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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Somers Town Residents Protest Corporate Land Sell-Off

24-11-2007 19:00

This Land Is Our Land
Today Somers Town Residents came out and protested government plans to sell off one of the few remaining undeveloped plots of land left in Euston / Kings Cross area.

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Rioters ransacked the mayor's office - Dakar, Senegal

24-11-2007 18:01

Rioters ransacked the mayor's office, overturned and burned cars, blocked off streets and clashed with police as authorities attempted to remove all the sidewalk vendors, blamed for causing traffic congestion, from the streets early yesterday morning.

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Mill Road march against Tescos photos

24-11-2007 17:04

Photos from the very well attended march to keep Tesco's out of Mill Road, Cambridge.

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Building Worker newsletter - Autumn 2007

24-11-2007 17:02

The Autumn 2007 issue of the newsletter of the UK Rank & File Building Workers' Committee. Articles on organising site workers ahead of the olympics, making sure holiday pay is claimed, a recent strike against racism and the dangers of trusting union officials.

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News of the strike movements in Grenoble

24-11-2007 16:10

Riot Police block students, Grenoble
Renewed blocking at the occupied Stendhal university. The next AGs will be: Monday 26 for the personnel of the university, Wednesday 28 for the coeds. Every evening at 18h, Agora: the committee of mobilization.

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Decision on new Copenhagen Social Centre this year

24-11-2007 15:39

Copenhagen humour
A council decision on the guidelines for running a new social centre is to be taken on December 13th. A common set of guidelines have been agreed between the Monday meeting negotiation delegates and the Mayor and her legal staff. Central to the agreement is the foundation named Jagtvej 69, which will be responsible for ensuring the new social centre complies with council health and safety standards and making financial reports to the council.

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Antifa Infoshop Attacked Again, Copenhagen

24-11-2007 15:35

Antifa infoshop Demos has been attacked for the third time this year, on 11/11/2007

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Canada Probes Taser After Another Death

24-11-2007 13:23

kill the taser not people
A Canadian parliamentary committee and a provincial government each launched a review into the use of hand-held stun guns amid reports of another death following a shock from one of the devices.

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300 on the streets of Helsinki for squat Elimäki

24-11-2007 12:24

Helsinki, Finland: We get more time – 300 on the streets of Helsinki for squat Elimäki
Thursday was a day of victory for the squatting scene in Helsinki. 300 people defied the really shitty weather and gathered to demonstrate at the Youth Department of the city to show their support to the social centre Elimäki, aka squat E15.

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Manchester NO2ID Emergency Street Stall

23-11-2007 23:36

Manchester No2ID Logo
In light of the HMRC losing 25 million personal records, including 8 million bank account details and National Insurance numbers, Manchester NO2ID will be running an extra street stall this Saturday. We intend to capitalise on people's heightened awareness of how the Government cannot be trusted to run large databases.

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LSE Hypocrisy Continues Over Palestinian Right to Education

23-11-2007 19:16

The London School of Economics has backtracked on promises to students after a long-awaited meeting with Director Howard Davies, by refusing to publish a statement which acknowledged the Palestinian Right to Education. Despite explicit protests from students that he should not be in attendance, controversial LSE Council Chair, Lord Grabiner of Aldwych, insisted on being present at the meeting and stifled debate over the crucial issue.

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Failing Senior Care System Burdening Families

23-11-2007 15:19

The war is still the number one issue in the U.S. 2008 Elections, but even as we work to bring this war to an end, it is essential that the country look at real solutions rather than illusory for-profit “solutions” to our basic problems: the crisis facing an aging working class, poverty, homelessness, the cost of living, low wages, inflation, the recession, and many other issues on the American agenda of things-to-do.

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PHILIPPINES: Estrada's pardon honor among thieves

22-11-2007 21:13

AKBAYAN (Citizens' Action Party) condemned the granting of executive clemency for former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA), saying that it reflects not national unity but honor among thieves.

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Burma solidarity: TOTAL ‘given the boot’ at Wembley

22-11-2007 16:21

Three activists braved the rain to stage a demo at a TOTAL petrol station near Wembley Stadium on Wednesday evening (21st November 2007), before the England v Croatia football match, to highlight the company’s ongoing support for the military dictatorship in Burma.

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Genoa G8: Neither forgotten nor forgiven

22-11-2007 14:49

Tens of thousands of Italians traveled to Genoa in November to remind their government and the world that the atrocities committed against anti-G8 protesters six years ago are neither forgotten nor forgiven

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Reminder: Memorial rally for Carlos, Saturday 24th Noon

22-11-2007 00:35

Next Saturday 24th noon at Southbank, at the bottom end of Jubilee Gardens, we´ll gather to honour the memory of Carlos, an antifascist who was killed two weeks ago by a nazi in Madrid.

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France: Class Organization of the Workers to Counter The Sabotage of the Union!

21-11-2007 23:55

After the Success of the Demonstrations and Strikes Tuesday,
the Collaborationist Trade-union ‘Leaders” Cynically Manoeuvre to Abort the Struggle.
Today is not yet the return of the proletarian revolution (1), but only the beginning of the real class struggle against the capitalists and their State.

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Immigrant struggles, homeless struggles in France

21-11-2007 19:41

France: immigrants demonstrate against repression.
France: organisation amongst the homeless

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Riot police attack the blockades at Nanterre University

21-11-2007 19:36

An account from one of those at the blockades, with a few minor edits and additions for clarity.

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France: More workers join strikes + student struggles

21-11-2007 19:34

Hundreds of thousands of health workers, civil servants, printers postal workers and air traffic controllers yesterday joined transport and energy strikes over pensions and pay. Thousands joined street protests in Paris, Rouen, Strasbourg, Marseille, Grenoble, Lyon and other cities