies and corporate whitewash have taken direct action to hit Total where it hurts them most - in the pocket.

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Philippines: Greed, Corruption and Illegitimate Debt

12-02-2008 14:51

Greed is defined as an excessive or uncontrolled desire for or pursuit of money, wealth, food, or other possessions especially when this denies the same goods to others. It is reprehensible acquisitiveness, an insatiable longing for power, and supremacy in order to advance individual interests at the cost of other's well being.

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City Council intends to Close popular leisure facility

12-02-2008 12:35

Nottingham City Council have caused upset amoung residents of St Anns and Sneinton by announcing its intention to close one of our oldest and most loved leisure facilities, the Victoria Baths, located in the City Centre adjacent to Sneinton market.

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Victims of HealthQuest Abuses in N.S.W. Australia Contact Amnesty in London

12-02-2008 05:03

On several occasions since 1995 victims of the N.S.W. Government Medical Office, HealthQuest, have contacted Amnesty International in London. We have yet to receive a response. Soviet psychiatry is being used against dissident public servants and whistleblowers in N.S.W. Australia. HealthQuest is staffed with psychiatrists and psychologists who are prepared to diagnose for money and power. We hope that this time, Amnesty will finally launch an investigation into our plight.

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Helen & Alistair Itanje have been 'Snatched'

11-02-2008 07:34

Helen & Alistair Itanje
Mum & baby were woken up at 6.00am on Friday 8th February by a immigration 'snatch' squad banging on their door They were quickly removed from their home and taken to Yarl's Wood IRC, where they are now and due to be forcibly removed on Thursday 14th February 2008 on Brussels Airlines flight SN2050 at 06:30 from Birmingham Airport to Brussels and onward to Douala Cameroon.

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Friends of of Vera & Kenny

11-02-2008 07:30

Vera & Kenny
Vera Manda Kumde and her daughter Kenny Musada Famba Ada nationals of Cameroon, currently detained in Yarl's Wood IRC are due to be forcibly removed tomorrow Tuesday 12th February at 19:00hrs on Kenya Airways flight KQ101 from London Heathrow terminal 4 to Nairobi, and onward to Douala Cameroon.

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Camden goes up in flames....

10-02-2008 23:36

Camden Canal Market AND Camden Lock Market ahve gone up in flames.

With developers wanting to move in one can how the fires started and spread......

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Ireland: Workers Occupation Pays Off

10-02-2008 22:25

The boss is shown the door and the workers take over. That's what happened for a month at Reilly Bookbinders on the Murrough Industrial Estate in Wicklow town. The company had been in Wicklow for 30 years. Then four years ago it was taken over by Dunne and Wilson (Ireland) Ltd. Two years later the building from which the company operated was sold to the Wicklow Enterprise Centre for over 900,000.

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Rally to stop eviciton of Dale Farm - Tomorrow Monday

10-02-2008 17:56



Rally at 11 am to 3 pm outside the High
Court, Strand, London, on Monday,
11 February.
(Approved by Metropolitan Police)

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Total Out of Burma Demo - Video, Ongoing.

10-02-2008 15:05

Demonstration against TOTAL