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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Urgent support needed!tomorrow 2PMGlos CountyCourt.ProtectThe Wilderness

04-03-2012 19:07

Tomorrow, Monday 5th @2pm Gloucester county council are taking Protect the Wilderness to their courthouse (near the docks) with the intention of being granted an IMMEDIATE, and ILLEGAL eviction order for the Wilderness centre. This is a desperate attempt to prevent the reclaim the fields gathering from happening later in the week.

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Boat Dwellers in Oxford under threat

04-03-2012 14:27

Information to help boat dwellers whose homes are threatened by the Unlawfully Moored Boats Enforcement Group

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March against “slave labour” targets big employers still backing ‘workfare’ after government U-turn

04-03-2012 08:46

Outside McDonalds
Protesters gathered outside businesses on Lewisham High Street on Saturday as part of a national demonstration against the government’s mandatory work experience schemes.

The march targeted shops said to be involved in ‘workfare’, including McDonalds, Boots, Greggs, BHS and Primark, in an attempt to pressurise them to pull out of the schemes.

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Sheffield Workfare Protest

03-03-2012 23:23

On Saturday 3rd March protestors in Sheffield gathered on Devonshire Green, were ejected from Tescos on West Street, and then proceeded to make a noise and leaflet outside Marks and Spencers, McDonalds and Primark.

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It's not Greece. It's Capitalism, stupid!

03-03-2012 22:41

The Greek crisis provides the best evidence that the Capitalist model of governance has utterly failed and must be overthrown. By Nicolas Mottas

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ProtectTheWilderness Next Public meeting 8th @the Wilderness during RTF

03-03-2012 22:12

Following the Protect The Wilderness Public meeting held at the Miners Welfare Hall on Thursday 1st.

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Boycott Workfare Demonstration Report

03-03-2012 20:53

Today in Birmingham, around 50 people gathered to demonstrate against the government’s workfare schemes, which see people forced to work for up to 6 months in order to keep their benefits for hugely profitable companies. This was part of a national day of action, organised by Boycott Workfare, which saw over 40 towns and cities around the UK take to the high street to tell companies to leave the schemes.

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Weekend of Online Action Against Workfare - Saturday 3rd - Sunday 4th March

02-03-2012 14:08

Facebook page now up at:

Protests against workfare will be taking place in 35 (and counting) locations tomorrow as part of a National Day of Action called by Boycott Workfare. For the latest details of all protests visit their website at:

Despite Chris Grayling's humiliating climbdown on workfare this week, the battle is far from over. The government have not scrapped workfare sanctions. They have removed some sanctions from one of the five schemes.

Just like before, we need to show that companies profiting from forced labour that is not acceptable. Under the Work Programme claimants can be forced to work in private companies for up to six months or face the poverty and possible homelessness that benefit sanctions bring.

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News from Susa Valley (Italy) : NOTAV resistance

01-03-2012 19:58

A new day of resistance in Susa valley and across Italy.

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No man is an Island

29-02-2012 18:50

Haney Ameer
This article covers the authors meeting with Haney Ameer, a man who lives 'inside' the separation barrier. His house is surrounded on all four sides by security fencing. This story follows the incredible personal story of how a man has ended up in a physical limbo living between Israel and Palestine.

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DWP Locks Down Freedom of Information Responses to Hide Workfare Lies

29-02-2012 18:02

Today's victory is only the beginning in the struggle against workfare. The following aims to show how the Government are attempting to hide the existence of other workfare schemes.

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Cornelius Castoriadis, Autonomy, and Occupy Movement

29-02-2012 17:06

I wrote this (funny and "very serious") text about the French philosopher of autonomy Cornelius Castoriadis (1922-1997), who would have supported Occupy Wall Street Movement, and Occupy Movement around the world.

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Occupation starts as camp ends

29-02-2012 13:37

Occupy Birmingham will be leaving the park behind Symphony Hall today. The occupiers have had a permanent presence in Birmingham City centre since October 15th, first in Victoria Square and latterly in the park on Cambridge Street. The camp is the longest occupation in England, it might be dismantling but this does not end the activities of Occupy, far from it. This is not the beginning of the end, but is the end of the beginning phase of Occupy.

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Miserable Old Town of London

28-02-2012 15:31

Although there are tons of moans you can have about Occupy London, it's sure as hell depressing to see the bile, spite and joy people have been sticking up on blogs and media articles cheering on the eviction. Is it just London or also the rest of England that's become so servile, uncritical and miserable?

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Riot cops evict Occupy London camp

28-02-2012 07:18

A Cop Awaits Breakfast

BRITISH authorities moved in to evict the Occupy London tent city outside St Paul's Cathedral over Monday night.

There were reports of people being arrested and dragged off by riot police, shouting: "Long live #occupy !"

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Purchasing Prisoners, Creating Criminals & How Occupy Could be Next

28-02-2012 06:31

Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), owner of the largest private prison system in the United States, recently sent a letter to 48 states offering up to $250 million to manage government-owned detention centers. The letter lists the criteria of eligible purchases, which include an assurance that state corrections agencies “have sufficient inmate population to maintain a minimum 90 percent occupancy over the term of the contract.”

This guarantee isn’t difficult to rationalize when considering it from CCA’s point of view. They are paid by the government for each prisoner they house, so they want to house as many prisoners as possible in order to maximize their revenue.

But what if there aren’t enough prisoners to fill CCA’s quota? Private prisons have faced this dilemma before, and they’ve responded by buying prisoners through legislation, government infiltration and old-fashioned bribery. And in the not too distant future, these conditions may mean that the mass arrests of Occupy protesters could become a windfall for investors.

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‘Shame-Faced’ Tony Ball forced to Flee Council Awards by angry protesters

28-02-2012 06:07

Tony Ball, leader of Basildon Council and architect of the Dale Farm eviction, was forced to flee an awards ceremony by angry protesters in central London last night.

Nominated for the award of ‘Council Leader of the Year’ by the Local Government Information Unit [1], Tony Ball was confronted by 50 vocal Dale Farm supporters when he attempted to leave the Westminster City Hall. He was hounded back into the building by the protesters, who invaded the lobby shouting ‘scum’ and ’83 families homeless’, and was ultimately forced to leave under police guard via a back exit.

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Reclaim the Fields Gathering, Wilderness Centre, Forest of Dean, Glos!

27-02-2012 16:21

Reclaim the Fields Spring Gathering
@ The Wilderness Centre, Mitcheldean, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, GL17 0HA

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Ethical human rights could well be many children's and freedom's last hope.

27-02-2012 02:30

I recently sent this article to UK Indymedia but in my haste I left out a section near the bottom which makes the title far more understandable.