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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Zapatista Comandantes Arrive at Mexico-US Border

14-04-2007 00:46

Marcos: “We Will Come and Stay With You, Without Guns, Only With Our Words”

By Brenda Norrell
Special to The Narco News Bulletin

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The Battle over Zimbabwe's Future

13-04-2007 23:59

A good analysis by Greg Elich of the situation in Zimbabwe...where US/UK neocolonials are using the old Nixon strategy of making the economy scream, to destroy Zimbabwe.

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13-04-2007 22:49


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Hampshire housing associations merge

13-04-2007 15:27

Two Hampshire housing associations, First Wessex and Portsmouth Housing have merged to form a conglomerate covering the whole of Hampshire.

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Council to be referred to Ombudsman for failing to collect rubbish

13-04-2007 15:25

The Rotten Borough of Rushmoor is to be referred to the Local Authority Ombudsman for its failure to collect rubbish.

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Faslane naval base fully blockaded for over two hours

13-04-2007 11:39

Activists blockade the North Entrance to Faslane
13 April 2007 - Argyle and Bute, Scotland.

Activists from Trident Ploughshares this morning blockaded all three entrances to the Faslane naval base, home of the United Kingdom's nuclear weapons. The base was completely shut for over two hours and 24 people were arrested.

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Block G8 2007 Germany- new English Flier

13-04-2007 10:25

At the beginning of June 2007, the heads of state and government of the eight largest economic powers will come together for the G8 Summit in Heiligendamm near Rostock.

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Singo furious over Broadcast Regulator’s ruling on Alan Jones

13-04-2007 03:39

One could almost feel sorry for highflying, right wing, media types who derive a living from exploiting the lowest aspects of human nature. But there is ‘no love lost’ around here and I imagine anywhere else. Media moguls are getting a taste of life at the receiving end, perhaps they may think twice before making IRRESPONSIBLE racist, vilifying comments at the expense of those in the least position to defend themselves. The results of negative media hype and racist remarks include foul abuse levelled at you, your wife and kids in public; being spat on for no reason other than your skin colour or religion, and the ugly culmination of all racist behaviour, the race riot (Cronulla, 2005). Are we sorry the purveyors of social division and slur are experiencing frustration at the lack of recourse and remedial action available to them – not on your life?

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Over 250 DR Congolese on Anti-Deportation demo in Birmingham

13-04-2007 00:13

More than 250 DR Congolese turned out for the Anti-Deportation demo in Birmingham on Thursday 12 April

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Asylum Rights: national day of action in defence of asylum rights on 19th May!

12-04-2007 23:13

Tyneside Community Action for Refugees (TCAR) calls on all those opposed to the current attacks on asylum seekers to join us in a national day of action in defence of asylum rights on Saturday 19th May.

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Carbon Die Oxide II

12-04-2007 22:58

MNPF Trails 2007
Maximizing non pollutant fuels
Reducing world poverty
Arresting mental distress

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19th May - National Day of Action to Defend Asylum Rights

12-04-2007 21:58

Together we are stronger! Join us in a national day of action in defence of asylum rights on 19th May!

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DRC Deportations Demo (April 12)

12-04-2007 20:55

Banner meet floor
A report from Nottingham's protest against deportations to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Seaside food

12-04-2007 13:22

Why is seaside food and fast food so bad in Britain? Does it have to be bad? Does fast food have to be synonymous with junk food?

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Reith Lectures 2007

12-04-2007 13:20

This year's Reith Lectures are being given by the leading economist Jeffrey Sachs.

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Home Office frivolous attitude to Article 8 'the right to family life' can be ch

12-04-2007 05:12

"Human beings are social animals. They depend on others. Their family, or extended family, is the group on which many people most heavily depend, socially, emotionally and often financially. There comes a point at which, for some, prolonged and unavoidable separation from this group seriously inhibits their ability to live full and fulfilling lives. Lord Bingham

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Dayschool on class, capitalism and women's liberation, 21 April

11-04-2007 15:04

Come and discuss the politics of socialist feminism at this dayschool on Saturday 21 April.

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Oaxaca film night on Thursday 12th April 7.30pm

11-04-2007 12:51

@RampART creative centre
15 Rampart St London E1
(off Commercial Road, nearest tube Whitechapel)

Screening of two documentaries to be followed by a discussion.

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Anti-fascists - Counter National Front Demo This Sunday in Newcastle

11-04-2007 10:10

This Sunday the 15th of April - 10.30 AM

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Who really ended slavery?

11-04-2007 08:34

200 years since the abolition of the slave trade
Who really ended slavery?

Speakers Paul Gilroy, Weyman Bennett

The 200th anniversary of the abolition of the British slave trade has rightly initiated a discussion not simply about the wrongs that slavery brought on millions of Black people, but also about its economic role and how it was abolished.

Birmingham, like many other cities, has both its heroes and villains. The supply of the manacles to the trade is a horrific memory, while those who campaigned against it are to be celebrated.

This public meeting will look at 2 critical elements.

Firstly the role that the slave trade played in financing, and providing the stimulus for, the industrial revolution. Many of the great industrialists of the time were financed by money coming directly from the slave trade.

Secondly, and an element that is far too often forgotten, the role of the slaves themselves in destroying slavery. The rebellion of the slaves in Haiti was the beginning of the end for slavery. The British dominion of Jamaica saw its own uprising by slaves. In Britain freed slaves played an important part in the campaign to abolish the trade, alongside the likes of William Wilberforce MP.

Meeting details:
Wednesday 11th April 7pm
Afro-Caribbean Millennium Centre, 339 Dudley Rd , Winson Green