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Japanese G8 Info Tour comes to UK

Japanese G8 Info Tour | 13.02.2008 20:18 | G8 Japan 2008 | G8 Germany 2007 | Globalisation | Social Struggles | World

From 22nd to 28th February, Japanese activists are coming to UK to do an information tour about the anti G8 mobilisations this year in Japan.

The tour will travel to many countries in Europe. There will be short films, description of practical plans but should also be very interesting to think about solidarity actions for those not going to Japan. There will also be merchandise available.

22.2 Brighton @ The Cowley Club 6pm
23.2 Bristol @ Kebele 2pm / Cardiff (evening) venue tbc
25.2 Edinburgh @ The Forest Cafe
26.2 Leeds @ The Common Place
27.2 Nottingham @ Sumac Centre
28.2 London @ LSE (room S421, the St Clements Building)

Help needed with general tour publicity and fundraising.
More information will follow.

Japanese G8 Info Tour


Update on Japan anti-G8 Infotour

14.02.2008 17:55

Hi! The first part of the Japanese infotour just blew into Berlin, and they have some new cool videos!
There is more English info and links and tons of film links and resources on this site prepared for 2007 G8:

the Japanese friends are working very hard to make place to invite us to protest in Japan

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UK Info Tour - extra info

15.02.2008 13:19

no g8 2008 japan
no g8 2008 japan

In July 2008, heads of the states that monopolize two thirds of the earth's wealth
will gather at Lake Toya in Hokkaido Japan. The so-called G8 is the embodiment of
the global governance that has consistently driven neo-liberal reforms at the same
time as spreading poverty, violence, hatred, segregation, and environmental
destruction across the globe. We can no longer let it continue.
The Japan based network of anti-authoritarians and anarchists, No! G8 Action was formed
in May 2007, right before the G8 '07 in Rostock, where we learned from the European
anti-G8 protest. We began to prepare our own projects, hoping to bring Japanese and East
Asian impetus into the stage of the global anti-capitalist struggle.
This info-tour is part of that effort. In collaboration with German Dissent! info-tour group the
Japanese members have visited countries in the Asia-Pacific region including South Korea,
Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Australia. Now we will visit major European cities
and cities in US and Canada.
Our presentation will deal with the big issues in Japan and East Asia; militarization, neoliberal
reforms, free trade, society of control, environment, minorities and linking to
struggling people of the world. Our presentation will include films, images and talks covering:
-Problems with the G8: why it increasingly uses environmental slogans, Japan's status in
global governance, history of Japanese imperialism and its persistent ambition to control
Asia by spreading neo-liberal policies and trade agreements. (Inc. films from past G8
-No! G8 Action: and its coalition building, which connects various types of radical groups,
plus screening of recent Japanese street actions.
-Events aside from the protests: political and intellectual conferences as well as cultural
events such as film festivals and music concerts.
-Action Plans: themes and schedule.
-Info: on facilities and gatherings in Tokyo, Osaka,Sapporo, Lake Toya and police behaviour
and immigration.

no g8

ADDITION: No G8 Japan info tour comes to Cardiff this Saturday!

20.02.2008 20:08

The info tour will also be stopping off at Cardiff on Saturday 23rd February at 7.30pm at the Fancy Dress shop, 6 Upper Clifton street (Newport Road end, next to Kappucino's sandwich shop).

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