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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Cross-party support for IDAHO before launch, 7th April

05-04-2006 11:08

Statements of support from UK Political parties have provided a major boost to campaigners for an International Day Against Homophobia, in time for the big launch of IDAHO-UK on April 7th.

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Critical Mass in Gothenburg

05-04-2006 06:28

We love roundabouts
Friday evening at the back end of March saw a bunch of happy cyclists taking to the streets of Gothenburg again. The biggest ride yet. This time we finally beat the quarter century and it worked quite nicely. If we keep growing at the same rate we’ll be a thousand by November next year. Not bad at all.

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Naming the Dead - some pictures

05-04-2006 03:12

Myself and a couple of friends were privileged to take part in the NAMING THE DEAD - MASS CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE AGAINST THE OCCUPATION OF IRAQ -SUNDAY 2 APRIL 2006 in PARLIAMENT SQUARE.

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No scouse for Rice!

04-04-2006 15:24

Thousands of people from Liverpool and other parts of the North-West made their point clear about the infamous vist of Condoleezza Rice to the city.

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Closure of Clapham Pool

04-04-2006 14:54

Please help to fight closure of our swimming pool!

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Anti-CPE Solidarity Benefit at the SQUARE

04-04-2006 10:00

Solidarity with Anti-CPE movement (France) feat. talks and music

Over the last months, the struggle against the new labour laws and the hard fights on the streets with the french riot police has led to many arrests of youths, students and workers. Tonights event will be an evening of discussion, debates, films and also a fundraiser featuring Live Bands, DJ's and Visuals from the demonstrations and occupations of French Universities. More tba!

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Coca-Cola- Sucking communties dry

03-04-2006 22:33

Coca-Cola is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. The company claims to adhere to the “highest ethical standards” and to be “an outstanding corporate citizen in every community we serve”. Yet Coca-Cola’s activities around the world tell a different story. Coca-Cola has been accused of dehydrating communities in its pursuit of water resources to feed its own plants, drying up farmers’ wells and destroying local agriculture. The company has also violated workers’ rights in countries such as Colombia, Turkey, Guatemala and Russia. Only through its multi-million dollar marketing campaigns can Coca-Cola sustain the clean image it craves.

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Nottingham/Notts Defy-ID meeting - Bill is now an Act

03-04-2006 22:19

We are meeting as usual on Wednesday's at the Sumac Centre at 6-7pm before the regular Scroat Cinema food and film evenings.

All welcome. Now the ID cards bill has been passed, we need to build the local campaign.

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Water as a Commodity

03-04-2006 22:09

The rage of the residents of Soweto is directed at the installed meters.. The first mammoth prepaid water project started in 1992 under Margaret Thatcher in British Birmingham.. The water suppliers cynically described this as "self-disconnect."

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Assassination attempt on Nick Griffin or belated April Fool?

03-04-2006 17:44

The BNP has reported what it claims was an attempt by Swedish Communists to murder its leader, Nick Griffin.

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Oppose Boatyard eviction

03-04-2006 15:58

Castle Mill Boatyard, in Jericho, Oxford, is under threat. As the last public boatyard on the Oxford Canal, it is an indispensable resource for the local narrowboat community, in particular residential boat owners. However British Waterways wants to develop the land for another unsympathetic, unsustainable development in association with Bellway Homes Ltd.

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RED WHEELS - Theatre Film And Music - this weekend!!

03-04-2006 13:51

RED WHEELS - Theatre Film And Music - this weekend!!

In the Former British Empire - this weekend:

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Community mount protest outside Plumstead Police Station

03-04-2006 12:22

An innocent young man is dead – Woolwich Somali community is met with silence from the police and the Independent Police Complaints Authority

Protest took place outside Plumstead Police Station, London SE 18 on Saturday 1st April at 1.30pm

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03-04-2006 11:07

Protestors from direct action group, Plane Stupid, this morning blockaded BAA HQ on Heathrow's 60th Birthday. 6 arrests were made. BAA now in "premier league of climate change criminals."

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Do something about the BNP in Heanor

02-04-2006 20:03

In February, the BNP came second in the Amber Valley council by-election in Heanor and Loscoe (see previous items on IndyMedia). They will undoubtedly stand again in the election in May.

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Solidarity with Brian Haw at the High court, Monday 10am

02-04-2006 13:15


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Channel 4 airs Washington fed propaganda against Chavez: call for action

02-04-2006 02:44

On March 27, Channel 4 aired a propaganda report on Venezuela aimed at softening up the scene for a future US attack. Action is recommended, before all major corporate media follow the lead.

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Reclaim Fool's Day video.

01-04-2006 21:21

Reclaim Fool's Day parade. London Eye to Parliament Square, ceremony and fairies in Picadilly Circus.

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Brian Haw to appear in High Court.

31-03-2006 22:02

Government appeal against former decision.

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Liverpool Unites To 'Unwelcome' Terrorist Mastermind Rice

31-03-2006 19:36

A crowd of at least two thousand Liverpudlians and welcome guests flocked to the Catholic cathedral on Hope Street to protest against neo-Condi's gala gig at the Philharmonic. In a show of awesome potential power, we decked the steps in a sea of defiant humanity. The message was loud and clear: terrorists and torturers are NOT welcome on Merseyside! As one speaker yelled, "We're not havin' it"!