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NOT GUILTY! Pauline Campbell strikes important blow for women prisoners.

27-09-2007 15:26

Another death provokes another demo by Pauline Campbell.
Yesterday Pauline Campbell was found not guilty of blocking the highway at North Avon magistrates court. The trial followed an incident at the prisons gates on January 24th this year. Pauline had been arrested at the same prison (HMP Eastwood Park) the previous October. She was released without charge. See:

This time the Police had clearly had enough and were determined to get a conviction. In January Pauline was protesting at the death of Caroline Powell a mother of five who had been found dead in her cell. When Pauline did her usual action of blocking the Prison van trying to enter it took the local Police nearly an hour and a half to show up. When they arrived they came prepared with 3 vehicles 6 officers and an evidence gathering cameraman. It was very clear that this time they intended to get a conviction.

Sadly for the cops they could not be bothered (amongst other things) to check the local boundaries, i.e. where the highway finished and the crown property started. They also did not endear themselves to the court by changing the charge against Pauline midway through the process. Her acquittal is a victory for prisoner rights campaigners everywhere.

The photos below have not been published until now for legal reasons.

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27-09-2007 14:49

A protestor arrested by this wanker, for allegedly saying wanker, on the street, to her friend on the way to a protest. The reasoning given was that children might have hear it, she did not shout it, she just said it to her friend, possibly about the cop, who only proved her right by arresting her.
What a wanker!

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We will do what we have to do: RESISTI!

27-09-2007 09:59

Communiqué from the Indigenous Revolutionary Clandestine Committee—General Command of the Zapatista Army for National Liberation.

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Pauline Campbell Not Guilty

27-09-2007 08:26

Around 15 protesters demonstrated in the morning to support Pauline Cambell and protest at the attempts to criminalise her for highlighting deaths at the hand of the State. The case finally concluded in the early evening with a not guilty verdict. The attempt to criminalise a grieving mother had failed.

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Ecuador - Indigenous leaders kidnapped, left for dead

26-09-2007 11:42

At the end of August, two Indigenous Leaders in Puyo, Ecuador, were
attacked after months of receiving death threats for their efforts to
protect the territory of the Zapara people in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

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Report from Anti London Olympics/regeneration march and meeting plus comment

26-09-2007 10:49

Protesters outside Hackney Town Hall
Many people marched to voice their concern over the London Olympic project and other so-called regeneration schemes.

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South African leader tours U.S.; says conditions worse than apartheid

25-09-2007 23:36

Mfanelo Skwatsha
Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) tour exposes ongoing South African oppression and poverty under Mbeki and Mandela; conditions for most South Africans today - "Worse than Apartheid!"

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Peter Hain may still make Gordon Brown come unstuck - 'let us all down'!

25-09-2007 10:12

The Guardian reported on Monday [24.09.2007] as follows:-

'Unions and charities are furious that Mr Hain has handed over the lion's share of the first tranche of privatised services to the Ingeus group under a deal which will not include union recognition and will not safeguard jobs on the same conditions as in Whitehall...'

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Screening of Documentaries and Video activism in Caracas, Jan 2008

25-09-2007 09:56

Film and video activist screenings in Caracas, Jan 2008

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Calling all No Border campers from London!

25-09-2007 09:33

Come along to the London No Borders on Thursday!

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Just doing your job, officer

24-09-2007 19:38

Taking part in the NoBorders camp near Gatwick, this short piece reflects on two assaults, one robbery and a security alert all witnessed within the space of two short, but exciting hours as a trainee Legal Observer for the camp's action in Crawley town centre, raising awareness. Forget being a special copper, try legal observing. It's far better, and you get to choose your own notebook.

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A tale of two public sector meetings in Leeds

24-09-2007 17:04

Reports from two public sector meetings, September 2007: Leeds Public Sector Pay Campaign rally (Tues. 18 Sept) and Public Services not Private Profit (Thurs 20 Sept), Leeds Council Chambers - by Leeds Workers Power.

The next Leeds Public Sector Pay Campaign organising meeting is in the Unison Offices 3rd October at 19:30

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Critical Mass and Carfree day in Brussels

24-09-2007 13:20

The tomatoes are doing well this year
Friday saw an early Critical Mass and Sunday was the day of the cyclist as all cars were banished from the streets of Brussels for the day.

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Report: Tyneside March in Solidarity Against Immigration Prisons

24-09-2007 00:05

On 22nd September Tyneside Community Action for Refugees organised a march from the West End to the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne, in solidarity with the international day of actions against immigration prions called by the No Borders network, which in Britain centred on a march against the building of another detention centre near Gatwick airport.

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The BBC and 'others' 'war' on George Galloway - a Bethnal Green commentary-1

23-09-2007 11:51

By©Muhammad Haque
1150 GMT
London Sunday 23 September 2007

Last Friday's edition of the BBC2 programme 'NEWSNIGHT' promoted the voters-rejected candidate Oona King as if she had just come back from climbing Mount Everest! As had the Andrew Neill-fronted 'THIS WEEK' slot the previous night shown on BBC1. There is such an acceptance of this token of 'multiple ethnicities and affiliations' being flaunted on all the mainstream media channels that the ordinary people face a serious risk of being almost told that defeat at an election in Britain no longer means that.

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The Bitch in the Ditch vs. ''General Betray

23-09-2007 11:21

Captain May, the Internet intelligence writer, compars the kid glove treatment that General Petraeus has gotten from the media and Congress with the brass knuckles approach That the Bush League took to Cindy Sheehan back in the days of the original Camp Casey, where he was part of the antiwar forces assembled.

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Urgent - Zapara Leaders in Grave Danger

23-09-2007 09:16

Today, September 22, the offices of the Zapara organization were broken into. Computers, files and more were stolen. This break-in comes just as investigations are underway on two recent attacks on the Zapara.

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Bolivia needs our solidarity

23-09-2007 08:27

As Evo Morales said, "right from the start Bolivia's right wing said this little Indian is only going to be president for three or four months. That day passed and now they say this little Indian is going to be here for a long time, we have to do something about it; and that means encouraging confusion or destabilisation." That is why today a resurgent right wing is determined to destabilise the country and government — even if it means plunging the country into civil war or provoking a violent military coup...