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Sri Lankan Embassy surrounded by Tamil protest. Please come & support

27-04-2009 13:31

The Sri Lankan Embassy in London is currently surrounded by Tamil protestors. They need people, especially non-Tamils, to come suppurt asap.
The address of the Embassy is: 13 Hyde Park Gardens London W2 2LU

Tamils in occupation here and at Parliament Square - where Parameswaran Subramaniyan is in the 21st day of his hunger strike, now joined by 2 young women - all vow to continue their protest until there is a permanent ceasefire.

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Mayday in Brighton mobile updates on Last Hours

27-04-2009 11:44 tested a new feature of the site over the G20 protests. We sent mobile updates live to the site cataloging the days events as they happened.

This not only provided the opportunity for people not attending to find out what was happening as it happened from an anti-authoritarian perspective but also aided in analysis and evidence gathering after the events.

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Stop the Removal of Sunny Michael

27-04-2009 10:39

[Sunny and a number of UK Nigerian families/individuals are due to be forcibly removed from the UK on a joint UK/Ireland 'Ethnic Charter Flight on Wednesday 29th April. Neither the potential deportees or their solicitors have been told which airport the plane is leaving from or who the carriers are.]

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"On Strike Against Genocide" Wednesday

26-04-2009 21:32

strike for peace
Make your stand, take a day off work, nursery, school, college, university, and gather in Westminster.

Wednesday 29th April from early...

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New SHAC Magazine - Out Now!

26-04-2009 16:39

Things go from bad to worse for HLS with a new undercover exposé...

With a share price that is almost as low as HLS’ moral standards, the last thing they will be needing is someone secretly filming them abusing monkeys for the past year. Bad luck Huntingdon! An ADI reporter watched and filmed as monkeys were bred and shipped in from Vietnam, strapped into chairs and gassed to death. For the seventh time in the past twelve years, we can see once again the huge level of incompetence and suffering at the hands of the monsters inside HLS. Turn to the next pages to read the full write-up of what’s been going on behind locked doors...

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Hands off Northern Rock

26-04-2009 12:27

Today we have a national bank in Northern Rock. In having this as a nation we are committing original sin against the neoliberal ethic. To now be told by a bunch of incompetents in awe of their corporate banking masters that OUR NATIONAL BANK is to be flogged from under our very noses will not do.

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Video of Critical Mass London 15th Anniversary ride.

26-04-2009 11:47

Video Gathering at the start
In a large Mass like this one it is difficult to spot everything that is going on.

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Romanticising foreign movements, ignoring their lessons

26-04-2009 10:40

The Left spends a lot of time organising around and publicising international issues, but neglects their most important lessons. To see this article with active links and video clips go to

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Popular Initiative calls for removal of Bush appointee in Haiti

26-04-2009 08:11

Group call fro removal of US Ambassador in Haiti
"She is lying about last Sunday's elections by not acknowledging it was our boycott that kept voters away."

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Interview with ex-vivisector Jerry Vlasak

26-04-2009 05:29

Jerry Vlasak, representing Sea Shepherd, examines a brutally murdered seal, 2005
Jerry Vlasak, MD is a board-certified surgeon specializing in trauma and critical care and a press officer for the North American Animal Liberation Press Office. He is a former vivisector who has seen the agony of animals in laboratories. He debates the scientific invalidity of animal experimentation around the world, speaks out about the benefits of a vegan diet and offers lectures on the right of all sentient beings to live free of pain and suffering.

His essays and interviews have been published in numerous journals and magazines and he has been interviewed on radio, TV and in print by journalists worldwide regarding animal rights. He resides in Los Angeles.

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Tamil Massacre in Sri Lanka (by Latuff)

26-04-2009 01:41

Tamil Massacre in Sri Lanka
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, in solidarity with the Tamil people.

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Event: Acting on Climate Change

25-04-2009 15:15

Climate Change is the challenge of our lifetime. While the rhetoric of government policy addresses the urgency to act on Climate Change, many policy decisions undermine the transformations needed.

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Parents in Lewisham Occupy School Roof in protest at closure!

25-04-2009 11:50

The spirit of the Glasgow school occupation and the Visteon workers has spread and parents in a primary school in Lewisham have occupied the school roof in protest at it's closure.

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Arrest @ CRITICAL MASS in Elephant and Castle > ACAB

25-04-2009 03:49

One person was arrested after the mass today... the cops surrounded us in elephant, started being aggressive and arrested one person...

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Fuck up the Land Grabbers

24-04-2009 22:41

The Dey Krahorm Community in Cambodias Capital was evicted in January by the 7NG Real Estate Company.

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Telmex poetically sabotaged, locks glued & shops etched

24-04-2009 20:24


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The Death of Ian Tomlinson

24-04-2009 20:04

Ian Tomlinson
A second post-mortem examination has sensationally revealed that the newspaper seller hit by a policeman at the recent G20 protests died from internal bleeding, and not a heart attack as previously thought.


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Police caught on tape trying to recruit protester as spy

24-04-2009 17:47

Plane Stupid climate change activist taped men who offered cash for information about group's members and activities

* Paul Lewis
*, Friday 24 April 2009 18.18 BST