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Prison-death demonstration, London, Monday 9 July 2007

02-07-2007 20:42

Holloway Prison, Parkhurst Road, London, N7 0NU
Monday 9 July 2007, 1.00 pm, for the duration of the afternoon
Demonstration to protest against the death of a woman prisoner
Marie Cox, aged 34, died in the 'care' of the jail on 30 June 2007
Reporters/photographers are welcome to attend

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Financial Collapse – Council Housing `Unaffordable`

02-07-2007 13:42

The housing revenue account close to collapse and which finances maintenance raises the big question of who is going to finance this shortfall?

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Globalising struggles for the right to housing, city and land

02-07-2007 12:05

Globalising struggles for the right to housing, city and land

SUNDAY 8th JULY 2007
Camberwell Squatted Centre, Warham Street


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UK expatriate Bangladeshis hard earned cash robbed by Bangladeshi outfit

02-07-2007 10:56

A number of spontaneous demonstrations have been held in the UK, including in Luton and mainly in London. The people agitating in these demonstrations are almost all Bangladeshis [or arte people of Bangladeshi origins with needy relatives back in Bangladesh] who have just found out that a money transfer outfit they gave a total of several £Million to has stolen their cash. All kinds of short term characters are embarked on exploiting the situation for their petty and unpleasant ends.

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Postcard from Gaza

02-07-2007 09:45

report on current situation in Gaza by Yasser Nassar, who works for Oxfam on Water and Sanitation
- also included is Palestine Solidarity Campaign's recent statement on UK govt's role in crisis in West Bank, Gaza & East Jerusalem
- See also at foot of this posting the Joint Aid-Agency Press Release humanitarian
crisis facing Gaza from July 2006.

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Call out to stop deportation

01-07-2007 19:32

This is a call-out for action to stop the deportation of a woman based in Birmingham. The woman who was seeking asylum from the DR Congo was detained on friday and is due to be deported this thursday.

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Two Great Movies At Camberwell Squatted Centre

01-07-2007 19:09

FLYER for the evening's event

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Queers Banned at Pride!

01-07-2007 12:01

Marchers carrying banners with the word 'queer' displayed on them were forbidden from displaying them at yesterday's Gay Pride event in London

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Great White bites off more than it can chew?

01-07-2007 11:11

Yet another BNP business venture hits hard times - and far worse are coming.

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The K.I.S.S. Principle

01-07-2007 09:42

For those not familiar with the acronym ‘KISS’, it expands to, “Keep It Simple Stupid”! The KISS (K) principle was/is the most invaluable teaching/training aid in the IT industry, especially in the early days when people actually feared the ‘complexity’ of computers. Anyone who is confronted by an overwhelming amount of ‘information’ tends to lose themselves in a sea of confusion. Fortunately, a very bright and creative mind developed the ‘K’ principle for dealing with these situations.

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Nottingham Congolese Community demonstrated against continued deportations

30-06-2007 21:22

On Saturday 30 June at 12 noon, The Nottingham Congolese Community assembed to demonstrated against continued deportations. Starting from The Old Market Square, they marched through Nottingham, past the railway station and continued through the Meadows Queens Walk to the Meadows Park near the embankment.

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Lord Lieutenant of Surrey Presents Queen's Award - Evicted Family's Open Letter

30-06-2007 19:59

The Queen's Award for Enterprise
The Surrey based property developers, Crest Nicholson, acquired by Sir Tom Hunter’s Castle Bidco, with support from HBOS Bank Plc, have recently received the highly prestigious, Queen’s Award for Enterprise. Presented by Mrs. Sarah Goad JP, Lord Lieutenant of Surrey, the Shalom Family - callously evicted from their own Home by Crest, have written an open letter, which is reproduced below.

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Sounds of SOCPA.

30-06-2007 06:23

In recent months London Critical Mass sound systems have been banned from playing within the SOCPA zone but drivers are allowed to continue playing theirs.

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Defend Workers United

29-06-2007 19:36

In support of: The Postal Strike: the facts not media spin

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Tonight: Mexican teacher-activists speak in London against repression in Oaxaca

29-06-2007 16:54

Oaxaca activists bring community-teacher movement to London, Jaquelina López Almazán &
José Luis Díaz Franco from CODEP (Comité de Defensa de los Derechos del Pueblo)
& APPO (Asamblea Popular de los Pueblos de Oaxaca)

Friday 29 July 7-9 pm
Trinity United Reformed Church Buck Street, Camden Town London NW1
Wheelchair accessible hall, accessible toilets nearby

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Organising for Fighting Unions - Report

29-06-2007 07:51

On thursday, 28th June a rally was held at the Midlands Arts Centre in Edgbaston, this rally centred around the defence of the public sector workers amid ever growing attacks on the public sector around forty people attended, with comrades from the IWW and SolFed in attendance.

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Bristol Indymedia film night: MOVE documentary - 2 July

28-06-2007 14:18

Bristol flyer
Bristol Indymedia film night, in association with Kebele social centre, present “MOVE” the documentary, plus talk by Ramona Africa, long-time MOVE member.
Monday 2 July, 7.30pm for 8pm start, @ the Cube Cinema. £2/3 on the door.

Note: 1 July, 6.30pm, benefit cafe for MOVE at Kebele social centre, 14 Robertson Rd, Bristol BS5 6JY (

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Check out our podcast from piratepods!!

28-06-2007 10:00

The lovely people from piratepods interviewed me for a podcast recently about our campaign against the pipeline.

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Women representatives of Six Nations Territory Canada give Nottingham Sumac Talk

28-06-2007 00:09

Women representatives from the Six Nations on the Grand River community in Ontario, Canada gave a talk at the Sumac Centre, Forest Fields, Nottingham on Wednesday the 27th of June at 7.30 pm.

They spoke about the experience of reclaiming and defending a piece of land from development. Their action has been incredibly successful, having prevented the development and protected the land from an armed police incursion.

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Tony's last hour.

27-06-2007 23:16

Freedom of speech.
With all this talk of spin and cronyism its easy to forget the valuable contribution that Tony Blair has made to these fair Isles. Indeed as these pictures from his final hour in office demonstrate Tony has left us a unique legacy. View below to see just some of the parts of our lives that have been enhanced by his leadership...