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Birmingham Council House Balcony protest

No Cuts | 05.02.2013 16:45 | Public sector cuts | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | Birmingham

On Monday February 4th 1:30pm a group of 20 Save Birmingham protesters entered the city’s Council House and occupied the Balcony that overlooks Victoria Square. The group took this action in protest over the £625m cuts the council are set to approve on the 26th February. The group had previously tried writing letters to each member of the council and after receiving no replies decided to escalate their tactics by occupying the Council House Balcony.

The day started with a separate group of protesters staging a silent protest in Victoria Square out side the Council House. This was followed by the occupation which lasted for five hours. Council security were quick to remove the banners that had been hung from the balcony and spent the next four hours in a tug of war with protesters over the banner. The occupation was timed to coincide with a private meeting at 6:30 later that night of the Labour group who have a majority on the council and are set to approve the £625m that will be voted on at the budget meeting on 26th February. After winning back their banners the protesters were able to re-hang them in time for the arrival of a demonstration of 200 people that had marched from the Bull Ring to Victoria Square. No arrests were made.

The next stage in the campaign will be mobilising people to take action on the 26th February the day these cuts will officially be voted through. Visit for info on how to get involved.

No Cuts


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