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Anti-CPE Solidarity Benefit at the SQUARE

the square | 04.04.2006 10:00 | French CPE uprising 2006 | Social Struggles | London

Solidarity with Anti-CPE movement (France) feat. talks and music

Over the last months, the struggle against the new labour laws and the hard fights on the streets with the french riot police has led to many arrests of youths, students and workers. Tonights event will be an evening of discussion, debates, films and also a fundraiser featuring Live Bands, DJ's and Visuals from the demonstrations and occupations of French Universities. More tba!


The CPE, or ‘First Employment Contract’, is a particular type of contract with a two year probation period that allows the employer the right to sack the employee without having to give a reason or prior warning.

The CPE affect only under 26 year olds

It was brought in as part of a wider ‘equal opportunities’ bill after last Novembers banlieue riots


French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin unveiled his labour law liberalisation package CPE on the 16th of January. He said that “urgent” action was needed to “bring the French labour market into the modern era”. The law would see employers hire 18-26 year olds on two year contract that would allow them to fire the youths without notice, and without explanation.

In responce, student union bodies called for a week of meetings and mobilisation from 30th january including a call for a national day of protest for the 7th of February. Between February 4th to March 6th, staggered two week holidays occured which the governmant hoped to exploit by passing the legislation during. Come the 7th of February between 200,000 and 400,000 youths and trade unionists took part in 187 demonstrations across France.

the square


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