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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Stonehenge - Summer Solstice 2005 :: Pictures 1 Before dawn

25-06-2005 10:39

A jaunt out to another 'Managed Access' to celebrate the Summer Solstice at Stonehenge, at the permission [and conditions] of English Heritage. I had a nice time, met old friends and some wierd and wonderful people, doing wierd and wonderful things. BUT .... it is not as I would have it. I still sadly miss the festival that was / should be there.

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Oxford Area Republic Group Established

24-06-2005 21:59

A local branch of the Campaign for an Elected Head of State - Republic has been established following a successful public meeting in the Town Hall - the first in a series as part of a national roadshow.

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Join the Carnival : Edinburgh 4 July

24-06-2005 19:44

The Carnival for Full Enjoyment will burst onto the streets of Edinburgh at high noon on 4th July, as the demos against the G8 get into full swing. Here the carnivalistas reveal what is behind the Fiesta cries of "No wage slavery, No benefits slavery, No army slavery, No Debt slavery....

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Repression in Copenhagen after squatters' demonstration

24-06-2005 15:49

Repression in Copenhagen after squatters' demonstration...

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24-06-2005 09:15

A public talk will be held, discussing Indonesian colonialism
& Western corporate greed in West Papua (New Guinea).

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autistici/inventati review II

24-06-2005 08:36

english translation of the second review by autistici/inventati

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EZLN: A letter of explanation...or, perhaps, farewell

24-06-2005 08:06

This is not a letter of farewell. At times it is going to seem as if it is, that it is a farewell, but it is not. It is a letter of explanation. Well, that is what we shall attempt.

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Can the G8 satisfy the demands of global justice campaigners?

23-06-2005 18:27

Simultaneous Policy (SP) Adopters are supporting protests around the G8 meetings. But SP analysis suggests the G8 are incapable of delivering a fairer, sustainable version of globalisation. If we want global justice, we have to design and implement it ourselves.

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MAKING POVERTY HISTORY (Emergency on Planet Earth)

23-06-2005 10:49

It's not possible to make poverty history. And even if it was a small number of people would get VERY rich doing so therfore creating more poverty.

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Haiti films in London

23-06-2005 10:26

Ritzy Cinema, London, on 26 June 2005.

The Haiti Support Group, in conjunction with the French Institute, is pleased to announce a special screening of the documentary film:

"When I am Misery, I Sing"
(dir: Juliana Ruhfus, 2005, 59 minutes)

and the UK premiere of the short film

"The Gospel of the Creole Pig"
(dir: Michaelange Quay, 2004, 15 minutes)

Starts: 7pm on Sunday 26 June 2005 @ The Ritzy cinema, Brixton, London SW2. Tickets: 020 7733 2229

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Shell - a neighbour from Hell? Public meeting, LSE, 23.6.05

22-06-2005 22:02

A neighbour from Hell?

Shell’s fenceline communities tell their stories

Public Meeting Invite 23rd June 7:30pm

Meet communities who live on Shell’s doorstep and find out first hand what it is like to have Shell as a neighbour. Talks by communities who are in the UK to attend Shell’s AGM on the 28th at ExCel followed by discussion on what we should be doing to hold Shell accountable for its impacts on people’s health and the environment.

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Plater College Open Debate

22-06-2005 20:07

This short article is to notify the public of an open debate on the issue of the closure of Plater College, Oxford between representative of the Plater College Foundation and the college's current administration.

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Get ready to support anti-G8 prisoners in Scotland

22-06-2005 11:21

Get ready to support anti-G8 prisoners in Scotland

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Cambridge Forum on Palestine

22-06-2005 09:55

Tomorrow, Tuesday June 21st, there are two speakers for Cambridge Forum - Peter Green, who has recently been to Palestine as part of a fact-finding mission, and Charlie Pottins from the Jewish Socialist Group.

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22-06-2005 08:11

The demo with around 650 participants marched through central streets end ended up in front of the Ministry of Macedonia-Thrace where groups of demonstrators stayed until late, demanding that political asylum be given to Bahoz.
Bahoz is on hunger strike since 17/5 demanding for second time that he be given political asylum.

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Next Stop Gleneagles fo Sheffield anti-G8 group

21-06-2005 20:29

No Rest for the Wicked - Next Stop Gleneagles

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Free Etienne Ndikuyiro - Act now for press freedom in Burundi

21-06-2005 14:33

Burundian journalists are mobilising to secure the release of Etienne Ndikuyiro, who has been detained without charge after writing an article claiming that Burundi's President Ndayizeye was depressed after losing last week's communal elections.

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Daleks to 'exterminate' Debt

21-06-2005 13:42

World Development Movement conference 'Whose Rules Rule? African Answers' was held on Saturday 18th June 2005 at Aston University, Birmingham - Info:
This is a brief report with some images. You may use pictures freely, please accredit: Adam Yosef where possible. Thanks.

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Zapatistas on RED ALERT. Internationals Warned of Danger Of Staying

21-06-2005 10:20

Zapatista Army of National Liberation declares RED ALERT

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Indefinite detention coming to your neighbourhood

21-06-2005 09:03

photos bringing the message home