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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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SAINSBURY GM FEED CAMPAIGN: How you can help now

04-02-2005 22:04

We're urgently seeking some last minute assistance in the ongoing saga of British GM animal feed imports. This is a short, easy action for everyone.

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SchNEWS on the G7 Finance Minister's Meeting

04-02-2005 17:12

Here's this week's SchNEWS article on the G7 Finance Minister's Meeting in London today>>>

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Nelson Mandela in Trafalgar Square

04-02-2005 14:22

Nelson Mandela launched the Make Poverty History campaign to a packed Trafalgar Square lunchtime Thursday 3 February 2005.

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Darfur - UN is all words, no action

04-02-2005 12:07

“The new UN report on Darfur is all words and no action. It is a cruel betrayal of black Africans who are being slaughtered by Arab Islamists. These killings are racially motivated and the UN’s failure to condemn them as genocide is craven appeasement of the Sudanese government and the Janjaweed militia,” said human rights campaigner, Peter Tatchell, a member of the ad hoc Darfur Solidarity Campaign.

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URGENT News from Nepal

04-02-2005 12:01

Photo: Nepalese Soldiers in Kathmandu Feb 2
The situation in Nepal is FAR worse than previously thought, The King is conducting massive repression and there is a communication blackout - this is one of the few reports getting out of Nepal

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Day of Action on Pensions, Feb. 18, Oxford

04-02-2005 09:50

There will be a National Day of Action on Feb. 18. in protest at the government's attempts to destroy public sector pensions. Here are some details on what's planned in Oxford.

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Preparing for the clampdown?

04-02-2005 00:37

"Our ability to prevent a terrorist attack depends on draconian laws and authoritarian government. How well we control you depends on you."
Excerpt from 'Preparing for a police state - what we think you need to know', Bristle mag issue 18, page 18. A spoof of HM Govt's 'Preparing for Emergencies' pamphlet.

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LSE SU votes to support Make Poverty History

03-02-2005 18:44

LSE Students have voted for Trade Justice, as Peter Mandelson’s
visit to the School looks set to be marred by protests.

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PLEDGE Euro 50,00 For the Right to TRUTH!

03-02-2005 18:18

This is a call to individuals and associations to support, through financial
sponsorship, the Rome Session of the WTI on Media Wrongs Against Truth and
Humanity. It is an appeal to citizens for a pledge of Euro 50,00, or more, to
support this effort for media accountability and the rights to truth and

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03-02-2005 18:03

World Tribunal on Iraq (WTI)
Rome Session
10-13 February, 2005, Rome, Italy.
The WTI is an international citizen's initiative to examine and establish the truth in relation to the war and occupation of Iraq, in order that it may contribute to the empowerment of civil society movements for peace, human rights and justice. It is comprised of various sessions held around the world (sessions already held include Brussels, New York, Hiroshima-Tokyo, Copenhagen) with a Culminating Session in Istanbul, June 2005. This is a call to individuals, social movements, associations and organisations to endorse the Rome Session of the WTI on Media Wrongs Against Truth and Humanity.

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Public Meeting on Civil Liberties - Thur 10 Feb

03-02-2005 15:29


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Defend the victims of Islamist repression

03-02-2005 13:55

Ramzi Isalam says it is time the left sided with the victims of Islamist repression, not the fundamentalists. First published in Labour Left Briefing, February 2005

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Talking About Total Freedom 3,4,5 March 2005 / Void Network

02-02-2005 19:48

Talking About Total Freedom /European Tour 2005-2008 in squats and social centres for the multi form cultivation of global Liberation from ignorance,suffering and exploitation /3,4,5,March 2005 in Circle Community Centre ( St.George Theatre, 49 Tufnell Park Road London N7 OPS ) Experiments of Publik Dialogue/Void Arts/atmospheres/philosophy/concerts/sound systems/ambientrancedelica ecstatik zone

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Anti-ID Card Picket at Home Office

02-02-2005 12:38

Haringey Against ID Cards held a picket of the Home Office in central
London as part of the national day of action against ID cards on Friday
28th January.

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02-02-2005 09:30

Never before in modern history has the sensibility of the population been so anaesthetised. And never before will such a high price be extracted for the failure to reign in nefarious groups that have taken control of the major institutions of power.

While we brood in self-involved distraction, our options are being slowly but effectively eroded and our hard-won liberties are being curtailed. Yet where is the reactive response to these occurrences? With the exception of the people of conscience, inertia and apathy has permeated the majority.

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23rd July 2005 - Reclaim the Streets (London)

02-02-2005 01:41

Found this on

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Directory of community-based disaster relief in south Asia

02-02-2005 00:52

Far from waiting for the international aid cavalry to ride to the rescue, civil society organisations from across the tsunami-hit countries seized the initiative in the campaign to help their communities recover from the disaster. Red Pepper has produced an alternative guide to giving aid which lists a selection of self-organising groups working in south Asia, and details how you can contact them. Some of the contact details are listed below, but a longer directory with full descriptions is available at

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Photos from the Silver Squat

01-02-2005 21:16

A banner in the courtyard
The Silver Squat, a free space in Sheffield was evicted on Monday 24th January. It recently burst into life as an autonomous punk venue hosting two really fun gigs and an anti- G8 event before closing.

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PCS Union in massive row over benefit payments

01-02-2005 18:13

the PCS union reacts as claimants are denied payment unless they agree to be paid into a bank/post office

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Sex offences up 57% in Kent. (?)

01-02-2005 16:35

According to Home Office figures there has been an increase in violent crime and sexual offences in Kent- as reported in freepaper Kent on Sunday Jan 31st.