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Video of Critical Mass London 15th Anniversary ride.

Doug | 26.04.2009 11:47 | SOCPA | Climate Chaos | Health | Social Struggles

In a large Mass like this one it is difficult to spot everything that is going on.

The corking seemed excellent and comprehensive but which unavoidably led to lots of irritated drivers and arguments with them. I saw one car trying to move past the Mass on the wrong side of the road and against oncoming traffic and one motorcyclist used the pavement!

The sound systems were not prevented from playing in the SOCPA zone but one was told to turn off its microphone by police.

Someone informed me that a cycle had been run over and smashed beyond repair.There was also some 'bumping' of bikes by impatient drivers.

Good Mass and weather though. Several hundred riders.

If you can't play the video try downloading VLC for free.