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Stop the Deportation of Iraqi/Kurdish Asylum Seekers

23-01-2007 07:15

Protest against the resumption of 'Charter Flights' Manchester 19/01/2007
Reports today show that more than 2 million Iraqi refugees, fleeing conflict in their homeland, are being supported in neighbouring countries including Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt, which are struggling to cope with the exodus. Some countries are preventing refugees from crossing their borders, contrary to international law, and prompting international aid agencies to warn of a humanitarian crisis.

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Welsh pipeline protest - New tree camp set up near Brecon

22-01-2007 21:59

Aerial Map
Following support from local people in Brecon at the weekend, a new protest camp has been set up right in the middle of the phase two route of National Grids controversial pipeline.

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Fack Corporate Killers

22-01-2007 19:18

Families Against Corporate Killers (FACK) is a group of families who have been bereaved by work. In Liverpool on 8th February, Three founder members of FACK will speak of their own experiences of their loss, their further victimisation by the criminal justice system, and of possible ways forward for appropriate legal responses to corporate killers.

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Khoodeelaar! demo today against Crossrail hole-backer Tower Hamlets Council

22-01-2007 13:47

Khoodeelaar! is demonstrating against Tower Hamlets Council today. Gathering at 5 PM Outside the Brady Centre in the Hanbury Street [off Brick Lane] London E1 .Today's Khoodeelaar! demonstration is marking the anniversary of the demand on Tower Hamlets Council to pass an unequivocal No to CrossRail hole Bill Motion that was made by a Khoodeelaar! community meeting held at the Brady Centre in hanbury Street. The meeting loudly agreed with me when I spoke to it and highlighted the roles played by certain elements exercising the crucial decision-making powers on and IN THE NAME of the Tower Hamlets Council in bringing the unnecessary Crossrail hole attacks on the community.

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Dear Ms. Malone (UK Sunday Mirror): DENIAL is not just a river in Egypt -- re BB

22-01-2007 11:41

[Indymedia editors, please retain this format-corrected copy.]

The fact that a presumably a formally educated, univerisity degreed, person like Sunday Mirror columnist Carole Malone would deny that Jade Goody's, of Big Brother TV show, tirades against Shilpa Shetty were racist (and why can't Goody's behavior not be judged as nasty and bullying *and* racist), is even more telling about many white Britons than that Goody herself would deny it.

RE: The Sunday Mirror
21 January 2007

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Prison death demonstration, 24 January 2007, Gloucestershire

21-01-2007 23:17

A demonstration will be held on Wednesday 24 January 2007
at 1.00 pm, for the duration of the afternoon,
outside HMP and YOI Eastwood Park, Gloucestershire
to protest against the death of Caroline Powell, aged 26
who died on 05.01.07 while in the 'care' of the jail

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Iraq Union Solidarity meeting/films in Leeds: Monday 29th September, 7.30pm

21-01-2007 19:25

This is a notice about a meeting on Monday 29th September about Iraq Union Solidarity

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Events at the Vortex Social Centre: Jan 22nd to Jan 27th

21-01-2007 19:16

Vortex Social Centre
139-141 Stoke Newington Church Street
Stoke Newington

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Fire Authority Sticks the Knife In (Symbolically At Least)

21-01-2007 18:00

The following facts are all we know for certain. A non-union firefighter - who sided with the Fire Authority's cuts agenda last year by crossing the Fire Brigades Union picket line - was badly injured when he tried to put one of his boots on. His foot was sliced open when he brought it down on a Stanley knife blade.

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A Handful of Lunatics

21-01-2007 14:15

As the world races to nuclear confrontation in the Middle East the mass media is as quiet as a mouse. What is the latest news from the Persian Gulf? Confirmation of the reported build-up of Iranian troops on the Iraqi border required. Kurdish, Turkish and U.S. troop movements are strangely omitted from popular newswires. Follow-up coverage is a thing of the past, what is the latest from the Chinese leadership? THE PUBLIC DEMAND TO BE INFORMED AS IT IS THE PUBLIC THAT WILL DO THE DYING!

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Calling all comrades G8 to expose clandestine corporate oligarchy G8 works for &

21-01-2007 11:47

Annual Meeting of the illegal Trilateral Commission Brussels, Belgium, March 16-19, 2007
location most likely a 5star hotel with room for 300plus & usual facilities of G8 conferences

document hopefully attached on file in its intended format,

for translation please try

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Oaxaca, Mexico - repression and resistance

21-01-2007 01:07

The New Year has seen more brutal repression in Oaxaca, including the murder of teacher Enriqueta Santiago Santiago by a death squad after her abduction on 12th January. Resistance such as street and prison demos is continuing (though with fewer people than earlier) while indigenous Triquis have declared an autonomous municipality. A "megamarch" has been called for 3 February in Oaxaca City.

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Caoimhe Butterly public address Dublin

20-01-2007 20:47

todays a/v presentation in Dublin
Notes made by an attendee at todays public address by Caoimhe, who has spent the past five months in Lebanon and who experienced the results of Israel's offensive. She is now back in Ireland briefly. During her visit she will speak about her experiences in Lebanon (in both Beirut and the South) and will be highlighting projects that she is currently involved with (including a film project about life in the wake of the Israeli bombardment and invasion). She has today succesfully spoken in Dublin, and is due to speak in Cork, Belfast, Limerick, Derry, Galway and Nenagh.

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The Battle To Save Iraq's Children

20-01-2007 19:33

In January 2007, 98 Doctors Signed a letter to Tony Blair demanding an end to the medical shortages in Iraq, and accused the UK of breaking the Geneva Conventions on humanitarian care, here is the footage compiled by Filmmakers Against War that led to the signing and sending of the letter.

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Fifth Welfare Reform Newsletter from the Coalition Againat Welfare Bill (CAWRB)

20-01-2007 13:37

Please find enclosed below for your urgent attention the fifth Welfare Reform Newsletter from the Coalition Againat Welfare Bill (CAWRB) which all of you are free to share and distribute and put into all your own newsletters and forums and within your own networks.


Colin Revell....

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MP yet again pictured promoting McDonald's

19-01-2007 17:35

For the second time in a week, Gerald Howarth MP is pictured promoting McDonald's.

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Bloody report from Ballinaboy/ Rossport, Ireland

19-01-2007 15:13

Gardai plough into crowd to assault and intimidate
Report from today, friday of the ongoing protests at Ballinaboy, Mayo. Usual Garda violence etc.

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OutRage!: Nigeria's svage anti-gay laws- PROTESTS REQ.

19-01-2007 09:58

Gay rights group OutRage! issues protest call over Nigeria's new and savage anti-gay laws...

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New London Social Centre

19-01-2007 03:01

New Occupied Social Centre
139-141 Stoke Newington Church Street
(old Vortex Jazz bar)

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Spirit of Broadway Market benefit, 3rd FEB, Homerton, E9

19-01-2007 01:31

Solution Sounds allnighter benefit, Whispers nightclub, 3rd Feb, Homerton, E9