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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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In aid of Freedom Bookshop

06-02-2013 10:58 t-shirt shop : money donation to Freedom Press library following a firebomb attack

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Birmingham Council House Balcony protest

05-02-2013 16:45

On Monday February 4th 1:30pm a group of 20 Save Birmingham protesters entered the city’s Council House and occupied the Balcony that overlooks Victoria Square. The group took this action in protest over the £625m cuts the council are set to approve on the 26th February. The group had previously tried writing letters to each member of the council and after receiving no replies decided to escalate their tactics by occupying the Council House Balcony.

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Photos from yesterdays Birmingham Council House Occupation and Demonstration

05-02-2013 15:35

After securing blacony protesters display "No Cuts Banner"
Yesterday afternoon around 1:30 a group of 20 Save Birmingham protesters entered Birmingham City Council House and occupied the Balcony overlooking Victoria Square. The protest was against the planed £625m cuts the council are about to implement. The Labour group who have a majority on the Council were to have a private meeting later that night at 6:30 to agree these cuts ahead of the budget vote on February 26.

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Does the UK Need nealy 50 New Opencast Mines?

05-02-2013 09:58

The 20th LAON press release highlights a recent estimate that 47 new sites for opencast or the surface mining of coal are in the planning pipeline, 15 in England, 25 in Scotland and 7 in Wales. At the same time UK Coal Mining acknowledges that the demand for coal is going to drop significantly - hence the title of the press release

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Birmingham Council House Occupied

04-02-2013 15:30

This afternoon a group of protesters have occupied the balcony of Birmingham Council House in protest over £625 million worth of planned cuts.and redundancies by the local authority.

"We are up above Victoria Sq in the Council house – We are here because we have a message to communicate to the city. Follow on #SaveBirmingham"

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Southwark Council leaks it's own Confidential Regeneration Agree with developers

04-02-2013 11:26

Press release is circulating on the WWW in the last few days detailing how Southwark Council in South London has mistakenly released it's own highly secretive 2010 Regeneration Agreement between itself and developers Lend Lease. Critics of the regeneration have long been asking for these financial details to enable them to properly understand and reply to the Council's plans but the documents were always denied them.

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Crazy Weather & Crazy Society

03-02-2013 20:28

Journalist and scientist Andrew Freedman: what new science is saying about freaky 2013 weather. Plus Dr. Kathy McMahon "the Peak Oil Shrink" Kathy tells us about Nicole Foss, "sucky collapse", and a surprising turn in her own life.

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Katy Bourne Sussex Police Crime Commissioner

03-02-2013 16:09

Katy Bourne Sussex Police Crime Commissioner under attack over Paedophiles cover up

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Occupy Sheffield: Peoples Forum on Debt - 2nd March 2013

03-02-2013 10:48

Occupy Sheffield are hosting a Peoples Forum on Debt on Saturday 2nd March 2013, 9.30am-3pm at the Quaker Meeting House, 10 St James St. S1 2EW (just along from the Cathedral, past the Blue Moon).

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Armchair Anarchy..Sign On The Dotted Line!

02-02-2013 19:19

Please (in the warmth of where you are and not up trees)sign East Sussex County Council petition on stopping Combe Haven Valley from further destruction.

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The EDL In Manchester

01-02-2013 06:06

The breakaway conspirators will arrive in Manchester for the EDL rally in their handfuls, ready to show their displeasure at North of England's street nazis being ignored by the EDL leadership Tommy Whatsisname and Emporer Kev Carroll, or at least that is their stated intention on Facebook. They call themselves the Northwest Alliance, and say they have nothing whatsoever to do with the EDL since their online public spat, but will continue to attend the EDL's rallies, just to be kind to Emporer Kev.

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The Tax & Cut Time Bomb: April Showers Pain on the Poor

31-01-2013 14:50

"A cabinet of millionaires rains hell on the poor. April 1st is doomsday for UK Sick, Poor & Disabled"

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Cowardly EDL Try To Disrupt Manchester Anti-fascist Gig @EDL @TheRamanShackle

31-01-2013 03:16

Alas! The end of the EDL is nigh! The priest has been called and the last rites have already been served on this pathetic excuse of a far right football-powered bootboy organisation. Bearing this in mind, a small pod of fascist footsoldiers have insanely decided they want to go out with all guns blazing in a heavily anti-fascist student area of Manchester. They intend to violently disrupt the anti-fascist benefit gig happening on the 9th of February at the Ram and Shackle pub on Wilmslow Road, Manchester. This is a very popular student pub frequented by a solid anti-fascist 95% student audience from Withington and Fallowfield.

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Demo and picket in support of Dismissed Halesowen College Lecturers

29-01-2013 17:24

A bitter dispute over the sacking of lecturers at a Midlands college looks set to worsen, as UCU members have voted unanimously to ballot for strike action

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Save Birmingham March on the Council House Don't let them vote through the cuts

29-01-2013 15:51

March on the council house - meet 5pm opposite Waterstones - the Bullring - Monday February 4th

Rally February 4th 5pm at the Bullring: Albert Bore know the score, we won’t take it anymore!

Invite your friends, colleagues, community to all come out.

The government might say the cuts have already been decided but we say it's not too late. If they won't fight it in the chambers then we'll fight it on the ground in Birmingham.

Meet at the Waterstones by the Bullring at 5pm and march on the Council House where, at 6pm, the ruling Labour councillors are planning on voting for Albert Bore's recommended cuts to our jobs and services for the 2013 budget.

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EDL /SDL/WDL Members Join The BFF For Half Price With Discount Code #edl #sdl

29-01-2013 12:48

Things are getting desperate at the unregistered British Fascist Party (BFP). Unkle Kev Karroll (KKK) recently took over the rains of this piss-poor shambles of a nazi party when King Rat Weston jumped from the sinking ship and went all literary, but unbeknown to almost all the population, since last summer, an extra-special money-saving offer has been available to EDL / SDL and even "WDL Members"......

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UG#611 - Money as Powerlessness(Economic Parasitism,MMT,Debt in the Middle Ages)

28-01-2013 17:35

Does money really empower people, or does it trap them in a zero-sum game in which >99% will come out as losers? A two-parter this time on money and debt. In our first hour, two speeches from the first conference on Modern Money Theory in Rimini, Italy. In the second, we continue reading from David Graeber's Debt, The First 5000 Years.

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Response to Essex SWSS failure to denounce sexism

27-01-2013 17:28

This is a response to the Essex SWSS statement released on Januray 25th concerning recent allegations of rape within the SWP. A group of students from the University of Essex were wholly unsatisfied with the statement for its failure to engage with serious allegations of sexism.

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The Parabellum - new greek anarchist website

27-01-2013 15:15

The Parabellum - new greek anarchist website

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Greece, Heraklion: 1,000 anarchists march in solidarity with squats - photos

27-01-2013 14:30

Heraklion, Crete: approximately 1,000 march in solidarity with squats under attack across Greece