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MP yet again pictured promoting McDonald's

Keith Parkins | 19.01.2007 17:35 | Education | Health | Social Struggles

For the second time in a week, Gerald Howarth MP is pictured promoting McDonald's.

On Tuesday Gerald Howarth MP, Member for various defence, contracting, aviation, property development concerns and not forgetting Aldershot, and now it seems McDonald's, was pictured on the front page of his local paper, the Aldershot Mail, promoting McDonald's. Thursday he was pictured yet again promoting McDonald's, this time in the Surrey-Hants Star. [ Surrey-Hants Star, Thursday 18 January 2007]

We were told he 'had a Mac-nificent time' when he visited McDonald's' last week. He was given a guided tour, he then went on to tell us:

'I was pleased to visit the McDonald's restaurant in Aldershot on Friday. McDonald's is a great organisation, focused on providing quality and affordable fare for its customers.'

'They are particularly welcoming of families as remember when my children were small.'

Howarth tells us McDonald's serves 'quality fare'. In the infamous McLibel trial a decade ago, the barrister acting for McDonald's admitted in court they serve junk food. Ofcom are to ban the promotion of ads for burgers during children's TV programmes.

Did Howarth get a consultancy fee for promoting McDonald's?

If Howarth were interested in the welfare of his constituents rather than promoting his own self-interests, he would be pictured in a school with the kids promoting healthy eating choices.

A few years back the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor, which roughly corresponds with Howarth's constituency, had a Green Day sponsored by McDonald's!



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Keith Parkins


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